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November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas E-cigarette Sale

Holiday vaping deals alert!

We absolutely love vaping. Probably couldn't do without it. And much like you, our fellow vapers, we totally love saving a whole lot of money on our e-liquid, clearomizers, starter kits, etc. And that's why we're constantly on the lookout for the best vaping deals available.

And so, we carefully spent the last week or so compiling a special "holiday vaping deals" list for you - a list that features only the current holiday e-cigarette sales and discounts from the most reputable e-cig companies out there today.

So if you want to get some of the most awesome vaping stuff available, and save a lot of money at the same time, then be sure to pay attention. This list covers Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday sales, and general holiday sales.

Holiday Vaping Deals and E-cig Sales

So here we go! Listed below are the best and biggest vaping sales for this holiday season...

Halo Cigs sale: 15% Off everything storewide! E-liquid, e-cig starter kits, clearomizers,etc.

In addition, get double Halo Points and FREE Priority Shipping as well!

Visit Halo Cigs here

V2 Cigs sale: 25% off everything storewide! V2 Batteries, flavor  cartridges, etc.

Sale lasts from November 28th to December 2nd.

Visit V2 Cigs here

Volcanoecigs sale: Up to 50% off select e-liquid & starter kits. Up to 60% off select accessories.

Full sale details have not yet released. Visit Volcanoecigs here

Vapor Couture sale: 25% off everything storewide.

Save on Vapor Couture starter kits, flavor cartridges, batteries, accessories, etc. Sale ends on Dec. 2nd.

Visit Vapor Couture here

Additional Vaping and E-cigarette Sales

MadVapes sale: 15% Off everything site wide (excludes sale items)
Smokeless Image sale: 30% Off - Black Friday to Cyber Monday (Nov. 29th - Dec. 2nd). Must use Smokeless Image coupon code: HOLIDAY

So there they are - the best holiday vaping sales for the tail end of 2013. There may be a couple others added here in the next few days, but as of now, these are the current vaping deals for this holiday season.

Of course, we'll be sure to add any other e-cigarette sales that pop up, so stay tuned!

Happy vaping!

November 27, 2013

Halo Cigs E-cigarette Sale - 15% Off Everything

Here's an awesome vaping deal. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, Halo Cigs is having a HUGE sale - 15% Off Everything. This sale also includes double Halo Points, as well as FREE shipping.

This is their biggest vaping sale of the year, so be sure to check it out! Save big on e-cigarette starter kits (like the Halo Triton and the Halo G6), premium e-liquid, e-cig batteries, clearomizers, etc. Bottom line, everything is 15% off. :)

In addition to the holiday sale discount, you'll also get double Halo Points on all orders. And in case you didn't know, you can use these points to get free e-liquid. Gotta love that.

Needless to say, this is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite e-liquid and any other vaping stuff you may want. So head on over to Halo Cigs to take advantage of the huge savings while they last. 

Halo Cigs Sale Details

• 15% Off everything
• Double Halo Points
• Free Priority Shipping

Note: Don't forget to use the Halo Cigs coupon code (CYBERGIFT) to get the discounts.

Happy vaping!

November 24, 2013

Favorite Halo Cigs E-Liquid - Part 1

(My personal Halo Cigs E-liquid Collection)

As our readers know, we've been vaping (and reviewing) e-liquids for quite a while now. So it's no great secret that we've tried many different e-liquid flavors over the years. Some have tasted extremely good, while others just weren't our cup of tea (taste is subjective) at all.

But one specific company has always stuck out and impressed us with every single flavor we tried. And that company is none other than Halo Cigs (well-known for the famed Halo Triton e-cig). -Not a big surprise for you "seasoned" vapers out there, but newer vapers may not know how awesome Halo really is.

Anyway, and with this year coming to a close very soon, we figured we'd compile a "best of" list to let you know which Halo Cigs e-liquid flavors we've enjoyed the most. So if you're looking for some truly awesome vaping e-liquid, be sure to take note.

