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June 1, 2013

The Best USB Powered E-cigarette?

If you're like many vapers, then you're probably wishing for a quality e-cigarette that doesn't require ANY charging at all. You know, an e-cig that you can simply plug in and vape, whether in your home or office. In other words, an e-cig that allows you to vap anytime, no matter what.

What it is: A USB powered e-cig (e-cigarette passthrough)
Where to get it: http://www.v2cigs.com

Well, your wish has been granted! In fact, there does exist such a device. And it's called the V2 Power-Cig.

The "Power-Cig" is a USB powered e-cig device that allows you to vape without any battery charging - just plug it in and you're all set! It's such a cool thing. Of course, there are a few different USB e-cig models to choose from these days...and yeah, we've evaluated them all. :)

And after all this time, we've finally picked a clear winner - one that not only performs better than the rest, but one that also comes with the best customer warranty available...a full Lifetime Warranty.

The Best USB Powered E-Cigarette?

So which USB e-cig is the best? And which one delivers not only the best vapor, but also has the best overall performance and reliability score? Good question!

Well, after evaluating several different USB e-cig products for quite some time now, we finally have the answer for you. And without a doubt, it's the V2 Cigs Power Cig.

The V2 Power-Cig (featured with V2 Red Flavor Cartridges)

The V2 Power-Cig is by far the ultimate vapor machine when it comes to USB powered e-cigarettes. It throws some super thick vapor (with a V-Rating of 6), warming your e-liquid to the perfect temperature, and thus, creating a really thick cloud of vapor. It's quite great, indeed.

And since the V2 Power-Cig is a USB powered e-cig, there's absolutely NO battery degradation whatsoever (because it has no batteries!). So your vapor production and vapor thickness is always consistent, no matter what. :)

Ease of Use

You can plug the V2 Power Cig into any standard USB port, whether it be on your desktop computer, your laptop computer, the V2 power adapter (wall adapter or car adapter), your XBox, PS3, etc.

Bottom line, if it has a standard USB port, then you're good to vape! :)

V2 Power-Cig Features & Specs

Here are the basic features and specs of the V2 Cigs Power Cig, so you'll know exactly what to expect when you get one:

7.2 foot (2.2 meter) stretch enhanced cord (coiled cord)
USB plug (for any standard USB port)
Manual switch button (fore easy, controlled vaping)
5 volts (power rating)
1 5-pack of V2 Flavor Cartridges (your choice of flavor)

Overall Conclusion

Without a doubt, the V2 Power-Cig is by far the absolute best USB powered e-cig you can find anywhere...period. It delivers some of the best vapor production and throat hit, and best of all, it does it without any batteries whatsoever!

In addition, the Power-Cig also comes with the famed V2 Cigs Lifetime Warranty, which just happens to be the best e-cig warranty in the business. So yeah, V2 Cigs has you covered all around. :)


If you're curious about the V2 Power-Cig, then be sure to check it out. You can do so by going to the official V2 Cigs website here.

NOTE: Back in August, we completed a full review of the V2 Power-Cig. You can find that e-cig review here: V2 Cigs Power-Cig Review

Happy vaping!


  1. So you mean we don't have to charge this electronic cigarette, this is very nice, I am sick and tired of charging my ecig again and again.

    1. Yep, that is true. It's powered by USB, so it doesn't need any charging. Just plug it in and vape! :)


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