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July 29, 2012

5 Ways To Keep Your E-cigarettes Charged When The Power Goes Out!

5 Ways To Keep Your E-cigarettes Charged
When The Power Goes Out!

Regardless of where you live, nature (and even the power company itself) will throw you a curveball every once in a while, for sure. Wind storms, thunder storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, heavy snow, downed tree limbs, you name it. All of these cause power outages.

Bottom line, power outages can happen at any time, whether due to a simple storm or a natural disaster.

So how do you keep your e-cig charged up and ready to go when the power goes out?

Here are 5 easy ways:

How to Keep Your E-Cigarettes Charged When the Power Goes Out!

1. Be prepared! First of all, make sure that you're stocked up on e-cig cartridges and e-liquid for your e-cigarettes. A couple weeks of supply is always best, because, well, you never know!

While blizzards and hurricanes are usually tracked several days in advance, tornadoes and earthquakes can occur suddenly and without warning. The same goes for other storms...not to mention, simple "power company" complications, outages and such.

So the first step is to always be prepared!

2. Make sure you have several e-cig batteries charged. You know, just in case you need a backup battery...or three! And be sure to charge your e-cig batteries each night so that you'll have a few days of power for your e-cigs when you most need it.

3. Have an e-cig car adapter charger on hand. If the power goes out, and it's not restored quickly, an e-cig car adapter charger can be a real lifesaver for you. With a car adapter charger for your e-cig, you can easily charge your e-cigs in your car at any time. So a car adapter charger is a definite must-have!

It's not only very useful for everyday use when charging your e-cigarettes, but also in times when you have NO power at all. A car adapter charger is definitely awesome. So if you don't have one, be sure to get one!

4. Have a "portable charging case" on hand for your e-cigs. A portable charging case is great for charging your e-cigs whenever the power is out. Some e-cig portable charging cases, like the V2 Cigs portable charging case, allow 4 to 6 charges. So it's a great way to keep your e-cigs fully charged no matter what!

5. Have a solar-powered charger for your e-cigs. A solar-powered charger is a great way to charge your e-cigarettes at any time! In addition, a solar-powered charger is perfect for keeping many of your other electronic devices charged when you have no power.

For example, a solar-powered charger will charge such things as: your cell phone, iPhone, iPod, and most other USB devices.

Being Prepared = Happy Vaping

Bottom line, being prepared is the best thing you can do in order to ensure that your e-cigarettes are charged and ready to go, whether you have electrical power or not!

So be ready! Just follow the above steps and you'll never have to worry about not being able to vape your e-cigarettes when the power is out. :)

Happy vaping!

July 20, 2012

V2 Cigs Launches Vapor Couture, E-cigarettes Designed Exclusively For Women!

This week V2 Cigs launched its much-anticipated Vapor Couture line of e-cigarettes. What is Vapor Couture? Vapor Couture is a unique line of e-cigarettes and high-fashion accessories that are designed exclusively for women!

Check out Vapor Couture by clicking the Vapor Couture logo below!

Vapor Couture 

According to V2 Cigs:

"It is a unique line of electronic cigarette that combines the technology of V2 Cigs with elegant designs and stylish accessories. Our unique flavor cartridges can be customized to mix and match with any of our jewel-tipped, rechargeable e-cig batteries."

E-cigarettes Made Exclusively for Women!

The Vapor Couture products are designed exclusively for women, and perfectly compliment all the latest fashion trends. Vapor Couture offers a selection of ultra-thin e-cig batteries that coordinate wonderfully with the various Vapor Couture accessories.

Vapor Couture Crystal Tipped E-cig Batteries

All Vapor Couture batteries come in your choice of brushed platinum, deep metallic purple, rose gold or the VC signature white logo pattern.

Each e-cig battery is finished with a sparkling crystal tip and a matching LED light that sparkles and glows with each puff.

The deep metallic purple battery comes with a white faceted crystal tip.
The brushed platinum battery comes with a purple crystal tip.
The rose gold battery comes with a gold jewel tip.
TheVC signature white battery comes with a purple jewel tip.

Vapor Couture E-cig Accessories

The Vapor Couture accessories are indeed quite stylish, and are designed to match all the other Vapor Couture products. The current accessories include the following:

VC Clutch - a contemporary carrying case that includes a detachable wristlet handle. The inside has several compartments to hold your batteries, flavor cartridges and Vapor Couture charger. It also comes with an extra-long mirror and an exterior pocket (for credit cards, etc.) with a magnetic closure.

VC Bracelet and Charm - With the bracelet and charm, you can slip your e-cig battery in the charm to keep it dangling at your wrist, or to carry an extra e-cig flavor cartridge. The stylish woven bracelet is available in 4 colors (metallic purple, dark silver, metallic pink and black).

VC Lanyard and Charm - Show off your style, while keeping your e-cigarette safe and handy around your neck with the lanyard and charm. Each lanyard comes in beautifully braided leatherette with a colorful finish. You can stick your e-cig battery in the charm for safe and fashionable travel while you're out and about.

VC Charm - The charm accessory attaches to your e-cigarette or flavor cartridge, so they're handy whenever you want to vape! The VC Charm comes with a lobster clasp that you can attach to your own bracelet, necklace, key chain, etc.