Favorite Halo Cigs E-Liquids (Part 1)

Btw, these aren't in any specific order. We love each of them, and for several reasons. But actually ranking them in a certain order is a bit tricky, since we (like most vapers) vape according to mood, desire, etc. In other words, one flavor may trump another at one time, but not at another.

For example, if you're in the mood for a dessert-flavored vape, you'll obviously want an e-liquid that has a dessert-like flavor to it. However, if you're in a different mood (like for something minty), you may want something completely different! In addition, some flavors go really well with coffee, and some are awesome with beer. So yeah, it's just plain hard to rank them outright.

Anyway, here are our all-time favorite Halo Cigs e-liquid flavors (all USA Made)...

SubZero - Without a doubt, this is the best menthol flavored e-liquid you can get your hands on, period. It's cool and crisp and produces a tremendous amount of vapor.

Perfect throat hit, and definitely an all day vape. Btw, this flavor goes great with beer and alcohol. In fact, it's an absolute favorite among vapers when they're out partying with friends.

See Halo's SubZero e-liquid here

Tribeca - Reminiscent of RY4, Halo's Tribeca is quite possibly the best tobacco flavored e-liquid out there. And vaper reviews certainly back this up. It's also one of Halo's most popular flavors.

With hints of vanilla and caramel, Tribeca has a great throat hit and superb vapor production. If you enjoy tobacco flavors, be sure to check it out.

See Halo's Tribeca e-liquid here

Belgian Cocoa - Love chocolate? So do we! And that's why we love Halo's Belgian Cocoa e-liquid so much. It has dry cocoa undertones that are perfectly balanced with a sweet chocolate top note.

The chocolate flavor is delicious (and especially good with coffee!). It produces a lot of vapor and has a really good throat hit (not harsh at all). And yes, it's definitely an all day vape.

See Halo's Belgian Cocoa here

Kringle's Curse - An awesome peppermint flavor with tremendous vapor production and a great throat hit! We vaped this one recently for the very first time - and loved it so much that it instantly became our E-Liquid Flavor of the Week choice.

Nice and minty, this one tastes just like candy canes. It also goes really great with beer. We really love this one a lot.

See Halo's Kringle's Curse here

Cafe Mocha - Built on a robust cappuccino base, Halo's Cafe Mocha e-liquid is layered with hints of mocha and hazelnut. We love this one. The flavors are perfectly balanced and very smooth.

This one is especially good with coffee, btw. Throat hit is perfect, though vapor production is slightly less than other Halo e-liquids. An all day vape for sure, and one of our favorite flavors of all time.

See Halo's Cafe Mocha e-liquid here

The Best Halo E-Liquids For Vaping

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our list! We'll be adding that very soon! Probably in the next couple of days or so. In the meantime, be sure to check out the flavors we featured above. They're all awesome. :)

Note: All Halo Cigs e-liquids are made in the USA. All ingredients are FDA approved and FEMA (Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association) approved food additives. In addition, they use only the highest quality USP grade nicotine (with a Certificate of Analysis). In other words, Halo offers the best premium quality e-liquid available, whereas others often fall short.

Curious? Check out the full line of Halo premium e-liquids and flavors here. And from one vaper to another...you can bet that you'll be damn glad you did. :)

Happy vaping! 

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November 20, 2013

Volt iTaste MVP 2.0 Review

The Volt iTaste MVP 2.0 from Smokeless Image is an extremely powerful 2600 mAh variable voltage and variable wattage e-cig mod with a built-in Ohm meter that allows you to test the resistance of your clearomizers.

But beyond that, it comes with passthrough capabilities, a digital display, and even allows you to charge your other portable electronic devices (like your cell phone, MP3 player, camcorder, etc.).

So yeah, it's pretty awesome.

Update Note: You'll find it in Smokeless Image's "Starter Kits" section.

