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April 8, 2012

Volcano Ecigs Adds Two New E-Liquid Flavors for Ecigs

Volcano Ecigs Adds Two New E-Liquid Flavors
for Electronic Cigarettes

Volcano Ecigs has now added two new e-liquid flavors to their vast selection if ecig e-liquid, or as they call it, "V-Liquid." They've just recently added Lahaina Lychee and Pele's Papaya to their long list of yummy e-liquid flavors. All Hawaii-inspired, and all truly wonderful.

And I gotta say, I just love the names of the e-liquid flavors that Volcano Ecigs has come up with. They not only sound really tasty, but they're quite creative as well, truly capturing the tropical essence of Hawaii...its exotic beauty and peaceful island warmth.

You almost feel like you're right there, enjoying a serene tropical getaway as you relax on the beach, lay by the pool, gaze at the shimmering waterfalls, and just plain lose yourself in total tranquility.

A few examples of the e-liquid offered by Volcano Ecigs are:

Aloha Apple - a sweet and tart apple flavored e-liquid that tastes like a sour apple Jolly Rancher candy
Choconilla Haze - a mix of chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut
Coocoo Coconut - a lovely coconut flavored e-liquid
Grape Escape - a grape flavored e-liquid with a sweet, yet mildly aftertaste
Hawaiian Espresso - a coffee flavored e-liquid...subtly sweet, yet nice & spicy like a really good espresso
Mauna Dew - a Mountain Dew flavored e-liquid...a favorite amongst many experienced vapers!
Pearadise - a subtle and sweet pear flavored e-liquid
Cherry Lava - a tasty e-liquid, sure to remind you of a bowl of your favorite hard cherry candies
Red Hot Lava - for the cinnamon lovers, this cinnamon flavored e-liquid tastes like the Red Hots candy we loved as kids!
Surfer Soda - this e-liquid perfectly recreates the flavor of a classic Coca-Cola soda
Waikiki Watermelon - a watermelon flavored e-liquid that tastes like a slice of the juiciest Hawaiian watermelon
BlueWater Punch - a delicious mix of blueberry, watermelon and fruit punch
Vanilla Bean - a sweet and creamy vanilla bead flavored e-liquid

Of course, Volcano Ecigs also offers more traditional tobacco flavored e-liquids for your ecigs, like: Tobacco, Tobacco Pure and Menthol.

The Two New Volcano Ecigs E-Liquid Flavors

Lahaina Lychee - A truly tropical treat! Lahaina Lychee is a superb mix of sweet and earth tones. $12.99

Nicotine strength options: Extra High (24 MG), Full Flavored (16 MG), Lights (8 (MG), Zero (0 MG) 15 ML or 30 ML bottles

Pele's Papaya - A papaya flavored e-liquid, Pele's Papaya is a spot on recreation of peoples' favorite breakfast fruit. $12.99

Nicotine strength options: Extra High (24 MG), Full Flavored (16 MG), Lights (8 (MG), Zero (0 MG) 15 ML or 30 ML bottles

So if you're looking to get some of the best tasting e-liquid you can find, e-liquid that is hand mixed, made in the USA, and oh so delicious, then be sure to check out Volcano Egics. You sure won't be disappointed.


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