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December 17, 2013

INFERNO Tube Tank BCT Review

Here's some cool news for all you vapers out there. Volcanoecigs has just released their brand new INFERNO Tube Tank BCT System, a bottom coil tank with a super simple fill-and-go design that allows for better vaping performance and ease of use.

So what is it? Well, the INFERNO Tube Tank BCT system is a 1.8 ohm single coil bottom coil tank that holds 2.5 ml of e-liquid. It comes color-matched for the INFERNO battery, and is made of Stainless Steel and FDA Certified food-grade plastic, which allows you to see exactly how much e-liquid you have left.

Each Volcanoecigs INFERNO Tube Tank BCT System comes pre-loaded, with a removable and replaceable 1.8 ohm heating coil that has a Kanthal wire coil and silica wick assembly.

Important note: These tanks are for the Volcanoecigs INFERNO e-cigarette.

Flavor and Vapor Production

You want it? You got it! According to Volcanoecigs, this new setup is a top performer right out of the box. Flavor production and vapor production are phenomenal with this unit. In addition, the new and simple fill-and-go design are sure to make the INFERNO Tube Tank BCT your new best vaping friend. :)

INFERNO Tube Tank BCT Video Review

Happy vaping!

December 16, 2013

Halo Cigs 10% Off Holiday Sale - Plus Free E-Liquid

Here's some awesome news for all you vapers out there! Halo Cigs is running a big holiday sale - 10% off everything they offer! In addition to this Halo Cigs sale discount, you'll also get a FREE bottle of Halo e-liquid. Woohoo!

Don't delay, because this sale won't last long!

Halo Cigs coupon code: HALOGIFTS (must be used for the sale discount)

About the Halo Cigs Sale

During this special holiday sale, Halo Cigs is offering everything on their website at 10% off. This includes e-cigarette starter kits (like the famed Halo Triton and Halo G6), ecig batteries, e-liquid, ecig accessories, etc.

NOTE: We've reviewed both the Halo Triton starter kit and the Halo G6 starter kit. Those e-cigarette reviews here:

Halo Triton review
Halo G6 review 

Free Halo E-liquid Too!

In addition to the special Halo holiday discount, you'll also get a FREE bottle of Halo e-liquid if your order is over $20. Woohoo! The free e-liquid is their Kringle's Curse flavor.

And just in case you're wondering, Kringle's Curse is totally awesome! :)

In fact, Kringle's Curse is so damn good that we actually chose it as our E-Liquid of the Week last month. You can see our post and quick review of it here.

Halo Cigs Sale Rundown

• 10% off everything and anything
• 1 Free bottle of Kringle's Curse e-liquid (with orders over $20)
• Free Priority Shipping (with orders over $75)
• Halo Cigs Coupon Code: HALOGIFTS

Needless to say, there's no better time to stock up on your favorite Halo e-liquids, or to get a starter kit, whether it be for yourself or for a special loved one. The savings are great, and the free e-liquid is just the cherry on the top. :)

Curious? Then head on over to the Halo Cigs website and join the countless pro vapers who've chosen them due to their superior quality, performance and customer satisfaction. Bottom line, you'll be more than happy with anything from Halo Cigs. They totally rock. :)

Happy vaping!

Vaping Deals - 30% Off Bonzai Banana E-Liquid Sale


Here's a quick heads up for all you vapers looking for a good deal on e-liquid. Volcanoecigs is currently running an e-liquid sale and offering their Bonzai Banana e-liquid at 30% off!

Their Bonzai Banana e-liquid tastes like a banana flavored runt candy. So yeah, it's a candied banana type of flavor. A lot of vapers love this one - but if you want to really kick it up a notch, mix it with their Cherry Lava e-liquid flavor!

The 30% off deal is good for both the 15ml and 30ml bottle sizes, as well as all nicotine strengths (24 mg, 12 mg, 8 mg and zero nicotine - 0 mg).

Banana flavors not your thing? No prob. Check out their vast collection of other e-liquids. Volcanoecigs currently offers a whopping 42 different e-liquid flavors. Their quality is top-notch, btw.

Happy vaping!

New Halawa Guava E-Liquid From Volcanoecigs

Volcanoecigs just added a brand new e-liquid flavor to their vast e-liquid lineup (42 flavors and counting).

Their newest vaping flavor is Halawa Guava, a fruit flavored e-liquid that's sweet and succulent. It has a nice tart bite on the inhale, and a finish that's both smooth and sweet.

According to Volcanoecigs, Halawa Guava also mixes really well with other flavors, especially Menthol Burst.

Sound good? Then head on over to Volcanoecigs to see more. And be sure to check out their other awesome e-liquid flavors like the much-loved Choconilla Haze and Vanilla Bean.

As of this writing, Volcanoecigs offers 42 delicious e-liquid flavors, all of which are available in the following vaping options:

E-liquid Bottle Sizes: 15ml and 30ml bottles
Nicotine Strength Options: Extra High (24 mg), Full Flavored (12 mg), Lights (8 mg) and Zero Nicotine (0 mg)

Happy vaping!

December 1, 2013

Volcanoecigs Cyber Monday E-cigarette Sale

VOLCANO eCigs Cyber Monday Sale Up To 60% Off

Just wanted to let you all in on yet another big e-cigarette sale going on. Volcanoecigs is having a Cyber Monday Sale and offering up to 60% off! The sales takes place on December 2nd, so don't miss it!

- Up to 60% off e-cigarette starter kits
- Up to 50% off e-liquid
- Up to 60% off select e-cig accessories

More Holiday Vaping Sales

For all the other holiday e-cig sales taking place, see our Thanksgiving and Christmas E-cigarette Sales post.

Happy vaping!