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June 14, 2012

New Volcano Ecigs Power Banks Are In!

New Volcano Ecigs Power Banks Are In!

The new Power Banks are in. So now you can power your e-cigarette devices on the go with the new Power Bank from Volcanoecigs.

So just what is the Power Bank? Well, it's a high-capacity mobile charger that you can use to recharge any of your Volcanoecig products, as well as charge any USB powered device, such as: cell phones, iPhones, iPods and more.

About the Power Bank by Volcano Ecigs

The Power Bank comes fully equipped with a USB adapter and eight (8) universal plugs that will fit virtually any mobile device. So you can use it to charge your Volcanoecigs products, as well as your cell phone, iPod, etc.

Grab one today to stay charged while you're on the go! :)

Wanna check out the new Power Banks? Go to Volcanoecigs and click on "VOLCANO Accessories" under the main "Accessories" navigation link at the top of the page.

Volcano Ecigs Power Bank Photos (Click to enlarge)

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