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June 27, 2013

E-Liquid of the Week - Halo Cigs Malibu E-Liquid Flavor

Looking for a great summer vape? Then the Malibu flavor from Halo Cigs might just be what you're looking for. :)

The Halo Cigs Malibu e-liquid flavor is best described as "a frozen Pina Colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper."

According to vapers, Halo's Malibu e-liquid has a really smooth flavor, perfect for vaping poolside, at the beach, or anywhere else, for that matter. ;)

What it is: A Pina Colada and menthol flavored e-liquid
Where to get it: http://www.halocigs.com

Vaper Reviews of the Halo Cigs Malibu E-Liquid

Here are just a few comments and reviews regarding Halo's Malibu flavor. Note that these are from actual vapers who have ordered and vaped the Halo Cigs Malibu e-liquid flavor...

- "I love Malibu Rum, so I knew I had to try this one out. I really had high expectations, and Halo delivered on this vape! A+++"

- "This is the first Halo E liquid I have tried so far. I love the mix of pina colada and mint. You can distinctly taste both aspects in the vape. I had a very hard time putting down the Triton because of how amazing this e liquid was. I would recommend this flavor to anyone that uses E cigs."

- "I got this juice based on reviews on ECF and boy am I sorry I waited so long to try it. This is fantastic! I got it 18mg and have been vaping it in an iClear 16. I cannot get enough of this flavor. I even mixed in a bit of Kringle's Curse and it blew me away! You gotta try this one."

- "Got this stuff in the sample pack. I cant believe how good it tastes. It reminds me of vacation time. This will definitely be my summer time vape! Can't wait to blaze this stuff at Jones Beach!!"

Halo Cigs Malibu E-Liquid - Overall Conclusion?

As you can see above, the vaper reviews for Halo's Malibu e-liquid flavor are quite impressive. And I'm not at all surprised. Fact is, every single flavor I've ordered from Halo Cigs has been nothing short of outstanding.

But one size doesn't always fit all, so I should note that the Halo Malibu flavor might not be an "all day vape" for some. Additionally, some vapers may not appreciate the light menthol flavor aspect. It's very light, but if you don't like menthol at all, then this e-liquid flavor probably isn't one you'll enjoy.

Anyway, feel free to check out Halo's Malibu e-liquid flavor here. I'm willing to bet that you'll be more than impressed by it. At the very least, be sure to check out Halo's other e-liquid flavors - which are totally awesome. No surprise that they're widely considered to have the best e-liquid you can get your hands on, period.

Halo Cigs offers "tobacco" flavors, "menthol" flavors, and "gourmet" flavors. And yeah, all of them are extremely awesome. :)

Happy vaping!

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June 26, 2013

V2 Cigs Vaping Vacation Photo Contest - Win A $200 V2 Shopping Spree!

V2 Cigs is holding a vaping photo contest this summer, one that could win you a $200 shopping spree at the V2Cigs.com website.

The V2 Vaping Vacation Photo Contest ends on July 3rd, so don't wait to enter it! V2 will announce the winner via social media the following week.

Entering the V2 Cigs contest is simple. To find out how to enter, just check out the V2 blog post about it here.

Happy vaping!

June 19, 2013

V2 Cigs Offers 2.4% Nicotine Strength E-Liquid And Flavor Cartridges

Vapers asked, they answered. Due to popular demand, V2 Cigs is now offering many of their most popular V2 Flavor Cartridges and Platinum E-Liquids in 2.4% nicotine strength.

So this is good news for those of you vapers out there who wanted a higher nicotine option from V2 Cigs. The new 2.4% nicotine strength is available in their V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, V2 Menthol, Peppermint and Mint Tea flavor cartridges and Platinum e-liquid flavors. They've also included the 2.4% nicotine strength as an option with their e-cigarette starter kits.

Happy vaping!

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Vapor Couture Sale - 15% Off E-cig Accessories

Just a quick note to let you know that Vapor Couture is having a 15% off sale...

