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June 15, 2012

Why Would Anyone Want Zero Nicotine E-liquid?

If you're vaping e-cigarettes, wouldn't it seem silly to vape zero nicotine? I mean, why do without the nicotine? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. Some people just don't want any nicotine anymore. They just want to enjoy an e-cigarette, and everything that comes with it, but without the actual nicotine.

In fact, there are many people who vape, but who also choose to do it with zero nicotine. Why? Well, there are several reasons...

For many people (who have quit smoking), vaping zero nicotine allows them to enjoy the sensation of having a cigarette in their hands, while at the same time, not vaping any nicotine at all. They can still enjoy the many different different e-liquid flavors that are available, while knowing that they're vaping, as opposed to actually smoking.

Fact is, a lot of people who switch to e-cigarettes do so for piece of mind (among other countless reasons). By vaping, as opposed to smoking, they no longer have to worry about burn holes in their clothes, ashtrays, the offensive smoke smell, bad smoker's breath, etc. Of course, e-cigarettes are also a lot cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, which is another big plus.

But Still, Why Zero Nicotine?

Well, many people who switch to e-cigarettes initially start off with something like "full flavor" e-liquid, which is equivalent to a regular full-flavored cigarette. But they quickly discover that they can control how much they vape because they don't have to vape an entire e-cigarette in just one go.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, there's no "start-to-finish" smoking nonsense with e-cigarettes (you know, smoking a cigarette until it's down to the butt). With an e-cigarette, you can simply take a couple of puffs here and there, and that's it.

And because of this, it's not uncommon for smokers who've switched to vaping to find that they also prefer less and less nicotine over time. In other words, by NOT smoking the equivalent of an entire cigarette each time they vape, many vapers quickly begin to prefer less and less nicotine in their e-liquid.

And eventually, many vapers find themselves wanting to vape ZERO nicotine e-liquids (e-liquid with no nicotine at all). And so, just having an e-cigarette in hand, and puffing when they want to, is all they need to enjoy themselves.

Personal Story Time...

For example, one of my close personal friends (a woman who is 66 years of age) has smoked pretty much all of her life. But a year or so ago she switched to vaping. The outcome? Well, now she vapes with ZERO nicotine e-liquid. She initially started off vaping somewhere around 12 mg of nicotine, but eventually realized she didn't really want or need all the nicotine.

So now she's vaping ZERO nicotine e-liquid and is completely happy! And from what she's told me, switching to vaping was the best thing she's ever done. She's so pleased with herself that she's vaping with zero nicotine e-liquid, and I'm definitely very proud of her! :)

Interested In Zero Nicotine E-Liquid?

If you're thinking of trying out some e-liquid that doesn't contain nicotine, then be sure to check out the e-liquid from either Halo Cigs or V2 Cigs. In our professional opinion, they're the best. And most vapers agree!

Of course, they each also offer their e-liquids with nicotine as well (simply your choice). Either way, you can't go wrong with V2 or Halo. They're an all-time favorite among vapers everywhere - for many reasons.

Happy vaping!


  1. Yes, I quit smoking cold turkey a couple of weeks ago, but used my e-cig at zero nicotine and just the action seemed to curb cravings. Plus, you don't have the nicotine in your system which is quite a stimulant for some of us. Zero nicotine is the way to go!

    1. Congrats Karen! So glad you were able to quit smoking analog cigarettes! :)

      A close friend of mine does the same thing. She's in her mid-60's and has smoked most of her life. It was about two years ago that she finally quit cold turkey by switching to e-cigs. She still vapes, but has been using zero nicotine for like the last year and a half. She says she's never felt better. :)

    2. i dont smoke cigarettes so i am using 0 mg to help me stop smoking weed and its working .i still get to blow out smoke, i have no desire for weed and i grew up in the 70's and smoked weed and cigs for a very long time..its working for me..have a great day!!

