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E-Cig Reviews

E-Cigarette Reviews By Vapers for Vapers

Here at Full Vapor, we make sure to provide only best damn unbiased (and detailed) e-cigarettes reviews you can find anywhere.

What do we review? Well, here's the basic list: starter kits, e-liquids (a.k.a. smoke juice), batteries (automatic, manual, variable voltage, variable wattage), tanks, cartridges and more.

Your Bliss Is Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is your absolute vaping bliss - and to help you get the very best vaping products available today. We do that by giving you the latest data, review results and detailed information for each particular vaping product. Our detailed e-cig reviews will then help you figure out which one is best for you...thus, allowing you to get the most out of your personal vaping experience.

We've reviewed many different e-cigarette kits, e-liquids, and accessories in our time, and while there are countless companies to choose from, we can only suggest a small few of them (with full confidence).

The Best Is Best

We all want the best, right? Obviously! Well, our detailed reviews will certainly point you in the right direction. And since we only review and test the products that offer the following: kick-ass quality, awesome vapor production (and throat hit), long-term reliability, and an extremely enjoyable vaping experience (for both you and us).

You can find the latest e-cigarette reviews HERE.

NOTE: Our overall favorite picks will be listed on the top left-hand side of each page. Just look for the "Top Rated E-cigarettes" section!

E-cigarette Review Criteria

We review electronic cigarettes and rate them based on a STAR system. Our star system is simple:

5 stars = awesome
4 stars = great
3 stars = OK, but needs improving
2 stars = less than OK
1 star =  not good
0 stars = horrible

And just so you know, our e-cigarette reviews are based on a variety of factors. Some of those factors are:

• Overall product quality
• Overall product reliability
• E-cigarette battery life
• Vapor production
• E-liquid and/or flavor cartridge options (flavor choices & quality)
• Nicotine levels (nicotine level choices)
• Customer service
• Cost/Value
• Product Warranty
• Money-back guarantee
• Free shipping or not
• Rewards and points (whether or not a company offers rewards/points with each purchase that you can redeem for savings)

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