Add to your vaping collection and save some money as well. Vapor Couture is offering 15% off e-cig accessories when you buy a new VC battery or a pack of VC flavor cartridges.

Happy vaping!

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June 14, 2013

Halo Triton Variable Voltage Battery (Twist Battery) Now Available From Halo Cigs

Twist, twist, WOW!

Here's some awesome news for the ever-growing multitude of Halo Cigs fans out there! Halo has just released the brand new Halo Triton Variable Voltage Twist Battery for the Triton Tank System (a favorite among many vapers).

What it is: Triton Twist Battery, a variable voltage e-cig battery
Where to get it: http://www.halocigs.com

Yes, you read that right! Halo Cigs (one of the most-loved e-cig and e-liquid companies) has finally released the brand new Halo Triton Twist Battery for the Triton starter kit. Hellz yeah!

The New Halo Triton Twist Battery (variable voltage vaping)

This is some really awesome news! You see, pro vapers all over have been waiting for a really good variable voltage battery that is compatible with the Halo Triton (not that the regular Triton batteries are lacking at all - they're not!).

In fact, the standard Triton batteries are totally awesome, and pretty much the best e-cig batteries you can get right now. They produce a killer amount of vapor, and last a really long time before they need to be recharged.

---> To see how well the Triton batteries last, check out our Halo Triton review here. :)

They've been waiting because "variable voltage vaping" undoubtedly takes things to the ultimate level. And having a Halo Triton variable voltage battery (like the Triton Twist Battery) definitely does just that, giving you even more control, and allowing you to get the absolute best flavor and vapor production from your favorite e-liquid flavors. :)

About The Halo Triton Twist Battery

Without a doubt, the Triton Twist Battery (variable voltage battery) provides the ultimate vaping experience. It has an adjustable voltage range (from 3.3 to 4.8 volts) that not only allows you to get the best flavor out of your e-liquid, but also the best vapor production as well.

Additionally, the Halo Triton Variable Voltage Twist Battery is so simple to use. Just "twist" the dial on the end of the battery to your desired vaping voltage and you're good to go! :)

Note: Halo recommends using the Triton Tanks with 3.0 - 3.2 ohm coils in order to get the fullest range of flavor from your e-liquid.

Halo Triton Twist Battery Options

The Halo Triton Twist Battery is available in several different colors. Currently, and as of this post, Halo Cigs offers it in the following VV battery colors:

Jet Black
Midnight Blue
Princess Pink

From what it looks like on the Halo Cigs website right now, the Triton Twist Battery is available in the 900 mAh battery capacity.

Below are the technical specifications of the new Halo Triton Twist Battery, as seen on the official website:

• Battery Type: Manual e-cig battery
• Battery Rated Voltage: Adjustable from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts
• Battery Length: 106.2 mm
• Battery Width: 14.2 mm

About The Halo Triton Kit

Not familiar with the Triton? Then be sure to check our our detailed Halo Triton review. Without a doubt, it's one of the best vaping devices on the market right now. It offers everything a serious vaper could want - awesome performance, killer vapor production, long-lasting batteries, top-quality fit and finish, etc.

The Halo Triton Starter Kit

No question, the Halo Triton starter kit is awesome. Honestly, we can't say enough good things about it. We're damn glad that we came across it, and even more glad that we actually bought one for ourselves to keep and use daily. :)

You can check out the Halo Triton starter kit here.
And for the Triton Twist Battery, go here.

Happy vaping!

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June 13, 2013

V2 Cigs EX Blanks Are Officially Released

V2 Cigs has just announced today that the EX Blanks are officially a permanent part of the V2 Cigs lineup. The V2 EX Blanks went through over eight months of testing and customer feedback. If you recall, we wrote about the V2 LiquiMax Blanks beta release way back in October. Well, the V2 EX Blanks are the end result of all that testing.

