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July 27, 2013

E-Liquid of the Week - Halo Cigs Voodoo E-Liquid Flavor

Looking for a really awesome new vape? One that's delicious and different and totally amazing?

Then you'll definitely want to check out Halo's newest e-liquid flavor called "Voodoo". Yeah, Voodoo! And trust me, the name definitely fits. :)

That's because the taste actually changes and morphs a bit while vaping. As Halo Cigs describes it, "the unique structure of this e-liquid flavor will vary in profile while vaping, hence the voodoo effect." Definitely true!

What it is: A favorite e-liquid of many vapers
Where to get it: http://www.halocigs.com

Honestly, I don't know how the hell to describe the taste (I tried here in our e-liquid flavor review of it). What I do know, though, is that I absolutely LOVE it! In fact, Halo's Voodoo flavor has quickly become one of my all-time favorite vapes!

Halo Cigs Voodoo E-Liquid Reviews from Vapers

Wondering how Halo's Voodoo e-liquid flavor has stacked up recently? Then you'll be happy to know that most vapers have given it 5 out of 5 stars, which is pretty damn impressive. But I'm not surprised at all. Why? Well, because Halo's e-liquid quality is so top-notch.

In other words, the Halo Cigs e-liquid is the best you can get. But don't take my word for it! Take the word of the countless experienced vapers who know.

Anyway, be sure to head on over to the Halo Cigs website and have a look-see. I guarantee you'll be thoroughly impressed by their quality. :)

Happy vaping!

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July 26, 2013

Volcanoecigs Sale - Tobacco E-liquid Flavor Now 30% Off

Just a quick heads up for all you vapers out there... E-liquid sale!

What it is: Tobacco flavored e-liquid sale
Where to get it: http://www.volcanoecigs.com

Volcanoecigs is having a 30% off sale on their Tobacco e-liquid flavor. So don't miss out on it! It's the perfect time to stock up on some awesome e-liquid, and save a good bit of cash at the same time. :)

Each week, Volcanoecigs picks a special e-liquid flavor to be their "E-Liquid Flavor of the Week" and discounts it 30%. This is awesome for us vapers as it gives us the chance to try out new flavors - at a fraction of the price. It also allows us to stock up on our favorite e-liquid flavors.

In case you're not familiar with Volcanoecigs' e-liquid, then rest assured. Their e-liquid is made in the USA and is batch tested to ensure the highest quality and safety. They offer a ton of delicious e-liquid flavors and are loved vapers all over the world. Bottom line, all of their e-cig products are top-notch.

So head on over to the Volcanoecigs website and take advantage of some big e-liquid savings. :)

Note: Way back in March we started the "E-Liquid of the Week" category. This is not to be confused with Volcanoecigs' "E-Liquid Flavor of the Week" sale. They're two different things, obviously. :P

Happy vaping!

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July 18, 2013

Volcanoecigs Releases Four New E-Liquid Flavors

What it is: Brand new e-liquid flavors
Where to get it: http://www.volcanoecigs.com

Volcanoecigs is definitely keeping themselves busy these days. They've released four brand new e-liquid flavors to their tasty lineup, and I must say, they all sound delicious! They were officially announced in the middle of last month, but somehow I forgot to put up a post about it. Better late than never, eh? :P

The new Volcanoecigs e-liquid flavors are: Hana Honey Dew, Ono Orange Cream, Blueberry Breeze and Lolo Lime

Like all Volcanoecigs e-liquid, these flavors are available in four different nicotine level options, from Extra High (24 MG) all the way down to Zero nicotine (0 MG). Bottle sizes are 15ml or 30ml.

Want a good vape? Then head on over the the Volcanoecigs site and see all the cool things they offer.

Happy vaping! 

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Halo Cigs Voodoo E-Liquid Flavor Review - Awesome Or Not?

In case you haven't heard, Halo Cigs has a brand new (and awesome!) e-liquid flavor - the aptly named "Voodoo". They're also running a free e-liquid special, which allows you to get a FREE 10ml bottle of it with any purchase of $20 or more. So I got me some. :)

Yup! Just last week, I ordered a 30ml bottle of Halo's Cafe Mocha e-liquid (my all-time favorite), as well as a bottle of their Shamrock flavor (very yummy!). And so, I also got a free bottle of their new Voodoo flavor with my order. Gotta love that!

What it is: Voodoo, the new e-liquid flavor from Halo Cigs
Where to get it: http://www.halocigs.com

Anyway, now that I've had several days to vape on it, I figured I'd write an e-liquid review for you all to let you know how well it vapes, how good it tastes, etc. So here we go!

E-Liquid Review - Halo Cigs Voodoo E-Liquid Flavor

Wow, where to start? I guess I could start off by admitting that I didn't think I'd like this flavor all that much, if at all. But it was free, so yeah. So imagine my surprise when, as soon as I starting vaping it, I realized how incredibly wrong I was. This e-liquid flavor is absolutely ASTOUNDING!

Shame on me for making assumptions. :P

Long story short, I opened the bottle and filled up one of my empty Halo Triton tanks (clearomizers) with the new Halo Voodoo e-liquid flavor. And nervously, I tried it.

Immediately after the first vape, I realized something - and my very first thought was this: "Damn, this is really good!"

