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May 25, 2012

V2 Cigs 20% Off Memorial Day Sale - Cool Savings, Hot Deals!

V2 Cigs - 20% OFF Sale - Memorial Day 2012
V2 Cigs 20% Off Memorial Day Sale
Cool Savings, Hot Deals!

With Memorial Day just around the corner (this Monday), V2 Cigs has wasted no time in setting up a special sale for all you vapers. This Memorial Day, they're offering a 20% off storewide discount. That's right, 20% off everything you purchase!

One Day Only. Don't Hesitate!

The V2 Cigs Memorial Day sale will give you 20% off anything and everything. It includes all starter kits, flavor cartridges, e-liquid, accessories, and even items that are currently on clearance special. The sale takes place from Midnight to Midnight on Memorial Day (May 28, 2012).

This V2 Cigs sale is for for one day only, so don't hesitate!

The V2 Cigs Memorial Day sale is the perfect time to get your favorite Gemini a Starter Kit as a birthday present so that he/she can finally make the switch from smoking to vaping. Trust me, this gift goes over very well! And since ecigs are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, it'll also same him/her a lot of money in the long run.

Priority Mail Shipping Is Back!

Also, and back by popular demand, is the Priority Mail shipping option. As it turns out, numerous V2 Cigs customers requested it. And in true V2 Cigs style, they listened, and brought back the Priority Mail option. So now you have the following shipping options to choose from when you order from V2 Cigs: $5 Flat Rate (a new shipping option), Priority, Ground, 3-Day and Overnight.

So check out V2 Cigs to see all that they have to offer. There's a reason they've been the #1 favorite among vapers for such a long time. Bottom line, they're truly great.

May 23, 2012

Are E-cigarettes Safe? Doctors Speak Out About Ecigs

Are E-cigarettes Safe? Doctors Speak Out About Ecigs
(pictured above: Dr. Joel Nitzkin, Tobacco Control Task Force)

Recently, BBC Global News interviewed Dr. Joel Nitzkin, head of the Tobacco Control Task Force at The American Association of Public Health Physicians (www.aaphp.org). They wanted to learn more about e-cigarettes and wondered, "Will vaping catch on?"

Vaping advocates say it's healthier than the alternative. In fact, it could save millions of lives.

So they called up Dr. Joel Nitzkin, and asked him about e-cigarettes, e-liquid and vaping. Here's some of what he had to say...

"When a person uses an e-cigarette and inhales the vapor, they refer to it as 'vaping' instead of smoking because there is no smoke. There is no combustion. There is only vapor."

When asked to describe a typical e-cigarette, Dr. Nitzkin had this to say:

"A typical e-cigarette is a metal tube that has a drop of what they call e-cigarette liquid, a battery and a little heater element that's designed in such a way that when you inhale through the tube, the person using the e-cigarette inhales the vapor in a manner that feels like cigarette smoke. The vapor delivers a dose of nicotine similar to what one would get from a puff of cigarette, but without any of the other toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke."

The BBC interviewer, asking for clarification, then said, "So when the vaper inhales the vapor, he or she gets the nicotine hit that they would from a drag on a regular cigarette, but there's no passive smoking, and presumable, there's less lung damage."

Dr. Nitzkin responded:

"Yes, that's exactly the case. The lung damage, the cancer and the heart disease risk are all due to chemicals in cigarette smoke other than nicotine. The nicotine is almost totally harmless."

In fact, nicotine does not cause any disease.

So there you have it. These are direct quotes from a renowned medical physician who is at the forefront of promoting and protecting public health. Btw, Dr. Nitzkin is NOT paid by, nor influenced by the e-cigarette industry at all. But the fact that he cares so strongly about public health and heads the Tobacco Control Task Force should speak volumes for ecigs. Andf I think that it does.

NOTE: This does not mean that Dr. Nitzkin endorses ecigs. Whether he does or not, I really have no clue. I'm just relaying information and news that is obviously important for people to know.

What's The American Association of Public Health Physicians?

So who or what is the American Association of Public Health Physician? The AAPHP is a professional association of public health physicians. Their motto is "The Voice of Public Health Physicians - Guardians of the Public's Health".

The AAPHP was founded in 1954, and since its inception it has been been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a medical specialty society, with formal representation in the AMA House of Delegates. Some of their major current issues include tobacco control, injury prevention, disease control, policy and management training, workforce issues, and issues pertaining to access to health care, health equity, health disparities, cultural competence and preventive services.

So Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Are e-cigarettes safe? Well, I'll leave that one up to you to figure out for yourself. But based on the opinions and testimonies of doctors the world over, the answer is pretty much "Yes". E-cigarettes don't produce any actual smoke, and the e-liquids themselves generally contain only distilled water, nicotine (which is optional!), and USP Grade glycerin.

Some e-cigarette e-liquids also contain natural and artificial flavors. Of course, these flavors depend on what you flavors enjoy when vaping...vanilla, chocolate, coffee, cherry, menthol, regular tobacco, etc.

But bottom line, e-cigarettes contain No Tar, No Ash, No Smoke and No Odor. Plus, they're a whole lot cheaper! :)

So if you smoke tobacco cigarettes, I think the answer is quite clear. Either quit smoking completely, or switch to e-cigarettes instead!

Deal of the Day

10% off ALL ecigs, e-liquid, starter kits, accessories and more at V2 Cigs! Just use coupon code: fullvapor

When you use the V2 Cigs coupon code "fullvapor" at V2 Cigs you'll get 10% off your order, no matter how big or small it is! Awesome. :)

Happy vaping!

May 20, 2012

Celebrity E-cigarette Vapers Popping Up Everywhere

Ever since Johnny Depp vaped an e-cigarette in the movie The Tourist (video below), more and more people have been asking which celebrities use e-cigarettes, and searching online for the celebrities who use e-cigarettes.

Well, truth be told, many celebrities use e-cigarettes nowadays. And like so many other very smart people, Hollywood celebrities have also said goodbye to regular tobacco cigarettes...forever!

And so, e-cigarettes are popping up everywhere. From talk shows, to sitcoms, to Hollywood movies. From A-listers, to B-listers, to C-listers. They've all come to recognize the many benefits of e-cigarettes vs. regular tobacco cigarettes.

So, off the top of my head, here are a few of the many Hollywood celebrities who use e-cigarettes...

Some Celebrity E-cigarette Users

Dennis Quaid - Celebrity e-cigarette sightings don't end on the small screen. In fact, a wide range of celebrities have been seen vaping on their ecigs.

In this photo, Dennis Quaid was spotted vaping his ecig in a Hollywood parking lot.

Natasha Lyonne - In this photo, Natasha Lyonne, star of American Reunion, talks about her ecig while on OWN's The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

When asked, she said that a major health scare (open heart surgery) caused her to make the switch to ecigs, and that she hasn't looked back since!

Ronnie Wood - Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones vapes an e-cigarette.

With his reputation for drug and alcohol abuse, Ronnie Wood's appreciation of electronic cigarettes is surely a testimonial for their viability as an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. Rock on Ronnie!

Dr. Milton Beaurefard - Dr. Milton Beauregard, on  FOX's Alcatraz, had this to say about his e-cigarette:

"It may be the only thing about this century that I have found bearable."

Leonardo DiCaprio - In this photo, Leonardo DiCaprio vapes on his e-cigarette while riding his bike around town.

The actor was biking through Manhattan's East Village with fellow actors Lukas Haas (Inception), Tobey Maguire (the Spider-Man film trilogy) and Kevin Dillon (Entourage, Platoon).

Two days later, he was also seen vaping away on an e-cigarette in Los Angeles, while grabbing some Chinese food with friends.

And yeah, here's that movie scene with Johnny Depp vaping an e-cigarette in the movie The Tourist. It's the scene where Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) first meets Elise Clifton-Ward (Angelina Jolie).

Johnny Depp Uses An E-cigarette in the Movie The Tourist

So there you have it. And in case you were wondering which other celebs use ecigs, here's a quick list. Note that this isn't all of them, obviously.

More Celebrities Who Use E-cigarettes

Britney Spears
Charlie Sheen
Danny Bonaduce
Jennifer Farley (J-Woww)
Jose Canseco
Tom Petty
Katherine Heigl (See video in upper right-hand column of the page. She vapes an ecig with David Letterman on the Late Show with David Letterman.)
Kate Moss
Kevin Connoly
Kevin Federline
Lindsay Lohan
Nicole Houston (Nikki Reed) of The Twilight Saga
Trace Cyrus
Paris Hilton
Ryan Seacrest

Note: These results are due to a Google search for celebrities who use e-cigarettes, and are supported by photos of them actually vaping on ecigs. Individual results may vary, lol.