Volt iTaste MPV 2.0 Kit Review

Newly improved over last year's Innokin iTaste MVP, the new iTaste MPV 2.0 comes with a number of substantial improvements. Improvements, both in design and function. Vapers really loved the original version due it amazing performance and battery life, and they're sure to love this one even more.

The new Volt iTaste MVP 2.0 now offers variable wattage, as well as a built-n Ohm meter. The firing button has been made more prominent and easier to press, and the beauty ring is now flush with the body.

Additionally, the MVP 2 is now compatible with all 510 threaded and standard eGo threaded components. For example, it will now fit Kanger T3 clearomizers, whereas the original version will not.

Build Quality And Colors

As far as build quality, the new MVP 2 is made extremely well. The body is mostly metal, so it's quite strong and durable. There is some plastic around the firing button and on the screen, but that's to be expected.

As for colors, the MVP 2 is available in either Blue Carbon, Silver or Black.

What's Included in the Volt MVP 2.0 Kit

The Volt iTaste MVP 2.0 kit comes with the following...

• 1 Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0
• 2 iClear 16 Clearomizers
• 1 30ml bottle of e-liquid (your choice of flavor and nicotine strength)
• 1 Beauty Ring
• 1 Charging Cable

Volt iTaste MVP 2.0 Features:

• Variable Voltage - Adjustable from 3.3 to 5.1 volts (in .1 volt increments)
• Variable Wattage - Adjustable from 6.0 to 11.0 watts (in .5 watt increments)
• Ohm meter - Reads the resistance of your clearomizer, atomizer or cartomizer
• Battery Level Indicator
• Built-in 3 Digit Display - Display shows Ohm meter, voltage/wattage setting & puff count
• Puff Counter
• Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection
• Large Battery Capacity - 2600 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery
• High Compatibility 510 connector - fits 510 and eGo threading
• Passthrough Capability - Can be used while battery is charging
• Last Voltage/Wattage Setting Memory - remembers your last setting
• Portable Power Source - The USB output port can be used charge cell phones, MP3 players, camcorders, etc.

Overall Conclusion

If you're looking for a really powerful device with outstanding battery life, then the Volt iTaste MVP 2.0 is definitely worth a look. Vapers really love, and for good reason.

It comes loaded with great features like: variable voltage, variable wattage, passthrough capability, an Ohm meter, and can even be used to charge your other portable devices (cell phone, camcorder, etc.).

Like it? Check out the Volt iTaste MVP 2.0 here in their "Starter Kits" section.

Happy vaping!

Vaping Deals - Vanilla Bean E-Liquid Sale 30% Off

What it is: Vanilla Bean E-Liquid Sale (30% Off)
Where to get it: Volcanoecigs

Here's a tasty vaping deal. On sale now over at Volcanoecigs is their much-loved Vanilla Bean e-liquid. You can get it now for 30% off!

Vanilla Bean has a sweet and creamy vanilla bean flavor (hence the name), and is especially good with your morning coffee. :)

Btw, the sale ends in a few days, so don't miss it! Also, don't forget to check out their many other flavors (39 and counting).

Happy vaping!

November 18, 2013

E-Liquid of the Week - Kringle's Curse by Halo Cigs

Wanna vape one of the best e-liquid flavors out there? Then be sure to check out Kringle's Curse.

This particular flavor has quickly become one of our all-time favorite vapes - and for good reason! It's extremely delicious. It's very smooth. And it's uncompromisingly awesome.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best-tasting e-liquids we've encountered thus far. It offers a delightful Peppermint flavor, tremendous vapor production, and a really good throat hit.

Honestly, this is one of the best we've ever tasted. The flavor is pure and crisp, and really makes you want more and more of it with each vape. So it should come as no surprise that this e-liquid is from none other than Halo Cigs. Known worldwide for their uncompromising quality, Halo is unmatched when it comes to e-liquid flavor and purity.

