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June 14, 2012

V2 Cigs Sale - 20% Discount On All Starter Kits!

V2 Cigs Sale - 20% Discount On All Starter Kits

With the start of summer coming up, V2 Cigs is getting ready for some fun in the sun. And they're also offering a special two-day sale. On sale are their starter kits. For two days only, ALL V2 starter kits are 20% off!

The V2 Cigs 20% off sale starts today (June 14th), and ends tomorrow, June 15th. So don't wait! Now's an excellent time to take advantage of the great savings and get yourself an e-cigarette starter kit. And at 20% off, there's no better time than now to get one. Yep, it's time to drop the nasty habit and start vaping!

To get your V2 starter kit at the 20% discount, go here. The discount will be applied to your order automatically at checkout.

V2 Cigs Sale - 20% Off All Starter Kits

Aside from being greatly discounted, all starter kits are customizable and come with the latest V2 accessories. So whether you want the V2 Express Kit (their lowest-priced starter kit), or a starter kit with all the newest gadgets (the V2 Ultimate Kit), they've definitely got you covered

And trust me when I say it, V2 Cigs is top-notch. In fact, they're our number one pick when it comes to e-cigarettes. Not only are their ecig products the best you can buy, but their prices and customer service are awesome as well. And this is why they're a favorite among vapers all over the world.

Missed the Sale? Don't Worry!

In case you're reading this too late and totally missed the 20% off sale, don't worry! You can always get 10% off ALL purchases at V2 Cigs with coupon code: fullvapor

That's right. V2 Cigs coupon code "fullvapor" will get you 10% off starter kits, e-liquid, cartridges, V2 accessories and more. Just type it in the coupon code box when you checkout and the discount will be applied automatically for you

Happy vaping!

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