Want Awesome Ecigs and E-liquid?

Then all I can say is check out V2 Cigs. Without a doubt, they're the best ecigs we've come across thus far.

All their e-cigarette products are topnotch, and definitely exceed expectations. Basically, the best you can get. That, and they come with the V2 LIEFTIME Warranty. -The V2 Lifetime Warranty never expires. So be sure to check them out!

Btw, you can save 10% on ALL your V2 Cigs purchases with Coupon Code: fullvapor

Just enter the Coupon Code "fullvapor" when you order and you'll get a 10% discount on your V2 Cigs order each time...every time! :)

May 19, 2012

Fixing An E-cigarette Mod - How To Spot A Bad Mod

Fixing An E-cigarette Mod - How To Spot A Bad Mod

Some e-cigarette mods are poorly made. In this how-to video SteelJan shows you how to spot a bad mod so you'll know when to send it back and ask for a full refund. Some ecig mods just develop problems, and occasionally something just breaks. She'll show you how to spot the problem and fix the mod.

May 18, 2012

South Beach Smoke Introduces Disposable E-Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke Introduces Disposable E-Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke, a highly popular ecig brand, has just introduced their brand new disposable e-cigarette. These disposable e-cigarettes are modeled from South Beach Smoke's signature ecig design, and come with the same features that their non-disposable e-cigarettes come with.

Features like: an ultra-comfortable silicon mouthpiece and an orange LED ash  light that glows when you inhale the ecig vapor. So where do they differ in the actual construction? Well, the other South Beach Smoke Designs are 2 and 3-piece models, whereas, the new disposable is a 1-piece design, housing the battery, cartridge and atomizer.

In addition, the South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigarettes are also pre-filled with the liquid nicotine. And because they're disposable, there's no charging of the battery. Basically, they're designed to be smoked as soon as you take them out of the package.

According to South Beach Smoke, "...sometimes you just need the simplest, easiest way to get your nicotine. Even for electronic smokers, sometimes when life gets too hectic, it may seem that just grabbing a pack of regular smokes here and there will be okay. But when the tobacco is out of your life, don’t you want it to stay that way?"

For current e-smokers, the South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigarettes allow you to have South Beach Smoke quality without needing to charge batteries. And whether you're a college student, or a professional with a really hectic schedule, the South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigarette is an excellent addition to your ecig repertoire.

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V2 Cigs Introduces $5 Flat Rate Shipping And Free Shipping Options

May 12, 2012

V2 Cigs Introduces $5 Flat Rate Shipping And Free Shipping Options

V2 Cigs Introduces $5 Flat Rate Shipping & Free Shipping
For All Orders Over $200

This week there is some more great news from V2 Cigs, the e-cigarette company that is leading the pack in the ecig industry (for several reasons). V2 Cigs has announced that it will now offer $5 flat rate shipping on all orders placed in the U.S.

So whether you order a Power-Cig, a V2 Starter Kit, or any number of other things, standard mail shipping is only $5. And that's regardless of weight. So now you don't have to worry about how much the shipping price will be on your V2 Cigs order. As long as your shipping address is within the U.S., the rate is just $5, regardless of weight and regardless of the number of products you order.

These new changes will save you money on every V2 Cigs order you make. And if you want to save even more money (and who doesn't), use the V2Cigs.com coupon code "fullvapor" to save an additional 10% on every order. Just see the end of this post for more details.

V2 Cigs Free Shipping Also Offered

Along with the $5 flat rate, V2 Cigs will now also offer free shipping on all orders over $200. That's right, free. Again, this is for orders within the United States, and via standard mail delivery. Of course, expedited shipping options will still be available, including Ground, 3 Day delivery and Overnight shipping.

IMPORTANT: Their prices are still the same. Unlike many of the other e-cigarette companies, V2 Cigs doesn't inflate their prices in order to offer free shipping.

Adding the $5 flat rate and free shipping option is just one of the many steps V2 Cigs is currently taking to enhance the ordering process.

So why did V2 Cigs decide to offer this? Well, because customer feedback is a strong driving force at V2. Customers spoke and V2 listened. As Dan Recio, Co-Founder of V2 Cigs stated:

"We've made these changes in the spirit of simplifying the ordering process. The lower shipping prices reflect our ongoing commitment to our customers. Flat-rate and free shipping is something our dedicated clientele have been asking for and it's something we're really excited about providing."