VC Charger and Car Adapter - Keep your e-cigarette battery fully charged at all times with the charger and car adapter. This set of power charging devices includes the Mini Charger, which plugs into any USB port, the Wall Adapter (for home or office) and the Car Adapter (for charging on the go).

An internal chip automatically shuts off charging to prevent damaging your e-cig batteries, and an indicator light lights up when your e-cig battery is fully charged. The Wall Adapter is available in USA, UK and EU models.

Other available Vapor Couture accessories are the VC Charger Kit (the Wall Adapter and the Mini Charger) and the VC Car Adapter.

Vapor Couture E-cig Cartridge Flavors

Vapor Couture currently offers four delicious cartridge flavors for the Vapor Couture lineup. Two extra flavors are coming soon. The current Vapor Couture flavors are as follows:

Bombshell - a rich and spicy flavored tobacco blend which is perfect for the Turkish tobacco lover. It comes in blister packaging (with expiration date) to preserve freshness. It's available in your choice of color or pattern (to match your Vapor Couture battery) and comes in 4 nicotine strength choices: zero (no nicotine), light (0.6%), medium (1.2%) and full (1.8%)

Rodeo Drive - Like its name suggests, the Rodeo Drive cartridge flavor embodies American elegance. It's a hearty tobacco blend that is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of classic American tobacco. Get it in a color that corresponds to your battery, or mix and match to show off your own individual style. It comes in 4 nicotine strength choices: zero (no nicotine), light (0.6%), medium (1.2%) and full (1.8%).

• Fresh Mint - a delicious menthol flavor, perfect for those who enjoy the yummy, minty freshness of menthol. You can get it in each of the four Vapor Couture battery colors. It, too, comes in 4 nicotine strength choices: zero (no nicotine), light (0.6%), medium (1.2%) and full (1.8%).

Passion Fruit - Like sweet things? The Passion Fruit flavor is a fun, fruity tropical flavor. Perfect for summer time! Like the previous Vapor Couture cartridge flavors, you can get it in the color that matches your Vapor Couture battery, or mix and match to show off your own personal, creative style. It also comes in 4 nicotine strength choices: zero (no nicotine), light (0.6%), medium (1.2%) and full (1.8%).

Vapor Couture Review

Overall, I must say that V2 Cigs really did an awesome job with their Vapor Couture line. The entire product line seems to be extremely well-designed, and very deserving of the "couture" label. The products are, indeed, highly fashionable and custom-made, just like the word itself demands.

From the crystal-tipped batteries, to the extremely pretty bracelets and charms, Vapor Couture is sure to please and impress all those who gaze upon them. And just as importantly, Vapor Couture is owned and operated by V2 Cigs, the most-trusted and enjoyed e-cigarette maker today. So you can be 100% sure that you're getting top-notch quality and dependability.

Interested in checking out the entire Vapor Couture lineup of highly stylish e-cigarettes and accessories? Just follow the Vapor Couture banner below!

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 Vapor Couture - E-Cigs for Women - Smoke FREE. Odor FREE. Stigma FREE.

July 14, 2012

V2 Cigs Releases Mint Tea and Grape Flavor Cartridges

Popular e-cigarette brand V2 Cigs just released two brand new flavors to their e-cig cartridge flavor lineup. The new flavors are Mint Tea and sweet Grape. I haven't tried them personally, but they sure do sound good. Perfect for summer time!

V2 Cigs describes these two new flavors as follows: 

"Our V2 Grape cartridges are fun, fruity and flavorful! Delightfully sweet, these tasty flavor cartridges are as eye-catching as they are delicious. In the mood for something minty? The V2 Mint Tea cartridges have a fresh, herbal taste with cool mint undertones – perfect for those warm summer afternoons."

Right now the Mint Tea and Grape flavors are limited edition flavors, so they're only available for a limited time. You can get them at the special price of $9.95 per 5-pack. So get them while you can!

The New V2 Cigs E-cig Refill Cartridge Flavors

V2 Mint Tea Flavor - The Mint Tea flavor is bursting with refreshing mint, combined with the soothing herbal properties of green tea.

The entire V2 Cigs team taste-tested several flavors and chose Mint Tea to be one of the latest limited edition cartridge flavors. You'll love the spring green cartridge color!

Nicotine Strengths: The V2 Mint Tea flavor cartridges are available in all four nicotine strengths: Zero (0mg), Light (6mg), Medium (12mg) and Full (18mg).

 V2 Grape Flavor - The Grape flavor is sweet and juicy. It's a perfect flavor for summer vaping fun!

The flavor cartridges arrive in a rich purple cartridge color. The Grape flavor was a hit with the whole V2 Cigs team.

Nicotine Strengths: The V2 Grape flavor cartridges are available in all four nicotine strengths: Zero (0mg), Light (6mg), Medium (12mg) and Full (18mg).

So don't delay! Get these yummy limited edition flavors while you can! And save 10% while you're at it with the following V2 Cigs coupon code: v2save10

This special summer V2 Cigs coupon code will save you 10% on ALL your purchases at V2Cigs. For more on the V2 Cigs coupon code, go here.

Happy vaping!