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May 23, 2012

Are E-cigarettes Safe? Doctors Speak Out About Ecigs

Are E-cigarettes Safe? Doctors Speak Out About Ecigs
(pictured above: Dr. Joel Nitzkin, Tobacco Control Task Force)

Recently, BBC Global News interviewed Dr. Joel Nitzkin, head of the Tobacco Control Task Force at The American Association of Public Health Physicians (www.aaphp.org). They wanted to learn more about e-cigarettes and wondered, "Will vaping catch on?"

Vaping advocates say it's healthier than the alternative. In fact, it could save millions of lives.

So they called up Dr. Joel Nitzkin, and asked him about e-cigarettes, e-liquid and vaping. Here's some of what he had to say...

"When a person uses an e-cigarette and inhales the vapor, they refer to it as 'vaping' instead of smoking because there is no smoke. There is no combustion. There is only vapor."

When asked to describe a typical e-cigarette, Dr. Nitzkin had this to say:

"A typical e-cigarette is a metal tube that has a drop of what they call e-cigarette liquid, a battery and a little heater element that's designed in such a way that when you inhale through the tube, the person using the e-cigarette inhales the vapor in a manner that feels like cigarette smoke. The vapor delivers a dose of nicotine similar to what one would get from a puff of cigarette, but without any of the other toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke."

The BBC interviewer, asking for clarification, then said, "So when the vaper inhales the vapor, he or she gets the nicotine hit that they would from a drag on a regular cigarette, but there's no passive smoking, and presumable, there's less lung damage."

Dr. Nitzkin responded:

"Yes, that's exactly the case. The lung damage, the cancer and the heart disease risk are all due to chemicals in cigarette smoke other than nicotine. The nicotine is almost totally harmless."

In fact, nicotine does not cause any disease.

So there you have it. These are direct quotes from a renowned medical physician who is at the forefront of promoting and protecting public health. Btw, Dr. Nitzkin is NOT paid by, nor influenced by the e-cigarette industry at all. But the fact that he cares so strongly about public health and heads the Tobacco Control Task Force should speak volumes for ecigs. Andf I think that it does.

NOTE: This does not mean that Dr. Nitzkin endorses ecigs. Whether he does or not, I really have no clue. I'm just relaying information and news that is obviously important for people to know.

What's The American Association of Public Health Physicians?

So who or what is the American Association of Public Health Physician? The AAPHP is a professional association of public health physicians. Their motto is "The Voice of Public Health Physicians - Guardians of the Public's Health".

The AAPHP was founded in 1954, and since its inception it has been been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a medical specialty society, with formal representation in the AMA House of Delegates. Some of their major current issues include tobacco control, injury prevention, disease control, policy and management training, workforce issues, and issues pertaining to access to health care, health equity, health disparities, cultural competence and preventive services.

So Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Are e-cigarettes safe? Well, I'll leave that one up to you to figure out for yourself. But based on the opinions and testimonies of doctors the world over, the answer is pretty much "Yes". E-cigarettes don't produce any actual smoke, and the e-liquids themselves generally contain only distilled water, nicotine (which is optional!), and USP Grade glycerin.

Some e-cigarette e-liquids also contain natural and artificial flavors. Of course, these flavors depend on what you flavors enjoy when vaping...vanilla, chocolate, coffee, cherry, menthol, regular tobacco, etc.

But bottom line, e-cigarettes contain No Tar, No Ash, No Smoke and No Odor. Plus, they're a whole lot cheaper! :)

So if you smoke tobacco cigarettes, I think the answer is quite clear. Either quit smoking completely, or switch to e-cigarettes instead!

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Happy vaping!


  1. Nice article! I wouldn't totally say that nicotine is totally safe or harmless, as it is discouraged for pregnant women to induce nicotine. Still, personally I feel that vaping is much better compared with smoking.

    Kind Regards,
    Mark J.
    My Site

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mark. And I totally agree. It's all about harm reduction. Vaping has been a godsend for many people since it allows them to get their nicotine, but not have to worry about inhaling any smoke. And better yet, ecigs have helped countless vapers to reduce their nicotine needs...even down to zero nicotine.

      Take care, and thanks for stopping by!


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