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October 3, 2012

Free Pink Lanyard From V2 Cigs For Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, V2 Cigs is currently offering a free Pink Lanyard with any purchase of $50 or more.

This free lanyard offer is good through the month of October...while supplies last.

So don't wait to take advantage! :)

About The V2 Lanyard

The V2 Lanyard (which normally sells for $7.95) gives you an easy way to keep your e-cigarette handy for vaping at all times. The custom-molded rubber attachment is specifically designed for e-cigarette batteries. The rubber attachment portion of the lanyard has air-holes in it that allow you to vape while your e-cig is attached to it. It really is cool e-cig accessory to have.

The V2 Lanyard is also very handy for transferring e-liquid from one cartridge to another, as well as for refilling cartridges. You can do these by using the Taryn Spin method.

Where To Get It

You can get your free Pink V2 Lanyard from V2 Cigs by going to the V2 Cigs website. Note that this free lanyard offer is good though the month of October, but only while supplies last.

And most importantly, don't forget to show your support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Happy vaping!

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