V2Cigs.com Coupon Code: fullvapor

Use V2 Cigs coupon code "fullvapor" to get 10% off ALL your orders! Just enter this coupon code when you place your order and you'll save 10% on any purchase at V2, no matter what you get. You can use this coupon code every time you order. It does not expire.

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May 9, 2012

E-cigarettes May Help Improve Your Memory

Electronic cigarettes, the battery-operated devices that provide nicotine via inhaled vapor, may help improve memory. That was the finding of research presented at the British Psychological Society's annual conference (April 18-20, 2012).

The study was conducted on 85 regular smokers (men and women) by Dr. Lynne Dawkins of the University of East London. The participants of the study (all smokers) were randomly given an e-cigarette with either nicotine, or a placebo. Some participants were told to just hold the e-cigarette without actually the device.

After 5 minutes of using the e-cigarette as much as they wanted to, participants completed a cravings and mood questionnaire. They then repeated the questionnaire 20 minutes after using the e-cigarette. In addition, 60 participants completed a working memory task 10-15 minutes after they used the e-cigarette. The working memory task included the Letter Cancellation Task and the Brown-Peterson Working Memory Task.

Results of the E-cigarette Study

Among the study's participants who tested for working memory, it was found that the men and women who used the e-cigarettes with nicotine (as opposed to the placebo, or not using the device at all) maintained better working memory.

The nicotine group was the fastest to complete the Letter Cancellation Task. The "just hold" group came in second, while the placebo group came in third. The worst performance (measured by the numbers of errors made) was the "just hold" group. The nicotine group performed best across all 6 trials of the memory test, and retained better memory performance at the longer time intervals.

Dr. Lynne Dawkins stated that they were interested in exploring the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes since relatively little research had been done. She also noted that it was interesting to see the reduction of carvings and effectiveness of e-cigarettes on men and women.

"Perhaps more significantly, we found that e-cigarettes with nicotine help maintain working memory in smokers who have not smoked for an hour or two. People who choose to stop smoking without using a nicotine substitute may therefore suffer a period during which their working memory levels dip until their bodies adjust to the reduced levels of nicotine. E-cigarettes seem to be effective at reducing this problem for men and women. However, in this study we did not look at the issue of whether people feel self-conscious about using the devices in public."

So there you have it. According to the study, e-cigarettes help to improve working memory among smokers. So should you use e-cigarettes just to improve your memory? In my opinion, no. Switch to e-cigarettes because they're a much better (and cheaper) alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Fact: E-cigarettes contain no tar, no carbon monoxide, no ash and no smoke.

Personally, I think the increase in memory may be due to the nicotine itself. It's widely known that nicotine enhances memory and concentration. In addition, nicotine also enhances alertness, increases arousal and decreases pain.

So my take on this study is that it shows two things: One, e-cigarettes are truly an effective means in which to deliver nicotine. And two, nicotine improves memory. But beyond that, I don't see anything all too earth-shattering.

The real story here is that e-cigarettes definitely allow you to get your nicotine fix, but without many of the chemicals (4,000 plus chemicals) that are found in tobacco cigarettes, which is definitely awesome.

Bottom line, e-cigarettes are the way to go, especially if you want to find an awesome alternative to smoking.

Happy vaping!

May 4, 2012

Volcano Ecigs Introduces New MAGMA Clear Cartomizers

Volcano Ecigs Introduces New MAGMA Clear Cartomizers

The new MAGMA Clear Cartomizers by Volcano Ecigs are a new take on a classic Volcano carto design. The new MAGMA Clear Cartomizers are built using the same construction concept as their Tube Tank Refill cartomizers. So yeah, they're refillable as well.

But there are a couple of key differences here. One, these cartos are clear. And because they're clear, you can easily see how much e-liquid you have left. And two, they doesn't require a tank (tankomizer). You can simply fill them with e-liquid and you're immediately ready to vape!

The new Volcano Ecigs clear cartomizers are now in stock (and on sale) for $10.99 for a pack of 5 blank cartomizers. They're dual coil cartomizers with a low 1.5 ohm resistance.

