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August 29, 2012

The LAVATUBE Now on Sale!

Well here's some pretty awesome e-cig news. The popular LAVATUBE by Volcanoecigs is now on sale. And not only is it on sale, but it's on sale for a whopping $15 dollars off!

Volcanoecigs has placed the LAVATUBE (their highest-powered e-cig) on sale just now, and I must say, this is gonna make a whole lotta vapers really friggin' happy! :)

The LAVATUBE is a variable voltage e-cig device (with an LCD screen) that allows you to control your vaping experience at the touch of a button. -Want more vapor production, more flavor, more throat hit? You got it! Want less? Well, you got that as well!

The LAVATUBE is a big favorite of many vapers (both new and experienced) due to its design quality, vapor production, throat hit, etc. It's also popular due to its auto-adjust capability, which is a built-in safety feature.

For example, if you happen to put an atomizer or a cartomizer on it that's meant for a lower voltage, the LAVATUBE will automatically adjust itself so that you don't go above what the atomizer or cartomizer can actually handle. And that's a damn good safety feature to have.

About the LAVATUBE- What Is It?

As Volcanoecigs describes it:

"The LAVATUBE is "Variable Voltage Vaping at it's finest. The LAVATUBE from Volcanoecigs is the highest powered eCig we offer and can be configured to vape with anywhere from 3 to 6 volts of power!"

Well, that's definitely true. And in case you were on the fence, wondering whether or not you should actually get a LAVATUBE, then just take a look at this review video.

Note:  This review has no connection to us, or to Volcanoecigs. It's a fully independent review of the LAVATUBE.

Voncanoecigs LAVATUBE Review - Video Review

LAVATUBE Features:

• Aluminum body
• LCD screen (shows your current voltage setting)
• Power button
• Voltage up button
• Voltage down button
• Activation button
• 510 threaded connection
• Vented and removable end cap with spring for battery tension

So yeah, now you can save some serious money on the popular LAVATUBE! And that's pretty damn cool.

Happy vaping!

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