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March 27, 2013

E-Liquid of the Week - Halo Shamrock

So I've decided to start a new weekly theme here...a theme that I hope will inspire fellow vapers to not only try some new e-liquid flavors, but to create their own unique and imaginative flavors as well!

You see, the great seed of invention is fertilized by two things; personal experience, and vast imagination. Together, they can create some really awesome things! So hopefully, this weekly theme will eventually bare some new and very tasty fruit - in the form of brand new e-liquid flavors we can all love and enjoy! :)

E-Liquid of the Week - Halo Shamrock

This week's "E-Liquid of the Week" is Halo's Shamrock e-liquid flavor. Shamrock is a delicious blend of rich dark chocolate, layered with the enchanting taste of Corsican mint.

Halo's Shamrock e-liquid offers deep chocolatey top notes with minty undertones, all in perfect harmony and balance.

With a flavor that is similar to Mint Chocolate ice creams and cookies, this e-liquid flavor blend is perfect for anyone seeking a delicious, dessert-flavored vape. (Price: $5.99)

Curious? You can learn more about Halo's Shamrock e-liquid flavor here. To see all of Halo's e-liquid flavors, check out their full e-liquid section here.

Happy vaping!

March 24, 2013

Zero Nicotine E-liquid - Best Zero Nicotine E-liquids Review?

If you're like many vapers out there, then there's a good chance you're interested in some really awesome and tasty zero nicotine e-liquid. So with that in mind, we've compiled a short list of the best zero nicotine e-liquids out there...the e-liquids vapers love the most.

This way, you can spend a lot less time hunting around the Internet and, more time actually enjoying your vape! :)

(Personal e-liquid collection, featuring Halo Cigs & NicQuid)

What Are The Best Zero Nicotine E-liquids?

After more than a year of tasting, testing and reviewing countless e-liquids, we've narrowed the field down to the few that definitely rise above the rest, offering the best flavor, the best vapor production and the best value. In other words, the best "no nicotine" e-liquids available.

So with no further ado, here are the best Zero Nicotine E-liquids:

Halo Cigs e-liquid
V2 Cigs e-liquid
Volcanoecigs e-liquid
Mt Baker Vapor e-liquid
NicQuid e-liquid

Note: Each of these also offer the usual nicotine level options as well.

Of course, we won't just leave you with a simple "Top List" and call it day (like most of the other e-cigarette review sites do). As fellow vapers, we know you deserve much more than that.

And so, we'll detail each zero nicotine e-liquid below. This way, you can make an informed decision when choosing which particular no nicotine e-liquid suits you the best. :)

Halo Cigs Zero Nicotine E-liquid

Without a doubt, Halo Cigs offers some of the absolulte best e-liquid you can get anywhere - nicotine or no nicotine. That's because Halo actually started off as an e-liquid company, first and foremost, fully devoting their hearts and minds to their famed line of stellar e-liquids.

Needless to say, they quickly earned the love and respect of vapers all over the world, becoming not only a household name among vapers, but an all-time favorite as well.

So if you want the very best zero nicotine e-liquid (or e-liquid with nicotine), then Halo Cigs is definitely the way to go. They offer fantastic flavors that are rich, smooth and satisfying, and vapor production that really rocks.

Some Halo Cigs E-liquid Flavors: Cafe Mocha, VooDoo, Shamrock (mint chocolate), SubZero (awesome menthol), Twisted Java, Turkish Tobacco, Tribeca, Belgian Cocoa, Midnight Apple, Malibu Menthol, Menthol ICE, Tiki Juice, etc.

Halo E-liquid Examples...

ShamrockBelgian Cocoa
MalibuTiki Juice

V2 Cigs Zero Nicotine E-liquid

The zero nicotine e-liquid from V2 Cigs is our second choice...but that's only because they don't offer as many flavors as Halo Cigs does. Nonetheless, the V2 Cigs zero nicotine e-liquid is excellent. In addition, they also offer free live e-liquid batch test safety reports if you want them.

These batch tests ensure you that your e-liquid is of the highest quality, and let you know exactly what's your vaping juice.

V2 Cigs is also the only e-cigarette brand that offers e-liquid in a 50 ml bottle size, which is a BIG money saver for us vapers!

Some of the V2 Cigs e-liquid flavors include: V2 Red, V2 Menthol, V2 Mint Tea, V2 Cherry, V2 Chocolate, V2 Peppermint, V2 Sahara, etc.

Check out the V2 Cigs e-liquid collection here...

Volcanoecigs Zero Nicotine E-liquid

Another big favorite of ours is Volcanoecigs - and for good reason. When it comes to zero nicotine e-liquid, their flavors are exceptional. They're full of flavor and definitely quite delicious!

