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May 25, 2012

V2 Cigs 20% Off Memorial Day Sale - Cool Savings, Hot Deals!

V2 Cigs - 20% OFF Sale - Memorial Day 2012
V2 Cigs 20% Off Memorial Day Sale
Cool Savings, Hot Deals!

With Memorial Day just around the corner (this Monday), V2 Cigs has wasted no time in setting up a special sale for all you vapers. This Memorial Day, they're offering a 20% off storewide discount. That's right, 20% off everything you purchase!

One Day Only. Don't Hesitate!

The V2 Cigs Memorial Day sale will give you 20% off anything and everything. It includes all starter kits, flavor cartridges, e-liquid, accessories, and even items that are currently on clearance special. The sale takes place from Midnight to Midnight on Memorial Day (May 28, 2012).

This V2 Cigs sale is for for one day only, so don't hesitate!

The V2 Cigs Memorial Day sale is the perfect time to get your favorite Gemini a Starter Kit as a birthday present so that he/she can finally make the switch from smoking to vaping. Trust me, this gift goes over very well! And since ecigs are cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, it'll also same him/her a lot of money in the long run.

Priority Mail Shipping Is Back!

Also, and back by popular demand, is the Priority Mail shipping option. As it turns out, numerous V2 Cigs customers requested it. And in true V2 Cigs style, they listened, and brought back the Priority Mail option. So now you have the following shipping options to choose from when you order from V2 Cigs: $5 Flat Rate (a new shipping option), Priority, Ground, 3-Day and Overnight.

So check out V2 Cigs to see all that they have to offer. There's a reason they've been the #1 favorite among vapers for such a long time. Bottom line, they're truly great.


  1. a reflection of its high level of success is that a large percentage of new clients come from personal recomendation, I tried to stop smoking with the nicotine patch, gum, pills, cold turkey, you name it! the electronic cigarettes made it so much easier..

    1. Yes, that's definitely true! People recommend V2 Cigs to their friends because they, themselves, really really love their products! And like they say, there's nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising! :)

      Btw, congrats on your quitting smoking via ecigs! From the people I know personally (who have smoked for years), e-cigarettes have been their only saving grace as well.

      So glad to hear that you had such good results also. :)

    2. as they say, featuring various types and styles, the electronic cigarette can be a perfect match for smokers who wish to enjoy smoking without the odor or tobacco related health issues, as the devices uses vapor to mimic regular smoking.. so what could be better than them..


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