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April 19, 2012

How To Do The Taryn Spin Method To Refill Cartomizers

Yeah...so I've had several people ask me how to do the Taryn Spin method in order to refill their ecig cartomizers. Well, my friends, here's a simple video demo for you that explains just how to do it!

NOTE: The first part of the video is NOT the Taryn Spin method! It's the "Cartomizer Condom Filling Method." See below for BOTH cartomizer filling methods...

The Cartomizer Condom Filling Method

The Cartomizer Condom Filling Method is one of the simplest and easiest cartomizer refilling methods there is. Just fill one of the cartomizer condoms (the rubber caps that come with your cartomizers) about half-way full with your e-liquid. Then, simply push the cartomizer down into the rubber cap. This will force the e-liquid up and into the cartomizer, thus, filling your ecig cartomizer!

The Taryn Spin Method

The second part of the video demonstrates the Taryn Spin method. The Taryn Spin method maximizes the amount of e-liquid with which you can fill your ecig cartomizers, no matter which cartomizer filling method you choose to use.

After filling your ecig cartomizer, just place it (with the battery end down) into any kind of bag or holder (a Ziplock bag, a battery pouch, or a lanyard), and spin it! The centrifugal force will force the e-liquid to the battery end, leaving room for even more e-liquid! The result? Your cartomizer is filled to the max!

PROTIP:  Get the V2 Lanyard. The V2 Cigs Lanyard is extremely handy if you want to transfer e-liquid from one cartridge to another using the cartridge Taryn Spin method.

Where can you get a V2 Lanyard? Simple. Go to V2 Cigs and click on the "V2 Cigs Accessories" link at the top of the page. :)

Video Demo - The Taryn Spin Method & The Cartomizer Condom Filling Method for Electronic Cigarettes

Hope that helps! If you have any questions regarding ecigs, starter kits, cartomizers, e-liquid, etc., be sure to ask us!

You can do so by commenting below, or by using the Full Vapor contact page.

Happy vaping!

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