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October 17, 2012

LiquiMax Blank Cartridges - Reviews Are In!

Have you ordered your LiquiMax Blank Carts yet? The reviews are in, and so far they're a total hit.

From all the reviews I've read so far from the vapers who've gotten them, there is definitely much love for the new LiquiMax Blanks.

I'll post some of the reviews below so you can see what fellow vapers are saying about them. All in all, it's quite apparent that V2 Cigs has hit the ball WAY out of the park with this one. :)

I first wrote about the new LiquiMax Blank Cartridges in the beginning of October (that post is here) when they were first announced by V2 Cigs. Since then, a whole lot of people have ordered them and have been testing them out, quite happily.

LiquiMax Blank Cartridges - Reviews From Vapers

In case you were curious, here are the current reviews on the new V2 LiquiMax Blanks. These reviews are from vapers who have pre-ordered them. As you can see, they all really seem to like them a lot.

By the way, this is currently a beta release by V2 Cigs, so if you haven't pre-ordered your LiquiMax Blanks yet, don't wait! They still have some beta V2 LiquiMax Blanks available, but not for long!

Here are the current LiquiMax Blanks reviews (click to enlarge)...

LiquiMax Blanks Review Quotes

"Better taste, better hits, easier to refill, easy to see what's left in the cart. Oh, and looks pretty awesome."

"...they are GREAT! I thought they would be harder to draw on when I tested one empty, but it is an even better draw/puff than the regular carts. I can't see myself ever using regular carts for re-filling again."

"Just received today. Filling them up was easy. They taste great. I'm glad cause there's no guess work on when you need to fill it up again. Will be buying more for sure"

 V2 LiquiMax Blank Cartridges (Specifications)

Greater e-liquid storage capacity
Refillable up to 30 times
Clear design lets you see your e-liquid level
Easy-release frictionless cap for easier refill
Virtually cotton free

You can check out and get your hands on the new V2 LiquiMax Blanks here at V2 Cigs, or by clicking the LiquiMax Blanks pic below...

Happy vaping!

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