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August 10, 2013

Top 5 Reasons The Halo Triton Rocks - Totally

OK, so now that we've been vaping with the Halo Triton for several months, I think it's about time that we write a follow-up post and let you know our full opinion of it.

First things first...the Halo Triton IS awesome. In other words, we couldn't be any happier with it. In fact, the Halo Triton has far exceeded any (and all) expectations. It's 100% reliable, lasts a really long, long time, and produces a crap load of vapor and flavor.

And it does it all...oh, so beautifully!

The Halo Triton batteries and Tanks (clearomizers)

You see, the Halo Triton is the only e-cig that has turned so many heads...so much of the time. Whether we're just stopping in at the local gas station to fill up, or partying like maniacs at a club, the Halo Triton has constantly and consistently led people to ask things like, "Wow, what is that?" Or, "Damn, where can I get one of those to vape on?"

So yeah, the Halo Triton is just that damn cool. And without a doubt, it freakin' rocks!

And so, I figured it was high time that we shared all of the reasons why the Halo Triton e-cigarette is so killer. So here they are...

Top 5 Reasons The Halo Triton Rocks

1. Awesome battery length - the batteries last a long, long time!
2. Awesome vapor production - the Triton produces A LOT of vapor!
3. Awesome throat hit - the Triton produces some really awesome throat hit!
4. Extremely attractive - the Halo Triton is absolutely gorgeous.
5. Fast and easy charging - the Halo Triton charges really, really fast!

Halo Triton Starter Kit (featured in the Iridescence color)

Halo Triton - Overall Conclusion

Yeah, so that's our overall take on the Halo Triton (after several months of constant vaping use, both day in and day out).

Note: Curious? Here's our original Halo Triton starter kit review.

Bottom line, we've been so dang impressed by the Triton that we've actually made it our exclusive vaping device.

So if you don't already have one, then get one, dammit! Really, it's just that damn awesome. :)

Happy vaping!

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