Aside from the great taste, we especially like Volcanoecigs due to the multitude of different (and very creative!) e-liquid flavors they offer (35 at last count!). Simply put, they offer you more e-liquid flavors than any other company.

The Volacanoecigs e-liquid flavors include: Aloha Apple, BlueWater Punch, Cherry Lava, Tobacco, Vanilla Bean, Choconilla Haze, Coocoo Coconut, Cotton Candy, Grape Escape, Hawaiian Espresso, Kona Coffee, Menthol, Menthol Burst, Milk Chocolate, Sharks Clove, etc.

Check out the Volcanoecigs e-liquid collection here...

VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes

Friendly Vaping Note

We're in the process of updating this page to include detailed info. on Mt Baker Vapor and NicQuid, two e-liquid vendors that have done nothing but impress.

Anyway, all of above-mentioned zero nicotine e-liquids are awesome and delicious. So you can't go wrong with any of them.

So no matter which one you choose for your zero nicotine e-liquid vape, we can pretty much guarantee you'll be more than happy. They're all great.

Happy vaping!

March 23, 2013

Lavatube Version 2 Now In Stock! Hooray!

Here's a heads up to all of you who've been waiting to get your hands on a new Lavatube from Volcanoecigs...the Lavatube Version 2 is now back in stock and available! :)

As you probably know, the Lavatube was out of stock for the last few weeks. This was due to it being completely sold out (yeah, it's that popular). But now you can head over to Volcanoecigs and finally get your hands on one. :)

Not familiar with the Lavatube Version 2? Then check out our full Lavatube Version 2 review. Also, here's a video put together by Volcanoecigs to show you the ins and outs and capabilities of the Lavatube, which is undoubtedly the best variable voltage e-cigarette on the market today.

Happy vaping!

March 16, 2013

Halo G6 Starter Kit Review - Halo Electronic Cigarettes


Our official Halo G6 Starter Kit review is currently under way! We'll post an update here as soon as we're done with our full evaluation of the G6 starter kit and all of its components and accessories. :)

If the Halo G6 starter kit is anything like the other Halo Cigs products, then it's sure to be nothing short of vaping excellence. Guess we'll just have to wait and see! 

UPDATE: Our full Halo G6 Review is here: Halo G6 Starter Kit Review - awesome or not?

In the meantime, here's a little taste of the many things Halo Cigs does extremely well...

Tribeca Tiki Juice Freedom Juice Torque56 Midnight Apple Kringle's Curse Belgian Cocoa Shamrock Café Mocha Twisted Java

Note: The above e-liquid flavors are just some of the vaping flavors offered by Halo Cigs. To see the full line of Halo e-liquids, visit their e-liquid page here.

Lauded by many, there's no quiestion that Halo Cigs is the cream of the crop. Curious? Feel free to take a look here to see why vapers are so in love with them.

In our opinion, Halo's e-liquids really kick ass. Their vaping flavors are insanely delicious, and produce a whole lot of vapor. So be sure to check them out...but e prepared to be thoroughly impressed as well. ;)

Happy vaping!

Good News! House Shoots Down E-cigarette Tax

Here's some really good news for vapers! A Utah bill that would have taxed e-cigarettes at an insane rate of 86%, and banned Internet sales of nicotine-containing products (by requiring face-to-face transactions), has been shot down in the House. The bill failed with a 29-44 vote. Awesome!

The bill, HB372, was proposed by Rep. Paul Ray, who "claims" to want to prevent youth from using candy-like cigarettes by making it a Class C misdemeanor for tobacco shops to allow anyone under the age of 19 to enter their stores.

Oh yeah, the bill would have also required e-cigarettes to be sold in locked cabinets behind the counter. What a joke!

House lawmakers reject e-cigarette and tobacco products tax

"E-cigarettes are illegal to those 19 and under,” Ray said. “But recently a Utah high school high took 200 e-cigarettes from their students. Somewhere many kids are getting those."

Rep. Paul Ray's Biggest Donors Are Big Pharma?

According to Project Vote Smart, some of Rep. Paul Ray's biggest donors are Big Pharma. Wow, BIG surprise there. I guess that explains the following nonsense spewed forth from his mouth...

Utah moves to tax e-cigarettes like regular smokes

The Utah measure's sponsor, Republican Rep. Paul Ray, says e-cigarettes should not be considered healthy.

"They're trying to sell them as nicotine replacement therapy. It is not," Ray said this week. "It is not an FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy. There's medications, there's patches, there's things for that. This is not one of them."

NEWSFLASH, Ray Paul: Those so-called "medications" aren't all that safe, IMHO. Hell, just take a second to read all the nasty side effects. For example...

