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May 1, 2012

V2 Cigs Offers Special Edition Pink Mother's Day Starter Kit

V2 Cigs Special Edition Pink Mother's Day Starter Kit

In this week's electronic cigarette news, leading ecig brand V2 Cigs announced that it's offering a special edition (limited edition!) electronic cigarette starter kit for Mother's Day.

The V2 Cigs Mother's Day Starter Kit is designed especially for moms, and is not only a pretty pink (with pink batteries and a matching pink lanyard), but also comes with special edition Passion Fruit flavor cartridges. Yeah, it's quite adorable!

This looks to be a great Mother's Day gift for any mom who still smokes regular tobacco cigarettes. Now you can give her a gift that not only eliminates all that nasty smoke, tar and carbon monoxide, but one that will save her money as well. -Electronics cigarettes are a lot cheaper than regular cigarettes.

Note: These are limited edition, and only available while supplies last!

The V2 Cigs Pink Mother's Day Starter Kit comes with:

• 2 V2 automatic batteries in the special edition pink color
• 1 V2 lanyard in the special edition pink color
• 10 V2 flavor cartridges in V2 Cigs' Mother's Day special edition Passion Fruit flavor
• 1 wall adapter
• 1 V2 Smart Charger
• 1 V2 Manual

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So kudos to V2 Cigs. They've really been stepping up their game recently. First, with their launch of the New V2 Cigs about two weeks ago, and now with their special edition Mother's Day pink ecig starter kit. These are perfect examples of why they're the #1 ranked ecig website in the U.S. and internationally, and a real favorite among the vaping community.

V2 Cigs is definitely intent on providing the most intuitive and customized ecig and vaping experience by offering quality products and consistent innovation. They're recognized as a leader in the ecig industry due to their ever-expanding product lines, powerful vapor production, great taste and overall devotion to excellence. Bottom line, they're a great smokeless alternative to regular cigarettes...and at a fraction of the cost.

Passion Fruit for Mother's Day - How It Won

The most difficult task faced by the team at V2 Cigs was deciding which delicious flavor to include in the special edition Mother's Day starter kit flavor cartridges. So, after a few months of flavor testing, and a few good-spirited debates, a unanimous decision was finally reached. And with that, V2 Cigs introduced the brand new limited edition ecig flavor: Passion Fruit!

This delightful new flavor is sure to be one of Mom's favorites, and perfectly compliments the pretty pink Mother's Day starter kit it comes with.

Btw, these special edition V2 kits are only up for grabs until supplies run out. So if you want one, I suggest you hop on it now before it's too late!

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