Vapor Production?

Heck yeah! Kringle's Curse e-liquid produces an immense amount of vapor. So if you're looking for some really thick plumes, then this one is definitely what you're after. In fact, it produces even more vapor than the widely loved SubZero flavor.

Kringle's Curse Reviews From Vapers

Wondering how it stacks up? Here are some reviews from other vapers who have tried it...

"Nothing beats this flavor, NOTHING. I can vape this all day, everyday and still love it. It tastes exactly like you're inhaling candy cane dust. Not a single complaint except that I can't ever buy enough."

"Kringle's Curse has got to be one of the best flavors yet in my opinion! It takes exactly like a candy cane, and it gives a nice little throat hit. It's super smooth and it gives your mouth a fresh feeling as if you just ate a peppermint. Some of my friends have tried it, and they say it actually helps clear up their sinuses. Everyone should definitely try Kringle's Curse."

Halo's Kringle's Curse IS Awesome

There's no question that this is one of the all-time best flavors out there today. And it really surprised us. Honestly, we didn't thing we'd be so impressed by a peppermint flavor, but we were.

Needless to say, Kringle's Curse is now one of our favorite daily vapes. And we don't know what we'd do without it.

NOTE: Love Halo's SubZero e-liquid? Then there's a very good chance that you'll enjoy Kringle's Curse even more. We did. And we were pretty much hardcore SubZero fans. So yeah, be sure to check this one out.

Happy vaping!

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V2 Cigs EX Batteries Review - New From V2

Just in time for the holidays, V2 Cigs have released their brand new EX Batteries - their most powerful e-cig battery to date. As part of their EX Series, this new battery design is the latest innovation from V2, and features five LED lights that glow to let you know exactly how much charge you have left.

Indeed, it's a great looking battery, and one that is sure to please. So if you're looking for something that provides great vapor production, great looks and an awesome warranty (Limited Lifetime Warrany), then this one is definitely worth a look-see. ;)

V2 EX Batteries Review

The new V2 Cigs EX Battery is the most powerful battery now offered by V2, and features some brand new and very exciting elements that are sure to add to your vaping enjoyment.

With a unique and attractive design, these batteries also feature five (5) LED lights that not only light up when you puff, but also show you exactly how much charge you have left in your e-cig.

This is an awesome feature. No more leaving the house and not knowing that your battery is low! Thanks to the LED light indicators, you can be sure that you have great vaping power before you're out and about. :)

The EX Battery's 5 LED lights & Cartridge Sleeve

Design and Features

The V2 Cigs EX Batteries are available in several different colors and designs. They also come with a matching cartridge sleeve that will fit over both the regular V2 flavor cartridges as well as the EX Cartridges (coming in 2014) for added looks. The sleeve definitely adds to the overall appearance, and really makes it look awesome and sleek.

As mentioned above, the EX Batteries also have five LED lights near the bottom of the e-cig battery itself. These lights glow when you puff, and show you exactly how much power you have left (so you'll know when it's getting low and needs to be charged).

This feature is very convenient, and we're so glad that V2 chose to add it. It totally eliminates the issue of leaving your house and not knowing that your e-cigarette battery is running low.

As for battery power, this one has it. Battery capacity is 285 mAh (similar to the Halo G6), so it's sure to give you some awesome vapor production and lasting power. According to V2 Cigs, its technology provides a much higher puff count than other batteries of comparable size.

Features and Specs:

• 5 LED indicator lights: light up when you puff & show remaining battery power
• Cartridge Sleeve: fits over V2 Flavor Cartridges and EX Cartridges
• Battery Capacity: 285 mAh

NOTE: If you're looking for something more powerful, we highly suggest the award-winning Halo Triton (available in 400 mAh, 650 mAh, 900 mAh and 1300 mAh battery capacities).So yeah, it rocks.