What is it: Refillable e-cigarette clearomizers
Where to get it: http://www.v2cigs.com

From V2 Cigs:

"We're thrilled to announce that LiquiMax Beta have graduated to EX Blanks, a permanent part of the V2 Cigs lineup! We based our final product on your amazing feedback and are thrilled to present the new and improved EX Blank."

About The V2 Cigs EX Blanks

The V2 EX Blanks are clearomizers that you can fill (and refill) with your choice of e-liquid. Filling the EX Blanks with e-liquid is quite simple. Just hold the EX Blank at a slight angle and drip your e-liquid along the inside, turning it slightly as you go, to ensure that the wick is saturated evenly.

The V2 Cigs EX Blank clearomizers feature the following:

Screw-on cap (eliminates leaks and makes refilling easy)
Drip gauge (labeled in milliliters)
Streamlined design
Improved e-liquid efficiency
Clear design shows you your e-liquid levels

You can check out the V2 EX Blanks here on the official V2 Cigs website.

Recommended E-liquid Vendors

We've written about e-cigarette e-liquid quite a lot. And like all vapers, we only want to vape the best-tasting e-liquids available - e-liquids that are delicious and of the utmost quality. And so, we recommend the following e-liquid vendors:

Halo Cigs e-liquid
Volcanoecigs e-liquid
V2 Cigs e-liquid

Happy vaping!

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June 8, 2013

E-Liquid of the Week - Halo Cigs Cafe Mocha

Yum, yum, yummy! This week's E-Liquid of the Week is one that you'll definitely want to add to your e-liquid collection. It's from a company that vapers all over the world hold in very high regard, and one that I can't imagine vaping without. So what is it? Well, it's none other than Cafe Mocha from the one and only Halo Cigs.

What it is: Delicious Halo e-liquid
Where to get it: http://www.halocigs.com

The Halo Cigs Cafe Mocha e-liquid is an especially delicious combination of four amazing flavors - cappuccino, mocha, hazelnut and love.

And yes, you read that right. Love. :)

See, I included "love" as one of the flavors in this awesome e-liquid blend for a reason. That's because you can't create such a superb e-liquid flavor without also adding a lot of love to it in the process. And Halo Cigs has done just that!

E-Liquid of the Week - Halo Cigs Cafe Mocha

The Halo Cigs Cafe Mocha e-liquid is yum, yum, delicious. In fact, it's quite exquisite. :)

A full-flavored blend, Halo's Cafe Mocha is perfect for anyone who enjoys a gourmet coffee flavored e-liquid, whether it be an all day vape, or just for a treat.

Built on a robust cappuccino base, Halo's Cafe Mocha e-liquid is layered with subtle hints of mocha and hazelnut, and rounded with a gentle sweetness that brings it all together quite perfectly.

In fact, this Cafe Mocha e-liquid by Halo Cigs is so damn good and tasty that it's become one of our all-time favorite e-liquid flavors! It's smooth and pure, and delivers the perfect balance of cappuccino, mocha and hazelnut. Oh yeah...and love. ;)

As one Halo customer said, "If you're a coffee person, like I am, give this a try. It will be like coffee ambrosia in your mouth."

Very true! In fact, it's an especially great e-liquid flavor for morning time (goes great with your morning coffee!), and late night (as a dessert or treat).

All in all, the Halo Cigs Cafe Mocha e-liquid flavor is divine. We totally LOVE it, both as an all day vape, and as a treat! It's definitely one of our all-time favorites for sure.

Note that it does have a little sweetness to it (maybe slightly sweeter than Halo's Twisted Java), so for some, this might not be an all day vape. But for us, it is. Either way, don't miss out on trying this flavor, as it's perfectly awesome all around. :)

Want awesome e-liquid? Go here.