Note: These new Volcano clear cartos will be available in 2.0 ohms very soon. Apparently, there was a mix-up at the factory, and the first shipment arrived with the 1.5 ohm resistance rating. All shipments after the first one will be 2.0 ohm rated dual coil cartomizers. 

How Do You Fill These Clear Cartomizers?

To fill (and refill) the Volcano Ecigs MAGMA Clear Cartomizer, just pop off the top rubber cap and drip your e-liquid (also referred to as juice) down onto the filler inside the cartomizer until the e-liquid saturates the filler. Then, just put the cap back on. Add a drip tip and you're good to go!

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May 2, 2012

V2 Cigs Coupon Code - Get 10% Off ALL Purchases at V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs Coupon Code - 10% Off All Purchases at V2 Cigs

Wanna save even more money on all your ecigs, e-liquid and flavor cartridges? And how about saving money on your all ecig accessories as well?

Well, then I have some really great news for you. With the new V2 Cigs coupon code you can do just that! The new V2 Cigs coupon code allows you to save 10% on all purchases, no matter what you buy! You'll save 10% on e-liquid, flavor cartridges, drip tips, charging cases, lanyards, etc.

With the new V2 Cigs coupon code, everything is at a 10% discount!

So What's the V2 Cigs Coupon Code?

Well, the coupon code is: fullvapor

Just enter "fullvapor" as your coupon code on the V2Cigs.com website whenever you order, and you'll save 10% each time, every time! It's as easy as that! :)

Thanks to V2 Cigs, we're able to offer this special ecig coupon code for our readers. So a big thanks to YOU for your continued support! And a big thanks to V2 Cigs as well for offering this coupon code for all the awesome readers here at Full Vapor™.

Happy vaping!

May 1, 2012

V2 Cigs Offers Special Edition Pink Mother's Day Starter Kit

V2 Cigs Special Edition Pink Mother's Day Starter Kit

In this week's electronic cigarette news, leading ecig brand V2 Cigs announced that it's offering a special edition (limited edition!) electronic cigarette starter kit for Mother's Day.

The V2 Cigs Mother's Day Starter Kit is designed especially for moms, and is not only a pretty pink (with pink batteries and a matching pink lanyard), but also comes with special edition Passion Fruit flavor cartridges. Yeah, it's quite adorable!

This looks to be a great Mother's Day gift for any mom who still smokes regular tobacco cigarettes. Now you can give her a gift that not only eliminates all that nasty smoke, tar and carbon monoxide, but one that will save her money as well. -Electronics cigarettes are a lot cheaper than regular cigarettes.

Note: These are limited edition, and only available while supplies last!

The V2 Cigs Pink Mother's Day Starter Kit comes with:

• 2 V2 automatic batteries in the special edition pink color
• 1 V2 lanyard in the special edition pink color
• 10 V2 flavor cartridges in V2 Cigs' Mother's Day special edition Passion Fruit flavor
• 1 wall adapter
• 1 V2 Smart Charger
• 1 V2 Manual

Note: Get 10% off ALL V2 Cigs purchases with V2 Cigs coupon code: fullvapor

So kudos to V2 Cigs. They've really been stepping up their game recently. First, with their launch of the New V2 Cigs about two weeks ago, and now with their special edition Mother's Day pink ecig starter kit. These are perfect examples of why they're the #1 ranked ecig website in the U.S. and internationally, and a real favorite among the vaping community.

V2 Cigs is definitely intent on providing the most intuitive and customized ecig and vaping experience by offering quality products and consistent innovation. They're recognized as a leader in the ecig industry due to their ever-expanding product lines, powerful vapor production, great taste and overall devotion to excellence. Bottom line, they're a great smokeless alternative to regular cigarettes...and at a fraction of the cost.

Passion Fruit for Mother's Day - How It Won

The most difficult task faced by the team at V2 Cigs was deciding which delicious flavor to include in the special edition Mother's Day starter kit flavor cartridges. So, after a few months of flavor testing, and a few good-spirited debates, a unanimous decision was finally reached. And with that, V2 Cigs introduced the brand new limited edition ecig flavor: Passion Fruit!

This delightful new flavor is sure to be one of Mom's favorites, and perfectly compliments the pretty pink Mother's Day starter kit it comes with.

Btw, these special edition V2 kits are only up for grabs until supplies run out. So if you want one, I suggest you hop on it now before it's too late!

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