  2. I smoke pot and tecnically will allways...but I'm on a hiatus for now and hopefully for a long time maybe permanant...the zero nicotene is perfect for me...I used tobacco for 10 years fom the age of ten to about tewnty so i feel ya on adiction...for me it is psycological to a degree...shure i miss the buzz but will enjoy a renewed respect...I love to smoke!!!...but vaping is better!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And congrats to you for finally quitting! Also, I'm glad to hear the zero nicotine is working well for you. :)

    2. Well my thoughts exactly , have been smoking pot for 41 yrs and know I am getting a little old now but was wondering if it would help me quit if I started vaping?

    3. Off the top of my head, I don't know of any research that shows vaping will help you quit smoking pot. In fact, I'm not sure it's ever been studied yet (maybe it should be!). Could work, could not. Who knows?

      I think the question to ask yourself is why do you smoke weed? Is it to relax? Is it for the "throat hit"? Or is it for some other reason altogether?

      Personally, I wouldn't suggest taking up vaping in the hope that it will help you quit smoking weed. While vaping may indeed help you fulfill that physical or psychological need, I'd say to talk to your doctor first to see what he/she thinks!

  3. I am technically a non smoker.. have only smoked cigs a few times. Im debating whether or not to get an e cig.. my boyfriend has one and ive used it a few times... i found it helps relieve my sweet tooth and it also calms me down..which is why i used to occasionally smoke cigs because I was stressed or mad... basically trying to get some opinions/suggestions. :) thanks

    1. Hi Anonymous. If you occasionally smoke, then you can certainly replace that with vaping. Cigarettes are so bad for you, no how matter how few you smoke, so I suggest quitting either way. But it's entirely up to you whether or not you get an ecig. I don't suggest starting vaping just for the heck of it, but if you really want to vape, then just check out the reviews on this site to find which ecig and e-liquid flavors would suit you best.

      Btw, I understand the sweet tooth thing. I prefer the dessert flavors just for that reason. ;)

  4. Smoked for 35 years and was never successful quitting. Started at 6mg nicotine. In two seeks switch to 3 mg. Two weeks after that switched to zero. It was completely painless and never wanted a cigarette. Planning to dump the device soon.

    1. Congrats! Sounds like you've got it down to a science. :)

      It seems that once your body gets rid of all the other addictive toxins and chemicals from regular cigs, reducing the nicotine itself isn't all that hard. Just gotta have the desire to do so.

      Anyway, keep up the good work! Sounds like you've done awesomely so far.

  5. I stopped smoking cold turkey a little over 3 years ago, but for whatever reason I miss the action of smoking - if that makes any sense. I got a vaporizer kit yesterday for the first time. I enjoy the flavor and it seems to relax me.

    1. Yeah, it makes total sense. For many people, the actual "physical" action of smoking can be very difficult to overcome - even after all of the chemicals in traditional cigarettes have finally left the body.

      For a good number of folks, the "physical" action of smoking is hard to dismiss and ignore, especially after many years of habitual smoking. So yeah, in our experience, it's not at all surprising that vaping zero nicotine is enough for you to feel relaxed and NOT want a traditional tobacco cig ever again (a truly awesome thing!).

      So congrats to you for quitting smoking. Keep it up! And if you must vape, then our personal opinion is to stick with zero nicotine vaping - No need for nic if you don't physically require it, right?

  6. I've never smoked a day in my life. But I went to a hookah bar and enjoyed the flavored vapor. I asked a vape vendor about using 0mg to get a similar experience without going to a bar. For someone who doesn't need it, but enjoyes it every once in a while, it's perfect.

    1. First off, I'm glad you never actually smoked...don't start any time soon! Using a zero nicotine (0 mg) e-liquid? Works for many! Sometimes, it's just the "action" of putting something up to your mouth and "puffing" on it.

      Yes, vaping e-cigs can be quite similar to vaping hookahs. Hopefully, your "vape vendor" pointed you to the many 0mg there are many! If you enjoy it (0 nic), then there you go.

      The fact is, many vapers eventually make the move to zero nicotine e-liquids. And that's pretty damn awesome! ;)


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