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October 12, 2012

V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit Review - And New Lower Price!

E-cigarette brand V2 Cigs, the undisputed all-time favorite of the majority of vapers, is making people even more happy these days by offering a new lower price on their popular V2 Ultimate Kit.

The V2 Ultimate Kit really delivers. It produces vapor, and comes with all of the most popular e-cigarette accessories offered by V2 Cigs today, including the truly kick-ass Power-Cig.

Anyway, since so many people are interested in the V2 Ultimate Kit, we decided it was only right for us to finally post a review of it. So here goes...

What Comes In The V2 Ultimate Starter Kit

Like I mentioned above, the V2 Ultimate Kit comes with the most popular e-cigarette accessories from V2 Cigs, including the Power-Cig (one of our favorites!). You can also customize your starter kit with your choice of battery color, battery style and battery length, as well as 5 different vapor flavors and nicotine strengths.

Here's a quick rundown of what's included in the V2 Ultimate Kit:

3 V2 Batteries
25 V2 Flavor Cartridges
1 V2 Smart Charger
1 V2 Wall Adapter
1 V2 Power-Cig
1 V2 Car Adapter (2amp)
1 V2 Portable Charging Case XL
1 V2 Metal Carry Case
1 V2 Lanyard
1 V2 Manual
Lifetime Warranty

Battery Options (Colors, Length & Switch Type)

The V2 Ultimate Kit comes with 3 (three) V2 batteries.You can customize each e-cigarette battery to your liking. And each of the three V2 batteries comes with the following options:

Battery Colors: White, Black, Stainless Steel or Deep Metallic Blue
Battery Length: Standard, Shorty or Long
Battery Switch Type: Automatic Battery or Manual Battery

With these options, you can customize each battery to suit your liking. For example, if you want all manual batteries or all automatic batteries, that's simply up to you. We really like that V2 Cigs offers all these options.

Here are some more pics...

The V2 Ultimate Kit (pictured with stainless steel batteries)

The V2 Portable Charging Case (pictured in graphite)

The V2 Power-Cig

Vapor Production and Performance

Vapor production is awesome. And so is throat hit. We should probably note that we really love the coffee flavor and the menthol flavor. They're quite yummy! So be sure to check them out.

Anyway, you'll get some really excellent vapor (smooth and thick) with this kit, and especially with the V2 Power-Cig (you can read our Power-Cig review here). The Power-Cig is just friggin' awesome, hands down.

The V2 batteries also perform extremely well, with no letdowns at all. We do prefer the manual batteries, but the automatic batteries are also excellent, activating as just the right draw, and without needing much of a primer puff at all.

So both types of batteries are great, though the manuals do seem to have an edge when it comes to overall performance. That's why we prefer manual batteries over automatic batteries; they always seem to perform better.

But it all just comes down to personal choice, really. Some people prefer automatic batteries since you don't have to hold down a button in order to vape, while others prefer manual batteries due to the control they give you over your vaping experience. Potato, potahto, I guess.

Flavor Cartridge Options

The V2 Ultimate Kit comes with 25 V2 Flavor Cartridges. Basically, that means you get five 5-Packs. With each flavor cartridge 5-pack, you can choose which flavor you want, as well as which nicotine strength you prefer.

V2 Cigs currently offers the following cartridge flavors and nicotine strengths:

Cartridge Flavors: V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint, Mint Tea, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla.

Nicotine Strengths: 18 (Full), 12 (Medium), 6 (Light) and 0 (Zero)

Tons Of Options

One of the things we really like about the V2 Ultimate Kit e-cigarette starter kit is the number of customizable options that are available. Aside from the above-mentioned battery options and cartridge flavor options, you can also choose which colors you want for the V2 Portable Charging Case XL, the V2 Metal Carry Case, and the V2 Lanyard.

Here are those options...

V2 Portable Charging Case XL: Silver, Graphite or White
V2 Metal Carry Case: Silver, Graphite or White
V2 Lanyard: Red, Blue or Black

V2 Cigs Product Warranty

The V2 Ultimate Kit also comes with the V2 Cigs Lifetime Warranty. The V2 Cigs Lifetime Warranty protects you from any product defects and whatnot for the full life your your V2 Cigs product.

A good e-cigarette warranty is very important for all of us consumers. Without one, it's just too easy to be screwed by the companies who want to put profits ahead of customer satisfaction.

And this is why we like V2 Cigs. They truly back up all their products. And they do it by offering the best warranty in the e-cig industry.

Overall Impressions

Overall, there's no question about it. The V2 Ultimate Kit is the "ultimate" when it comes to e-cigarette starter kits. The kit offers everything a vaper would need to enjoy the wonderful world of vaping at its fullest.

Whether you're at home, or on the go, this kit is truly awesome. And we can't say enough good things about the V2 Power-Cig (we reviewed it here). No doubt you'll find it to be your go-to vaping device when you're at home, as many others have.

The Power-Cig really is a marvelous vaping device. Just plug the Power-Cig into your laptop, desktop computer, PS3, XBox or any standard USB port and you're ready to vape! No muss, no fuss.

All in all, there's no way to go wrong with the V2 Ultimate Kit. If you're looking for a solid, well-performing e-cigarette starter kit that not only comes with the whole kit and caboodle, but that also outperforms the other starter kits, then the V2 Ultimate Kit is it.

Happy vaping!

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