Chantix Side Effects: hostility, suicidal thoughts or suicidal actions, aggression, anger, mania, hallucinations, paranoia, confusion, vomiting, constipation, sleep problems...the list goes on.

Um yeah, I don't want ANY of those, thank you very much.

Directly from the CHANTIX Website:

"Some people can have serious skin reactions while taking CHANTIX, some of which can become life-threatening...Some people can have allergic reactions to CHANTIX, some of which can be life-threatening and include: swelling of the face, mouth, and throat that can cause trouble breathing."

And yeah, like the FDA really has anything to do with things being real "healthy" anymore. That ship totally sailed when they allowed "Natural Flavoring" to include things that aren't really natural at all. Crushed beaver anal sacs, anyone?! Just Google "castoreum" and you'll likely be sadly surprised. Things that are hydrolyzed and/or emulsified are also OK as "natural" according to the FDA.

So while "FDA approved" does carry some important weight, it certainly doesn't guarantee that a product is totally safe or "healthy".

Ray Paul Claims 200 E-cigarettes Were Confiscated?

 "...But recently a Utah high school high took 200 e-cigarettes from their students. Somewhere many kids are getting those."

Funny! Funny, because just a week earlier, when the bill was first proposed, Ray apparently claimed that 100 e-cigarettes were confiscated, not 200. So, either they confiscated an amazing 100 extra e-cigs in just one week...or Paul Ray is flat out lying to fit some sort of "agenda". And why wouldn't he say which school it was? I believe Occam's razor applies here.

IMHO, his claim is total bullshit. And I back that up with personal experience here. You see, one of my best friends is a police officer with TPD (Tampa Police Department). He works as an SRO (School Resource Officer) at a large public school here in Tampa, Florida...and NOT ONCE has he mentioned students having e-cigarettes, or needing to confiscate them. He tells me all the time about iPods and iPhones being stolen (very common), fights, arguments, and the occasional marijuana find, but never anything about e-cigs.

Another idiotic comment from Rep. Ray Paul...

"This is terrible stuff. They’re peddling stuff that they know absolutely will kill people,” Ray said. “This is an industry who kills their clientele."

Wrong. E-cigarettes do not kill people. But tobacco cigarettes do! Also, many of the products from your Big Pharma friends also kill people! But e-cigarettes most certainly do not kill people.

Dear Mr. Ray,

Methinks you should take a little time to do some actual research on e-cigarettes and nicotine. No doubt, you'll realize that it's not the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes that kills, it's the myriad of other poisonous chemicals in them that does...like all the harmful, deadly crap that's created from the COMBUSTION of tobacco cigarettes. Protip: E-cigs have NO combustion.

So please, do some research first, before proposing such idiotic bills - bills that would do much more harm than good. And remember, Google is your friend.

Dipshits In Public Office - Vote Them Out!

I honestly can't believe so many dipshits actually get elected into office. But hey, lying, bullshitting and making promises to unethical companies with vastly deep pockets goes a long way.

March 15, 2013

V2 Cigs Notebook-Cig Now On Sale

Just a quick heads up for you all...the Notebook-Cig by V2 Cigs is currently on sale!

The Notebook-Cig allows you to vape without any batteries at all. Just plug it into your notebook, laptop, desktop computer or any USB port and you're good to go!

The Notebook-Cig produces thicker, more consistent vapor than most battery-powered e-cigarettes do, and you can use it whenever you're near a USB power source and save your batteries for when you're not.

We reviewed the Notebook-Cig back in September and really liked it. You can check out that review here. You may also be interested in the V2 Power-Cig, which is another USB-powered e-cigarette from V2 Cigs. The Power-Cig comes with a 7.2 foot (2.2 meter) coiled and stretchable cord, which gives you about 3 feet more distance than the Notebook-Cig's cord does.

Happy vaping!

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March 4, 2013

V2 Cigs Sale - 10% Off Limited Editions!

Hey all! Just wanted to let you in on a little "secret" sale going on now at V2 Cigs. They're offering 10% off their Limited Edition items...for two days only. The sale starts today (March 4th), and ends tomorrow on March 5th.

It's an "unadvertised" sale (not even mentioned on their blog or their Twitter page), so I wanted to get the word out to you so you know about it. :)

If you're interested in saving 10% on V2 Cigs Limited Edition items, then be sure to check it out here.

NOTE: The 10% discount is applied at checkout. In other words, the initial price you see is the "usual" price. Once you add an item to your cart and proceed to checkout, you'll see the discounted price applied.

V2 Limited Edition Items On Sale:

Here's a quick idea of some of the Limited Edition items now on sale at V2 Cigs:

V2 Flavor Cartridges (Cartomizers)...

