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July 17, 2014

New Limited Edition E-Liquid Blends from Volcanoecigs

As seasoned vapers, we absolutely LOVE trying out new vaping flavors. Why? Because you never know when a particular e-liquid flavor will become one of your new favorite vapes - or at the very least, one that you really, really enjoy.

Enter, the three new e-liquid flavors from Volcaonecigs: Striped Gum, Butterscotch and Kohala Bears, all of which are quite unique and layered.

We'll give the details of each e-juice flavor below...

Volcanoecigs Limited Edition E-Liquids

Striped Gum - "An explosion of fruit races out of the vapor in this legendary old school gum flavor."
Butterscotch - "A rich and smooth medium-bodied inhale sets up for a mellow butter cream flavor peak. A sweet and gradual exhale rounds out the butterscotch experience."
Kohala Bears - "The mouthwatering candy rush of the long famed candy bears is replicated in this gummy flavor. A clean and light-bodied flavor peak is complimented by a sugary exhale."

They're all delicious! And since they're "limited edition e-liquids", there's no time to waste, as Volcanoecigs hasn't given them an end date. So be sure to check them out here on their blog.

Happy vaping!

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