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April 27, 2012

New Lavatube - Volcano Ecigs Releases New Chrome Lavatube!

Well, they're finally in! The NEW Chrome Lavatube by Volcano Ecigs has just been released, and it looks pretty darn sweet!

 New Chrome Lavatube by Volcano Ecigs

The new Chrome Lavatube has a new metal end cap, an Ego atty styled threaded top cap, and is even engraved with the "LAVATUBE" logo right on it.

The Lavatube is the highest powered ecig offered by Volcano Ecigs, and can be configured to allow you to vape with anywhere from 3 to 6 volts of power. It is Variable Voltage Vaping at its finest, specially designed with a "voltage up" and a "voltage down" button so you can easily choose your favorite vaping power.

The new chrome Lavatube allows you to select and set your preferred voltage power anywhere form 3 volts to 6 volts in 0.1 volt increments. Very cool! Due to all the improvements Volcano Ecigs has made to the chrome Lavatube, it does weigh slightly more than the silver or black Lavatube versions do.

New Chrome Lavatube Features:

• a power button
• a voltage up button
• a voltage down button
• an activation button
• an LCD screen which shows you which voltage setting the Lavatube is set to
• a 510 threaded connection
• a vented and removable end cap with a spring for battery tension
• a vent hole on the bottom of the Lavatube ecig for added safety

Check out Volcano Ecigs today to get your hands of these cool new chrome Lavatubes!

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