About Halo Cigs E-Liquid - The Facts

Just in case you're new to vaping, here are a few very important things to know about the Halo Cigs e-liquid. All Halo Cigs premium e-liquid:

Is Made in the USA
Uses only FEMA GRAS/USP ingredients
Uses only FDA and FEMA approved food additives
Uses only the highest quality USP Grade nicotine (with a Certificate of Analysis)
Contains NO diacetyl

So yeah, Halo's e-liquid is as top-notch as it gets. Super quality, extremely awesome flavors, and prices that are the envy of its competitors (just $5.99 for 7 ml e-liquid bottles and $19.99 for 30 ml e-liquid bottles). Gotta love it!

Minds Are Blown

Bottom line, Halo Cigs is kick-ass, no matter how you cut it. And while their e-liquid flavors are the first and favorite choice among many serious vapers, there's ONE Halo product that really gets us super excited - one that totally blows our minds!

So what is it? Well, it's the Halo Triton Starter Kit.

Yup! This thing is just...It's just...AWESOME beyond imagination! :) So be sure to check it out on your next visit to the Halo Cigs website. If you don't, then you're definitely missing out on one of the BEST e-cigs ever invented.

Halo Triton Starter Kit (pictured in the Iridescence color)

Without a doubt, the Halo Triton Starter Kit sets a brand new benchmark for e-cig performance, vapor production, reliability and amazing battery lasting power.

So if you want a killer awesome vaping device, be sure to check out the Halo Triton e-cig. And take our word for it, you'll be darn glad that you did. :)

...Btw, we recently completed a full, and extremely detailed Halo Triton review. You can read that particular review here.

Happy vaping!

Acronyms: FEMA (Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association), FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), GRAS (generally recognized as safe), USP (United States Pharmacopeia - a.k.a., the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention)

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June 7, 2013

Vapor Couture Releases Arctic Mint and Strawberry Champagne Flavors

Here's some good news for all of you Vapor Couture fans out there. They just released two brand new flavors to their cartridge lineup. The new cartridge flavors are Arctic Mint and Strawberry Champagne.

What it is: Vapor Couture e-liquid
Where to get it: http://www.vaporcouture.com

From Vapor Couture:

"We're thrilled to announce the arrival of two decadent taste sensations that you can only get at Vapor Couture. Experience the sparkle and sophistication of VC Strawberry Champagne and then cool down with VC Arctic Mint."

These two new vapor cartridge flavors are available in 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and zero nicotine strengths.

Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridge Color Options

The Vapor Couture flavor cartridges are available in four unique and beautiful colors, so you can match your flavor cartridges with your e-cig batteries, or mix things up a bit and show off your own personal style.

The VC flavor cartridge color choices are...

So stop by the official Vapor Couture website to get your hands on some of the most stylish e-cigs and vaping accessories out there today.

Happy vaping!

June 1, 2013

The Best USB Powered E-cigarette?

If you're like many vapers, then you're probably wishing for a quality e-cigarette that doesn't require ANY charging at all. You know, an e-cig that you can simply plug in and vape, whether in your home or office. In other words, an e-cig that allows you to vap anytime, no matter what.

What it is: A USB powered e-cig (e-cigarette passthrough)
Where to get it: http://www.v2cigs.com

Well, your wish has been granted! In fact, there does exist such a device. And it's called the V2 Power-Cig.

The "Power-Cig" is a USB powered e-cig device that allows you to vape without any battery charging - just plug it in and you're all set! It's such a cool thing. Of course, there are a few different USB e-cig models to choose from these days...and yeah, we've evaluated them all. :)

And after all this time, we've finally picked a clear winner - one that not only performs better than the rest, but one that also comes with the best customer warranty available...a full Lifetime Warranty.

The Best USB Powered E-Cigarette?

So which USB e-cig is the best? And which one delivers not only the best vapor, but also has the best overall performance and reliability score? Good question!

Well, after evaluating several different USB e-cig products for quite some time now, we finally have the answer for you. And without a doubt, it's the V2 Cigs Power Cig.