V2 Classic Menthol Flavor Cartridges - 5-Pack, 20-Pack and 40-Pack cartridges
V2 Grape Flavor Cartridges - 5-Pack, 20-Pack and 40-Pack cartridges

Good time to stock up and save! :)

Not Familiar With V2 Cigs?

Just in case you're not familiar with V2 Cigs (or in case you're new to vaping in general), here are a few quick facts about the company:

- They're the #1 online e-cigarette brand, and have been for a long, long time
- V2 Cigs offers the best product warranty available (Lifetime Warranty)
- Their products are top-notch in regard to quality, performance and reliability
- V2 Cigs e-cigarettes are trusted by more vapers worldwide than any other e-cigarette brand
- Their prices and customer service are among the best in the e-cig industry

In other words, we highly recommend them.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Do You V2? - No Smoke. No Odor. No Guilt. No Kidding!

However, if for some odd reason, V2 Cigs doesn't have just what you're looking for, then be sure to check out Volcanoecigs. Volcanoecigs is another well-trusted e-cigarette company with high-quality products and a long track record of customer satisfaction.

They're also the makers of the much-ballyhooed Lavatube Version 2 (pictured below), of which we cannot say enough good things! For example, take a look at our detailed Lavatube Version 2 Kit Review to get an idea of just how dang awesome this thing really is.

The Volcanoecigs Lavatube Version 2 (pictured above)

Anyway, check out the V2 Cigs sale to get 10% off their Limited Edition e-cigarette products. And remember, the sale ends tomorrow on March 5th. So don't delay!

Happy vaping!

March 3, 2013

Volcanoecigs Sponsors Cigarette Butt Beach Cleanup Effort

Cigarette butt litter on beaches (and elsewhere) is quite unsightly. But worse than that, it's also extremely hazardous to animals and to the environment.

CigaretteLitter.org has published research showing the harm cigarette butts cause to aquatic life due to the various tobacco-related chemicals that leach into the environment.

But in addition to their dangerous chemicals leaching into the environment (including our groundwater, our streams and our oceans), cigarette butts also take years to decompose. They are NOT biodegradable, though many people still erroneously believe them to be. The fact is, cigarette butts are composed of cellulose acetate (a form of plastic), and so, they do not break down easily. They remain in the environment just as long as other forms of plastic do.

But that's not the worst part. The more tragic fact is that cigarette butts (and all the chemicals in them) commonly end up in the stomachs of many animals, including birds, fish, our pets (especially dogs) and other animals who mistake them for food. Ingesting cigarette butts can make them sick, or even kill them. :(

With all the current scientific data out there, it's clear that cigarette butts are dangerous to our delicate environment. And so, smart people are taking action. For example...

Volcanoecigs Sponsors Cigarette Butt Beach Cleanup Effort

Leading e-cigarette brand Volcanoecigs, maker of the widely popular Lavatube Version 2, is sponsoring a beach cleanup effort on March 30th at Kakakko Waterfront Beach Park in Hawaii, and over 100 people are expected to show up to help. The Oahu Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation will be overseeing the cleanup effort.

Regarding the planned beach cleanup effort, Cory Smith, owner and CEO of Volcanoecigs had this to say:

"We are pleased to bring awareness to this issue on the beaches not only of Hawaii but worldwide. Our electronic cigarettes can end this issue easily because our ecigs do not have a butt to discard which pollutes our environment. We applaud the Surfrider organization and happily donate to their cause of protecting our coastal areas."

In related news, Sustainable Coastlines recently finished a cigarette butt cleanup project at Kuhio Beach Park (also in Hawaii) where just 11 volunteers collected 1,748 cigarette butts in a single hour. Awesome!

With an expected turnout of over 100 people for the Volcanoecigs cleanup project, I can't wait to see how many littered cigarette butts they collect and remove from the environment!

What Can You Do To Help?

If you want to help to reduce the amount of cigarette butts in the environment, one of the quickest, easiest things you can do is switch to vaping e-cigarettes instead smoking. With e-cigarettes, there are no cigarette butts at all to worry about. You won't have to worry about throwing them away, or about them polluting the environment. Bottom line, e-cigarettes are greener and cheaper. :)

You can also take action by throwing away any cigarette butts you find on the ground. I do this all the time, myself. Cigarette butts are left littered everywhere, and honestly, I can't remember a single day in which I didn't find and throw away at least a couple of them.

Wanna be even more proactive? You can easily organize a local cleanup effort in your area, just as Volcanoecigs is doing. Setting up a local cleanup effort is a great community exercise, and one that will yield real, instant benefits. In just a couple of hours, a small handful of volunteers can really make a BIG difference! And just imagine how rewarding it'll be knowing that you're beautifying the environment and saving the lives of countless precious animals all at the same time.

The fact is, you can really make a difference! :)

Happy vaping!

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