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September 1, 2012

E-Cigarette Free Trial Offer - 5 Reasons It's A Scam!

E-cigarette Free Trial Offer - 5 Reasons It's A Scam!

Let's face it, nothing in life if free. Nothing! Yet, free e-cigarette trial offers seem to be all over the Web these days. They promise you the opportunity to try out an e-cigarette completely free, with no worries at all. It's completely "Guaranteed, or your money back!" Or so they say.

You may have seen or heard these ads yourself. Many are advertised on the radio, though the majority are advertised online. Here are a few examples of the titles and/or catchphrases they use:

- Free Electronic Cigarette Trial Offer
- Free E-cigarette Trial Offer
- Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Kits
- Free E-cigarette Trial Kit
- Free Electronic Cigarette Samples

While the above are just a few current examples, the list (and variations) goes on and on. So that begs one to question: Are these free trial offers for real?

Um, no! They're a scam. The main reasons these free trial offers for e-cigarettes and/or starter kits are a scam are as follows:

• Unwanted bills (monthly charges, etc.)
• Inferior products
• Deceptive marketing
• Unwanted replacements
• Difficult to cancel or impossible to cancel
• Autoship (usually at least once a month)
• Overpriced products

Above are just a few of the many reasons why free electronic cigarette trial offers are a scam, plain and simple. But for the sake of this post, and to help get the word out, I'll elaborate on the 5 main reasons these such free e-cigarette offers are a scam.

1. False Promises and Deceptive Advertising

The main method these scam e-cigarette companies use in order to attract new customers is deceptive advertising. For example, they'll advertise a "free trial" on their e-cigarettes and promise that if you're at all unhappy that you can simply return it for a FULL refund, no questions asked.

The problem? - As soon as you give them your credit card details, they'll start you on a monthly rebill plan (a.k.a., a monthly shipping plan). That, you can count on.

The other problem? - Your so-called "free trial period" usually begins WHEN THEY SHIP the product, NOT when you actually receive it! So you have very little time to cancel it once you actually get it and realize that it really sucks.

2. Difficult or Impossible to Cancel

Due to the reasons mentioned above (difficulty in cancelling), you'll most likely end up with charges to your credit card that you didn't expect or want. But guess what? Too bad! Cancelling these free e-cigarette trial offers can be a real pain in the ass! That is, if you can cancel them at all.

See, like most "free trial" offers, there are many hidden terms and conditions. These hidden terms and conditions can make cancelling nearly impossible, no matter what. So that so-called "refund" and/or "guarantee" is pretty much useless! Bottom line, it's just a baited hook, used to catch you and reel you in.

Often times, your only recourse is to cancel your credit card completely so that no more charges can be made to your account.

3. Inferior E-cigarette Products

The e-cigarettes that come with these free trial offers are definitely inferior. In fact, they're greatly inferior. All you have to do is compare them to the many other electronic cigarettes on the market today (for example, see our recommended e-cigarette starter kits list) to see how crappy these free trial e-cigarette offers really are.

Basically, the components that make up the e-cig devices in these free trial offers are crappy and unreliable...at best. In addition, the e-liquid that comes with them is also most likely inferior (made with low-quality and/or questionable ingredients). Stay away!

4. Unwanted Replacements (E-liquid, Cartomizers, etc.)

Since these free e-cigarette trial offers will automatically rebill you on your credit card (usually every month), there's one thing that you can pretty much definitely expect (even if you've tried to cancel...several times). And what is that, you ask?

Well, it's the good ol' autoship mechanism - one of the most tiresome aspects of the great free e-cigarette trial offer scams. Yep, you guessed it! These e-cig trial offers will not only rebill you every frigging month, but they'll also send you crap that you don't need...and don't want!

They'll send you more e-liquid, more cartomizers, etc. And regardless of whether or not you want them, these inferior products will generally show up at your door...reminding you each time of how you've been taken advantage of, and how you've been totally screwed!

It's not only a waste and a drain on your wallet; it's also a hard reminder of how unscrupulous people can actually be.

5. Overpriced and Expensive

Not only are these companies offering bogus free trials on e-cigarettes, they're also offering e-cig products that are greatly inferior, yet selling them at up to triple the cost of what a quality e-cig brand sells for! So basically, you'll end up paying WAY MORE for a crappy e-cigarette product via a free trial offer than you would if you actually bought from an honest, reputable company.

In the long run, these so-called free e-cig trial offers end up costing consumers three and four times what they would have paid had they just bought from a "real" e-cigarette company to begin with. It's so sad, but it's very true, unfortunately.

How To Avoid E-cigarette Scams!

How can you avoid electronic cigarette scams? Simple. Be very careful how you spend your hard-earned money. Buy your e-cigarettes (starter kits, accessories, etc.) from reputable companies only!

In other words, you should only purchase e-cigs and such form companies that have a long, well-established history of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, good customer service and great prices.

What Are The Best E-cigarette Companies?

That's a hard question to answer. But based on our own in-depth e-cig product reviews and research, as well as on overall customer satisfaction from vapers all over the world, there are the few e-cig companies that stand out as the best of the best. That said, we can confidently recommend the following e-cigarette brands as the best overall:

1. V2 Cigs
2. Vapor Couture
3. Volcano Ecigs

Happy vaping!

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