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May 18, 2012

South Beach Smoke Introduces Disposable E-Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke Introduces Disposable E-Cigarettes

South Beach Smoke, a highly popular ecig brand, has just introduced their brand new disposable e-cigarette. These disposable e-cigarettes are modeled from South Beach Smoke's signature ecig design, and come with the same features that their non-disposable e-cigarettes come with.

Features like: an ultra-comfortable silicon mouthpiece and an orange LED ash  light that glows when you inhale the ecig vapor. So where do they differ in the actual construction? Well, the other South Beach Smoke Designs are 2 and 3-piece models, whereas, the new disposable is a 1-piece design, housing the battery, cartridge and atomizer.

In addition, the South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigarettes are also pre-filled with the liquid nicotine. And because they're disposable, there's no charging of the battery. Basically, they're designed to be smoked as soon as you take them out of the package.

According to South Beach Smoke, "...sometimes you just need the simplest, easiest way to get your nicotine. Even for electronic smokers, sometimes when life gets too hectic, it may seem that just grabbing a pack of regular smokes here and there will be okay. But when the tobacco is out of your life, don’t you want it to stay that way?"

For current e-smokers, the South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigarettes allow you to have South Beach Smoke quality without needing to charge batteries. And whether you're a college student, or a professional with a really hectic schedule, the South Beach Smoke disposable e-cigarette is an excellent addition to your ecig repertoire.

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  1. many people who are in the market for electronic cigarettes wonder if each of the electronic cigarettes brands are the same.. they are all very much the same as they are based upon the same technology

    1. The technology is the same, but there are some important differences between brands, especially when it comes to e-liquid. Some use Propylene Glycol in their e-liquid, whereas others do not. Some is made in the USA, and others are made in China. Some have good warranties, others do not. Some are shitty and break or malfunction, and others are really good and last like they should.

      So while the technology is the fundamentally the same, the differences set them apart. Just like other electronics (computers, cameras, etc.), some are worth your money and some are not.

  2. Lots of similarities but Big differences in battery life/how long each cartomizer lasts in regards to how often they need to be charged. And also how long each lasts in regards to what they equal to vs the real thing. Some equate 1 pack of regular cigarettes, some 2, some in-between.


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