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September 20, 2012

Volcanoecigs Adds Maui Mango And Sharks Clove E-liquid Flavors

The folks at Volcanoegics just added two new flavors to their long list of yummy e-liquid flavors. So I think that makes it a total of 34 different flavors so far. Heck, that's even more than Baskin-Robbins, lol.

The two new flavors are Maui Mango and Sharks Clove. We haven't tried them yet, but if they're anything like their other flavors, then they'll no doubt be quite enjoyable to vape on. Here's a little more about each new flavor...

Maui Mango E-liquid - Here's how Volcanoecigs describes it: "From the foggy hills of Maui comes one of our most signature flavors, Maui Mango. Sweet with a sense of tangy freshness. Pick one up and use this flavor to create a signature mix of your own or enjoy it all by itself"

Nicotine strengths: Extra High (24 mg), Full Flavored (16 mg), Lights (8 mg), Zero (0 mg)

Sharks Clove E-liquid - Here's how Volcanoecigs describes it: "A spicy delight that's been around in leafy form for centuries has now been brought to you in liquid form.  Our Sharks Clove is a smashing rendition of traditional clove flavors and will be sure to put you in a state of nirvana with every puff!"

Nicotine strengths: Extra High (24 mg), Full Flavored (16 mg), Lights (8 mg), Zero (0 mg)

Both e-liquid flavors, much like their other flavors, are available in two different bottle sizes: 15 mL and 30 mL. The 15 mL bottle is priced at $12.99. The 30 mL bottle is just $7.00 more, making it a much better value.

So head on over to Volcanoecigs and see what tickles your fancy. Aside from their e-liquid flavors they've got some killer e-cigarette kits as well, like the INFERNO Kit and the LAVATUBE Kit.

Happy vaping!

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