The V2 Power-Cig (featured with V2 Red Flavor Cartridges)

The V2 Power-Cig is by far the ultimate vapor machine when it comes to USB powered e-cigarettes. It throws some super thick vapor (with a V-Rating of 6), warming your e-liquid to the perfect temperature, and thus, creating a really thick cloud of vapor. It's quite great, indeed.

And since the V2 Power-Cig is a USB powered e-cig, there's absolutely NO battery degradation whatsoever (because it has no batteries!). So your vapor production and vapor thickness is always consistent, no matter what. :)

Ease of Use

You can plug the V2 Power Cig into any standard USB port, whether it be on your desktop computer, your laptop computer, the V2 power adapter (wall adapter or car adapter), your XBox, PS3, etc.

Bottom line, if it has a standard USB port, then you're good to vape! :)

V2 Power-Cig Features & Specs

Here are the basic features and specs of the V2 Cigs Power Cig, so you'll know exactly what to expect when you get one:

7.2 foot (2.2 meter) stretch enhanced cord (coiled cord)
USB plug (for any standard USB port)
Manual switch button (fore easy, controlled vaping)
5 volts (power rating)
1 5-pack of V2 Flavor Cartridges (your choice of flavor)

Overall Conclusion

Without a doubt, the V2 Power-Cig is by far the absolute best USB powered e-cig you can find anywhere...period. It delivers some of the best vapor production and throat hit, and best of all, it does it without any batteries whatsoever!

In addition, the Power-Cig also comes with the famed V2 Cigs Lifetime Warranty, which just happens to be the best e-cig warranty in the business. So yeah, V2 Cigs has you covered all around. :)


If you're curious about the V2 Power-Cig, then be sure to check it out. You can do so by going to the official V2 Cigs website here.

NOTE: Back in August, we completed a full review of the V2 Power-Cig. You can find that e-cig review here: V2 Cigs Power-Cig Review

Happy vaping!

Brand New Volcanocigs TV Commercial - You Smell!

Here's 30 seconds of vaping fun for ya! Leading e-cigarette brand Volcanoecigs has just released their brand new TV commercial, and you can preview it here, below!

This comical ad spot, titled "You Smell," features a man dressed up as a smelly tobacco cigarette, as well as his pet dog. The dog, who clearly can't stand the gross smell of cigarettes, refuses to sit with him on the couch, telling him, quite bluntly, that he SMELLS!

"Smelly Cigarette Man" on the couch

When it's bedtime, the smart little doggie dog also refuses to lay down next to the smelly cigarette man, telling him, "Nah, you stink!" Smart doggie then walks away, and Smelly Cigarette Man begins to cry. LOL. :P

Next, there's a knock at the door. "Smelly Cigarette Man" has received his Volcanoecigs starter kit in the mail. He charges it and begins vaping right away.

Note: The particular Volcano e-cigarette featured in the commercial is the INFERNO.

Charging the Vocanoecigs INFERNO e-cigarette

The ad concludes with smart doggie dog and his owner enjoying some happy quality time on the couch...with no tar, no ash and no offensive odor! And smart doggie dog is very happy. :)

No smoke smell - Smart doggie dog likes it!

So yeah, it's definitely a cool little commercial. Personally, I really like it! It's short, entertaining, and straight to the point - just like a good commercial should be.

Anyway, here's the full Volcanoecigs TV commercial:

VOLCANO Electronic Cigarettes - "You Smell" TV Commercial

Vaping Fact: Volcanoecigs offers some the best e-cigarettes, starter kits and e-liquid available to vapers today. Their e-cig products are all top-notch, having passed all of our rigorous testing methods with flying colors.

So whether you're new to vaping, or a seasoned vaping pro, you can bet that you'll be darn pleased with all that Volcanoecigs has to offer.

You can check out the official Volcanoecigs website here. And trust me, you'll be glad that you did. :)

Happy vaping!