V2 EX Battery Color Options

As a respected leader in the e-cigarette industry, V2 Cigs has always made it a point to offer a variety of attractive color options with their starter kits and batteries. And the same applies here.

(EX Battery Colors and Patterns)

As of this writing, the new EX Batteries are available in the following colors and designs:

• Carbon Fiber - with white LED indicator lights
• Royale - with red LED indicator lights
• Brushed Steel - with white LED indicator lights
• Bloom - with pink LED indicator lights
• Scarlet Metallic - with white LED indicator light

*For more details and info. on the colors and their designs, go here.

V2 EX Cartridges - Coming Soon

(New V2 Cigs EX Cartridges - Part of their "EX Series")

If you're looking for even better e-cigarette flavor cartridges, then you'll be happy to know that the brand new EX Cartridges will be released very soon! Brand new for 2014, the V2 EX Cartridges have been completely redesigned. According to V2, they're capable of providing up to 500 puffs without loss of flavor or vapor thickness.

Of course, they'll be 100% compatible with the EX Batteries.

Overall Conclusion

V2 Cigs have definitely stepped up their game with these e-cig batteries. They offer great power (battery capacity) and design options, as well as their unique (and extremely useful) LED indicator lights.

Bottom line, you'll not only look stylishly good with your e-cig, but you'll also be able to actually VAPE IT while you're out and about. No more worries about leaving the house and not knowing how much charge you have left! This is definitely awesome. :)

Happy vaping!

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November 13, 2013

New Volcanoecigs Flavors - Salted Caramel and Apple Pie

What it is: New Volcanoecigs e-liquid flavors
Where to get it: Volcanoecigs

Just in time for fall, Volcanoecigs has added two brand new flavors to their ever-growing e-liquid flavor collection (40 flavors now and counting!).

What are the new flavors? The first one is Apple Pie, and the second is Salted Caramel.

The Salted Caramel e-liquid is a lucious vape with the silky rich taste of caramel and a subtle sweet bite of salt. This one is also a perfect mixer flavor (great with their Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Choconilla Haze). Of course, it's also awesome by itself.

The Apple Pie e-liquid is pure homemade goodness at its heart. It's the perfect blend of sweet baked apples and delicious spices. And with a hint of savory crust, this e-liquid will surely satisfy. Bottom line, if you like warm apple pie, then you'll definitely want to vape this one as soon as possible. :)

Interested? Then head on over to the Volcanoecigs website to check them out.

Happy vaping!

Apple Pie E-Liquid - New From Volcanoecigs

What is it: Apple Pie e-liquid
Where to get it: Volcanoecigs

Looking for a great new e-liquid flavor? Then be sure to check out Voncanoecigs' brand new (and delicious) Apple Pie e-liquid!

With the perfect blend of sweet baked apples and spice (and a hint of savory crust), this new e-liquid flavor is sure to satisfy.

If you like warm apple pie, then this vaping flavor is definitely one you'll want to get your hands on as soon as possible. Check it out here.

Happy vaping!

November 12, 2013

Halo Cigs E-Liquid Sale - 20% Offf

20% Off Halo Cigs E-Liquids

What it is: Halo Cigs e-liquid sale
Where to get it: Halo Cigs

We absolutely love Halo's e-liquid. Over the last year, we've ordered numerous bottles and flavors from them, and have been highly impressed by each and every one of them. So if you haven't yet tried their e-liquids, we strongly recommend that you do.

Anyway, just wanted to remind you all that Halo's Veterans Week e-liquid sale will end very soon (at midnight on Nov. 13th). So don't miss it!

During this sale, Halo (makers of the famed Halo Triton e-cig) are offering 20% off their entire line of e-liquid, as well as FREE priority shipping on orders over $75. So head on over there and take advantage of the huge savings. You'll definitely be glad that you did.

NOTE: You do have to use the coupon code to get the 20% discount...

Halo Cigs Coupon Code: FREEDOM

Happy vaping!