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March 23, 2013

Lavatube Version 2 Now In Stock! Hooray!

Here's a heads up to all of you who've been waiting to get your hands on a new Lavatube from Volcanoecigs...the Lavatube Version 2 is now back in stock and available! :)

As you probably know, the Lavatube was out of stock for the last few weeks. This was due to it being completely sold out (yeah, it's that popular). But now you can head over to Volcanoecigs and finally get your hands on one. :)

Not familiar with the Lavatube Version 2? Then check out our full Lavatube Version 2 review. Also, here's a video put together by Volcanoecigs to show you the ins and outs and capabilities of the Lavatube, which is undoubtedly the best variable voltage e-cigarette on the market today.

Happy vaping!

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