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August 30, 2014

Labor Day Vaping Sales

With Labor Day coming up, vapers know that there's one thing they can surely count on - awesome Labor Day vaping sales! Yep, this time of year is always good for some really great deals on e-liquid, e-cigs, cartridges, etc.

And so, here are the current sales happening right now...

Halo Cigs - Get a cool 10% Off everything they offer, plus DOUBLE Halo Points! Free shipping is also available. As you probably already know, Halo Cigs are well-known for their amazing e-liquids (among the best you can get anywhere) as well as their famous Triton e-cig (we love it...and swear by it!).

So head on over there to get some great deals on some of the best e-liquid flavors and vaping hardware in the industry. NOTE: You have to use the Halo coupon code LABORDAZE to get the savings.

Btw, if you haven't yet experienced Halo, then you're missing out. Their e-liquids (all made in the USA) are so delicious and balanced that vapers all over the world rave about them.

Their e-cig hardware rocks as well. For example, their Triton e-cig is one of the best-performing and most reliable vaping devices you can get. We've had ours for well over a year now (vaping it daily) and haven't had a single problem or leak. We love it.

V2 Pro Series 3 - Get a great 15% Off storewide. This includes the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer, the Liquid Cartridge, the Loose Leaf Cartridge, E-liquids and accessories.

This is a great deal, especially since this personal vaporizer (PV) is in such high demand these days. We got ours back in July (around the time it was first officially released), and have loved it ever since. In case you're interested, we reviewed it here.

All in all, the V2 Pro Series 3 is a winner. With great vapor production, long-lasting power, a sleek design and a no-leak cartridge (tank), you can't go wrong. Add to that the fact that all parts easily click together magnetically, and you have one fun vaping device.

V2 Cigs - Get a whopping 30% Off at V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture! The sale is storewide, so you'll save money on everything they offer!

Since V2 is one of the most well-known brands today, we won't waste your time describing them. But we will say this...when all is said and done, you can't go wrong with them. Their products are top-notch, and their Lifetime Warranty is entirely unmatched in the industry.

Anyway, hope you're able to save some green with these Labor Day sales. Take care, and as always...

Happy vaping!

August 23, 2014

V2 Cigs Zero Nicotine E-Liquid on Sale

Just a quick heads up that Zero nicotine e-liquid is on sale over at V2 Cigs! You can save on both the 25 ml bottle size and the 50 ml size.

Some of the tasty vaping flavors that are available are: V2 Red, Menthol, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Peppermint and Green Tea Menthol

Also, be sure to check out their Limited Editions page for other great deals (like on their Piña Colada and Mint Chocolate Truffle flavor cartridges).

Happy vaping!

August 16, 2014

V2 Pro Series 3 Introductory Price Ends Soon

Just a quick heads up to all our vaping friends out there...the new V2 Pro Series 3 introductory price will only last a few more days. After that, the price will go up!

So if you're thinking of getting one (it's awesome, btw), then now is definitely the optimal time to do so!

Right now, and until the special "introductory period" ends, the V2 Pro Series 3 vaping kit (which includes the Series 3 Vaporizer, the Liquid Cartridge, the USB Charger and an in-depth laminated user manual) goes for just $59.99.

Our Experience

We got one back in early July (see our original review), and let me just tell you...it's one damn awesome personal vaporizer. And after over a month of continuous vaping use, we've not had one single issue with it at all. We love it. Vapor production is great, as is flavor production. And just in case you're curious, we've been vaping the V2 Vanilla e-liquid flavor in it, which, btw, is delightfully delicious (see our V2 Cigs Vanilla review).

So yeah, this particular e-cig device is definitely worth a look-see. With its all-magnetic connections (no threading and NO screwing parts together), the V2 Pro Series 3 is indeed a real game changer - and we've witnessed that first hand. And quite happily, I might add.

Don't Wait...

So if you're interested, do the smart thing and don't wait! Get yours now before the price goes up (on August 21st!). What will the new price be? Honestly, we have no clue whatsoever. All we know is that the price will go up. So it you're thinking of getting one, now is obviously the best time to do it. :)

Quick Features and Performance Rundown

Like all vapers, you want to get your money's worth, no matter what. No worries here! This personal vaporizer is definitely an all around gem. But if you need more facts and information, be sure to check out our full V2 Pro Series 3 review. Or, just head on over to the official website for it.

Anyway, here's a quick rundown...

3-in-1 vaporizer - vaporize e-liquid, loose leaf and essential oils
Magnetic cartridges & charger connections - all parts magnetically click together (no threading!)
Passthrough technology - charge and vape simultaneously
Multiple LED lights - White when actively vaping, blinking red when charging, green when fully charged
Smart Technology - automatically adjusts the power to match your cartridge type
V2 Lifetime Warranty

So yeah, there it is. Don't wait if you want one, or you'll end up paying more! Obviously, we want you to get the very best deal possible, which is why we spent the time writing all of this for you.

V2 Pro E-Liquid Flavors

So you want some really good vapes? Then be sure to check out V2's Platinum E-Liquid collection. The flavors are YUM and the prices are, well, quite delicious...

Available in both 25ml and 50ml bottles, the above e-juice flavors really hit the mark. Vanilla is our personal favorite, though. Love it!

Btw, their other flavors also kick butt. :)


Then be sure to check out the new V2 Pro Series 3 here. It's a hoot!. And we really love it! No doubt, you will too.

Happy vaping!

August 6, 2014

V2 Cigs Vanilla Review - Good E-liquid?

If you're looking for a really good vanilla flavored e-juice, then you'll want to take a look at V2 Cigs' Vanilla e-liquid. It truly is a delicious vape. :)

V2 Cigs Vanilla E-liquid Review

Long story short, we started vaping it "quite a bit" about a month ago (when we first got the new V2 Pro Series 3), and really fell in love with its flavor and performance. In fact, it's become one of our favorite go-to daily vapes ever since.

It's got a clean, smooth vanilla flavor (really delicious) and excellent vapor production. It also mixes really well with many other flavors. That, and it's also somewhat of a relaxing type of flavor. So whether you vape it in the morning, noon, or evening, the mellow flavor of vanilla just seems to calm everything down a bit.

Honestly, there's not much else to say about it. It tastes awesome, produces a ton of vapor, and just plain delivers. If you want an excellent vanilla flavored e-liquid, then this is it.

Nicotine Strength and Bottle Sizes

Much like V2's other awesome-liquids, their Vanilla flavor is available in a variety of strengths and bottle sizes, as seen below:

Nicotine options: 2.4% (24mg), 1.8% (18mg), 0.6% (6mg) and 0% (0mg) - Zero nicotine
Bottle sizes: 25ml and 50ml


With a vanilla flavor that is deliciously yummy and completely satisfying, the V2 Cigs Vanilla e-liquid is definitely top-of-the-line awesome. It's vapor production is well above average (lots of vapor) and its throat hit is pretty much perfect (not harsh at all).

We really do love this one. And as one of our favorites, we highly recommend it.

Check it out here: 25ml bottle size or the 50ml bottle size (best bang for your buck)

Happy vaping!

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