 My free bottle of Voodoo e-liquid & my trusty Halo Triton E-cig (cell phone pic)

So I vaped the Halo Voodoo juice some more, and I swear, each time I liked it more and more. I also noticed slightly different flavors coming to life each time I inhaled. Halo describes this as the "voodoo effect" (see below), and now I can see why, first hand.

Honestly, I don't know how to describe this flavor, other than to say that it totally rocks. I mean, it's complex and nuanced, intriguing and very well-rounded. But if I had to describe it, I couldn't.

The best I could do is to say that it's somewhat fruity (due to the blackcurrant, grape and plum), but at the same time, not too fruity at all (I guess due to the cinnamon and vanilla). It's slightly sweet, but also, not all that sweet at all. It's not candy-like, but if you like those types of flavors there's a good chance you'll like this one as well. The slight touch of cinnamon and vanilla really hit the mark and put this layered vape in a class all it's own, rounding it out quite perfectly. Needless to say, it's quickly become one of my all-time favorite vapes. :)

Not surprisingly, many other vapers really like it too. In fact, most who've tried it have given it a full 5 out of 5 stars rating. That's pretty damn impressive! Then again, it's Halo...and they're always impressive. ;)

From Halo Cigs:

"Voodoo E-liquid offers a mild tobacco base gently layered with a complex assortment of flavors including black currant, grape, plum, and a touch of cinnamon. This unique flavor is then rounded out with subtly notes of smooth vanilla, offering a delicate balance of tobacco with gourmet flavors. The unique structure of this e-liquid flavor will vary in profile while vaping, hence the voodoo effect."

Halo Cigs Voodoo E-Liquid Review - Conclusion

All I can say is try this flavor, pronto! If you try just one new e-liquid this year, then be sure to make it Halo's new Voodoo flavor. It's really that damn amazing.

The different flavors play around and dance with each other so elegantly that you'll find yourself loving it more and more with each vape. It's smooth, euphoric and delightful. Pure perfection. :)

I'm definitely gonna order a full-size 30ml bottle of it tonight, along with some more of Halo's Belgian Cocoa flavor, which is pure vaping heaven for serious chocolate lovers.

Anyway, here's a quick e-liquid review rundown:

Voodoo e-liquid flavor: Absolutely delicious! Layered, and perfectly balanced.
Voodoo e-liquid vapor production: Outstanding! Thick and smooth.
Voodoo e-liquid throat hit: Awesome. Not harsh. Very satisfying.

Bottom line, I absolutely LOVE Halo's new Voodoo e-liquid. It may just become my all-time favorite flavor to vape. My current favorite vaping flavor is (and has been) Halo's insanely delicious Cafe Mocha e-liquid flavor. But this new Voodoo e-liquid flavor is definitely giving it a run for its money. ;)

So yeah, head on over to the Halo Cigs website and check it out. And don't forget to check out their other amazing e-liquid flavors as well, for these are what have made them so loved and popular among experienced vapers the world over.

Happy vaping!

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July 10, 2013

Halo Cigs Sale - 20% Off All Halo E-Liquid


Just a quick reminder that today (July 10th) is the last day for the Halo Cigs Independence Sale. So don't snooze! Get 20% off all Halo E-liquid!

This is the perfect time to stock up on all your favorite Halo e-liquid flavors, or to try some new flavor blends. They're all so darn delicious. :)

Halo Cigs E-Liquid Sale - Sale Ends at Midnight on July 10th!

So don't miss out! Head on over to the Halo Cigs website and take advantage of the huge 20% savings. And trust me, you'll thank me when yours arrives. Best damn e-liquid flavors on the planet, period.

Happy vaping!

July 9, 2013

Free Drip Tips From V2 Cigs - Get Your Vape On

Love vaping? Good. Want some free drip tips? Cool, because you're in luck. V2 cigs is giving out FREE V2 Rubber Drip Tips when you buy a pack of V2 LiquiMax Blanks. :)

From V2 Cigs:

"Drip Tips Make Filling Your Blanks a Snap! For two days only, we’re giving you FREE V2 Rubber Drip Tips with the purchase of V2 LiquiMax Blanks. If you’ve been thinking about filling carts yourself, this is your chance to pick up the supplies you’ll need! Pay just $10.36 for a pack of LiquiMax blanks and receive a free package of V2 Rubber Drip Tips. July 9 – 10, only."

So head on over to the V2 Cigs website to get your free rubber drip tips. Btw, no doubt you'll be more than impressed with the V2 LiquiMax Blanks. I haven't met a vaper yet who doesn't totally love them. :)

Happy vaping!

Get A Free Vapor Couture Lanyard - Vape In Style

Want a free lanyard for your e-cig? Then you're in luck! Vapor Couture is having a neat little gift giveaway (today and tomorrow only!). Just buy and 2 VC batteries and you'll get a FREE lanyard with your order! :)

From Vapor Couture:

"Complete Your Summer Look with a VC Lanyard. We’re giving you a free VC Lanyard with your purchase of any two VC Batteries. Whether you’re trying new shades or sticking with your current favorite, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to expand your growing VC Collection. A $14.95 value, our adorable VC Lanyard is your free gift with purchase of two VC Batteries – but only for a limited time! Offer valid July 9 – 10."

So head on over to the Vapor Couture website today and get your free e-cig lanyard.

Happy vaping!