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April 18, 2012

The New V2 Cigs Launches - All Things Improved

 The New V2 Cigs Launches - All Things Improved

Popular ecig brand V2 Cigs has just launched its newly reformatted website (you can check it out here), along with new carrying cases, redesigned ecig chargers, new improved packaging, and a few other things.

In this site review I'll cover some of the enhancements, new products and redesigned products unveiled by V2 Cigs this week.

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New Easy Ordering Process

The New V2 website design greatly simplifies the ordering process. For example, if you're ordering an ecig starter kit, the new website builds it for you right before your eyes. You simply choose your favorite colors, the e-liquid flavors and strength you want, and they do the rest.

They've also added a neat new feature that will show you the estimated shipping time of your order, so you'll have a good idea of exactly when your package will arrive. No more wondering when your order will be shipped.

And when it comes to shipping your ecig order, V2 certainly leads the pack. They not only offer USPS, but also UPS (United Parcel Service) shipping options. For more on their new partnership with UPS, go here. I wrote an article about it when they announced their partnership with UPS.

New Combo Deals - Discounts

Also, when you build your order, V2 Cigs offers you combo deals (one-time discounts) that are designed exclusively for you. These discounts offer you even more savings on items that complement your order. Basically, when you add an item to your shopping cart, V2 Cigs will show you related items and offer then at a one-time discount. It's an easy way to save even more money on your V2 Cigs order.

New And Improved Packaging

V2 Cigs has also redesigned all their packaging...and the new packaging is pretty sleek. For example, if you order a V2 starter kit, there's no doubt that you'll be impressed with the presentation as soon as you open the box. And starter kits now come with all cartridges neatly tucked into one streamlined package.

In addition, the new V2 packaging now comes with an expiration date. All flavor cartridges, e-liquid, express kits and disposable ecigs come with expiration dates, so you'll know for sure that your stuff is fresh. Flavor cartridges are now also individually sealed in foil-protected blister packaging to prolong the life of your cartridges and protect them from tampering.

Transparent E-liquid Testing - Live Batch Reports

V2 Cigs now offers transparent e-liquid testing with live batch reports via email. This is available to all V2 customers. This is a revolutionary change, and is brand new to the ecig industry.

No other ecig company offers to send you e-liquid batch test reports to your email address. Batch tests will let you know exactly what's in the e-liquid you buy. How do you get an e-liquid batch test report? Simple. Just go to the batch report page and request one!

Hopefully other ecig companies will begin adopt this practice and make it a guideline to follow. It really helps to guarantee the quality and safety of e-liquid sent to electronic cigarette users.

New V2 Cigs Products

To coincide with the launch of the new V2 website, they've also come up with a few new products, and redesigned a few others. Here are a few examples:

• New Carry Case & Carry Case XL - These have been completely redesigned to be the best ecig carrying cases ever released. They're sleek, slim and made to store long batteries.
• New Express Kit - This new starter kit is the lowest-cost rechargeable kit V2 offers!
• New Portable Charging Case & Charging Case XL - These are simply the best portable charging cases available. And as requested by V2 users, they're made to fit long batteries!
• Redesigned Smart Charger & Express Charger - These ecig chargers charge twice as fast and have an internal computer chip that cycles through a battery-testing process every couple of minutes. They ensure a longer life of the V2 batteries and also protect against battery overcharging.
• Improved V2 Lanyards - The new lanyards are a durable, longer-lasting, and give you an easy way to keep your V2 electronic cigarettes safe and handy at all times.
• Car Adapter Upgraded to 2 AMPS - Allows you to get more power from your Power-Cig in the car and charge your batteries even faster. You can charge your V2 cigs on the go, and use your V2 Power-Cig and Notebook-Cig in the car!
• New Kit Packaging - High-quality and reusable gift boxes that are really impressive.

More To Come From V2 Cigs

With all the new products and improvements recently released by V2 Cigs, you might think that they'll want to take a break for a while and cool their jets. Well, not so. They have some more cool things up their sleeves coming very soon. So stay tuned for such things as: new e-liquid flavors, special edition flavor cartridges, and the release of Vapor Couture!

10% Discount on Everything at V2 Cigs!

As you can see, V2 Cigs is definitely on a roll. And that's just one of the reasons why they've consistently been our all-time favorite electronic cigarette brand to date.

If you haven't checked them out yet, be sure to do so. And get 10% off everything as well! Just click the picture below...

Happy vaping!

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