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September 27, 2014

V2 Cigs Releases Mojito Flavor

Announcing the arrival of V2 Cigs' brand new Mojito flavor! This expert-crafted flavor is the true taste of Miami. -And V2 should know, since that's where they're located. ;)

With the sparkling taste of mint, rum and lime, this Mojito flavor will have you ready to dance the night away. It comes in V2 Classic Cartridge packs of 5, 20 and 40. This particular flavor is currently a Limited Edition, but hopefully we'll see it available in e-liquid bottle form as well sometime in the near future.

You can check it out here: New V2 Mojito and other Limited Editions

Happy vaping!

V2 Cigs Offers Vapers A Chance To Win $10,000

Howdy folks! Just wanted to give you a heads up of a cool sweepstakes that V2 Cigs are running. It's called the Genuine Satisfaction Sweepstakes, and offers you a chance to Win $10,000 or other great prizes.

Entry is completely free. You can also get an additional 10 entries by referring a friend (and if that friend becomes a new V2 customer.

The link to the V2 sweepstakes entry form is on the their homepage. The promotion ends on October 29th, so don't forget to enter if you're interested.

Happy vaping!

September 22, 2014

Save On V2 E-Liquid Bundles

Bundle and save! For a limited time, V2 Cigs are offering a special sale for e-liquid bundles. Get three 25 ml bottles of e-liquid for just $41.95 (or 420 V4F pts), instead of the usual $50.85.

This is a great deal! You can choose either the Tobacco E-Liquid Bundle, the Menthol E-liquid Bundle, or the Specialty E-Liquid Bundle. But whatever one you choose, you'll save about 10 bucks on your e-juice. Pretty cool.

The bundle options are:

- Tobacco Bundle: V2 Red, Sahara, and Congress
- Menthol Bundle: Menthol, Peppermint and Menthol Tea
- Specialty Bundle: Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla

NOTE: You can choose the same flavor for each bundle. For example, say you want all Menthol Tea in your Menthol Bundle. No prob! Just pick it for each bottle.

Bottom line, you can have the same type of flavors, or, you can totally differentiate.

Big Bonus: Get 10% off ALL of your orders! Just use the V2 coupon code: v2save10.

Yes, that code will save you a full 10% Off, each and every time you order. :) So be sure to share it with your friends, as they'll also get the same great savings. 

Happy vaping!

September 13, 2014

30% Off Vanilla Bean E-Liquid from Volcanoecigs

Just a quick heads up to my fellow vapers out there that Volcanoecigs is running a 30% Off sale for their Vanilla Bean e-liquid flavor.

Sound yummy? Then don't wait, because this sale ends in two days!

The Vanilla Bean vaping flavor is smooth and decadent, and notable for its full-bodied flavor. With a velvety rich exhale, this vanilla e-liquid is great all by itself, or as a mixer with other dessert and fruit flavored vapes.

Some say it tastes like vanilla ice cream, and others say it tastes like a vanilla cupcake. Either way, vapers who've tried it really love it. :)

What it is: Vanilla Bean e-liquid - 30% Off!
Where to get it: http://www.Volcanoecigs.com

Curious? Here are a few Vanilla Bean e-liquid reviews from folks who've tried it...

"I love this flavor! I can't say enough good things about it. I currently have 2 large bottles in my collection and plan to buy more so that I NEVER run out. By itself, this tastes like a vanilla cupcake. Also, i have yet to find a flavor that this doesn't mix well with. It just makes everyrhing [sic] taste better!..."

"This flavor is hands down amazing, absolutely nothing to complain about. The taste is sweet, and it dosn't [sic] have too much of a throat hit, but not too little of one. It's perfect. I'd definitely get it again! It was my all day vape for months."

"This is the absolute best vanilla I have EVER gotten to date and I have ordered TONS from just about everywhere out there. I have tried the famous vanillas from FlavourArt, tried boutique eliquids that were vanilla based, and some of the finest eliquid creators around. I had given up trying to find the perfect vanilla bc I was sure that nobody could make vanilla eliquid that really tasted good. I finally found an excellent vanilla here (amazed by that lol) I have not stopped vaping this now since it arrived. It was good right out of the mail; no need to steep. Highly recommend..."

So yeah, it's pretty popular and well-liked. Plus, it's on sale right now (30% off!). So if it sounds like something you'd like to vape, be sure to check it out!

Btw, it's available in both a 15ml bottle size as well as a 30ml bottle size, and the nicotine options range from ZERO Nicotine up to 24 mg of nic. Good times, happy times. :)

Happy vaping!

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September 9, 2014

The Inferno E-Cig Review and Video

Here's a look at the INFERNO E-cigarette Kit by Volcanoecigs, a vaping kit that delivers both great performance and long-lasting battery life. With its "pass-through" batteries (see pic below) you can vape and charge your device at the same time. And we love that.

Battery life? Excellent. You can vape for more than 15 hours or so between charges, which is killer awesome. Note that the 900 mAh battery will last quite a bit longer than the 650 mAh battery (obviously). Likewise, it'll also take a little bit longer to charge (again, obviously).

Volcanoecigs INFERNO Video

Here's a cool and quick video that will show you pretty much everything about the device, both inside and out...

What Comes In the Kit

1 Gift Box
1 650 mAh pass-through battery
1 900 mAh pass-through battery
1 Wall Charger
1 Mini USB cable charger
1 TubeTank BCT setup with a 1.8 ohm heating coil
1 3-pack of replacement coils
1 15ml bottle of USA Made e-liquid

INFERNO Introduction Video

Color Options (Batteries and Tanks)

The Volcanoecigs INFERNO Kit is available in a variety of colors, so you can easily show off your personal style and flair. When you choose a particular color, both the battery and the tank will match. The colors it currently comes in are: red, black, silver, blue, pink, purple, green and white

In our opinion, all of the colors are pretty sweet looking. We do wish, though, that they offered a few more colors. 

E-liquid Included

The INFERNO Kit also comes with a 15ml  bottle of e-liquid, so you can start vaping right away. You choose which flavor and nicotine strength you want with the kit.

I believe they now have somewhere around 45 different flavors to choose from, so finding one you'll love won't be a problem at all. The nicotine strengths range from Zero nicotine all the way up to Extra High (24 mg).


Overall, we really love the INFERNO Kit by Volcanoecigs. Fact is, they've been helping vapers for several years now - so you can be sure that you'll get everything they promise, and more. But beyond that, this particular e-cig kit really shines.

We love the fact that it comes with both a 650 mAh and 900 mAh battery. Both batteries offer great vapor production and battery life, so you can expect to be very happy. We also love that both are USB pass-through batteries that let you to vape and charge at the same time. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Bottom line, we love what Volcanoecigs have put together here with this kit. Our only wish is that it offered more color choices (and a variable voltage battery option). Other than that, no complaints at all.

So be sure to check out the INFERNO Kit here. No doubt, you'll be more than happy that you did. :)

And as always...

Happy vaping!