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December 30, 2012

New Year's E-cigarette And E-Liquid Roundup

So what's your New Year's resolution for this year? Is it to finally quit smoking? To start exercising more? To watch less "reality" TV? Well, whatever your resolution, we certainly wish you the best of success! :)

And with New Year's Day just around the corner, we figured it was the perfect time to do a quick blog post roundup...a roundup of our most recent and popular posts on e-cigarette e-liquid, starter kits and variable voltage devices.

For your convenience, we'll keep this list short and precise, in order to avoid information overload, redundancy and whatnot. Anyway, here we go...

The New V2 Standard Plus Kit - New from V2 Cigs!

---> Read the full post here!

Quick Overview: The V2 Standard Plus Kit is fully customizable, and comes with everything you need to start vaping immediately. The kit also includes the popular (and excellent) V2 Portable Charging Case. Bottom line, this e-cigarette kit is top-notch.

The Best Zero Nicotine E-Liquid - No Nicotine E-Liquid!

---> Read the full post here!

Quick Overview: The V2 Cigs e-liquid is definitely the best in the business! It's not only very tasty, but V2 Cigs also offers FREE batch test reports for you via email (the only e-cig company that does this!), so you can be completely sure your e-liquid is of the utmost quality.

Available in 25 ml and 50 ml bottles (with nicotine or with ZERO nicotine), the V2 Cigs e-liquid is by far the best e-liquid you can get. :)

Volcano LAVATUBE Version 2 Kit Review - Awesome or Not?

---> Read the full post here!

Quick Overview: The new Lavatube Version 2 Kit from Volcanoecigs is, by far, one of the best variable voltage e-cigarettes on the market today! Handcrafted, and with numerous features, capabilities and options, the new Lavatube Version 2 really puts all the other variable voltage e-cigarette devices to shame.

50 ml E-liquid Bottles Now Available For Vapers!

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - V2 Platinum E-Liquid now available in 50ml bottles... Another ecig industry 1st!

---> Read the full post here!

Quick Overview: In another e-cigarette industry first, V2 Cigs has introduced 50 ml e-liquid bottle sizes! These bottles of e-liquid are fully childproof and feature an easy-to-use dropper (built right into the bottle's lid).

Available in several different flavors and nicotine strengths (including ZERO nicotine), these larger e-liquid bottles are yet another way to save even more money by vaping e-cigs. You can use this e-liquid to fill (and refill) your empty, used or blank flavor cartridges.

Bottom line, you'll save quite a bit of money by using bottled e-liquid. And the e-liquid from V2 Cigs is pretty much the best you can get!

Happy vaping...and Happy New Year!!! :)

December 21, 2012

The Best Zero Nicotine E-Liquid - No Nicotine E-Liquid!

If you're like a lot of vapers out there, then there's a good chance that you've reduced your nicotine intake since you started vaping. In fact, it's quite common for people to vape less and less nicotine as time goes on. Eventually, many even choose zero nicotine.

This is partly due to the fact that you can take just a few puffs here and there on an e-cigarette and feel satisfied. With regular tobacco cigarettes, on the other hand, there's always that "start-to-finish" smoking nonsense...you know, lighting up a cigarette and smoking it until it's all the way down to the cigarette butt.

But in addition to vapers preferring less and less nicotine, there's also a whole lot of them who actually prefer to vape zero nicotine e-liquid (a.k.a. no nicotine e-liquid or 0 nicotine e-liquid). And so, I figured it was about time I wrote a post about the best zero nicotine e-liquid out there. 

The Best Zero Nicotine E-Liquid

In our experience, and based on what many other vapers are also saying, V2 Cigs has the best zero nicotine e-liquid out there, period. And not only is it really excellent e-liquid, but V2 now also offers it in a 50 ml bottle size, which is an industry first!

Their zero nicotine vaping flavors are available in cartridges (that you can also refill) as well in bottles. But for simplicity sake, I'll try to focus on e-liquid in the bottle form for this post. Either way, their zero nicotine vaping flavors are definitely tops.

About V2 Zero Nicotine E-Liquid

The V2 Cigs e-liquid comes in a childproof bottle and has an easy-to-use dropper that is built right into the lid. This makes refilling your used e-cigarette flavor cartridges (cartomizers) a snap. You can also use it to fill blank cartridges as well as their new LiquiMax Blanks.

Their zero nicotine e-liquid comes in 25 ml and 50 ml bottle sizes, and is among the best-priced in the e-cig industry. Bottom line, you get the great vaping flavors you love, and all at a very affordable price. :)

V2 Cigs Zero Nicotine E-Liquid Flavors

V2 has several very tasty zero nicotine e-liquids for all of you out there who prefer to vape with no nicotine at all. Here are the vaping flavors they currently offer:

• V2 Red - An American tobacco flavor (think Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, Doral, etc.)
• Menthol - A refreshing mint-flavored vape (think Kool, Newport, Marlboro Menthol, Salem, etc.)
• Vanilla - The delicious sweetness of the vanilla bean, without being overpowering.
• Coffee - The awesome and rich flavor of fresh-brewed coffee.
• Peppermint - A sweet mint-flavored vape. Peppermint & sugar, swirled together with a touch of spearmint.
• Mint Tea - The soothing properties of Chinese green tea, combined with refreshing mint (think Chinese green tea, infused with mint!).
• Chocolate - A delicious, chocolate-flavored vape! The rich, creamy chocolate flavor will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.
• Cherry - The yummy, juicy taste of cherries. Bursting with ripe, cherry goodness...like you just left your local farmer's market!
• Sahara - A delicious Turkish tobacco flavored vape.
• Congress - A refined tobacco flavor with the distinctive flavor of great American tobacco (think Marlboro Lights, Parliament, Benson & Hedges, etc.)

V2 Cigs 50 ml E-liquid Bottle (pictured in Cherry flavor)

NOTE: You can also get the above-mentioned e-liquid flavors WITH nicotine as well (for those of you who still enjoy a little somethin' somethin' with your vaping :D).

All in all, the V2 Cigs e-liquid nicotine level options are as follow: 18 (Full), 12 (Medium), 6 (Light) and, of course, 0 (Zero nicotine).

You'll Save Money With E-Liquid!

If you're a vaper who's used to using flavor cartridges (cartomizers), you may be wondering about e-liquid and what benefits there are to using it. Well, the answer to that is quit simple: It will save you a lot of money. :)

The fact is, by refilling your used e-cig flavor cartridges (or by buying and filling blank cartridges) with e-liquid, you'll definitely save quite a bit of money. It's true! Using bottled e-liquid is a "tried-and-true" money saver. Just ask any seasoned vaper and they'll tell you.

So if you're not buying e-liquid and using it to refill your empty cartridges, then you're just throwing money down the drain.

Free E-Liquid Batch Test Reports

Another way in which V2 Cigs has set themselves apart from all the other e-cigarette companies is by providing free e-liquid batch test reports. In fact, they're the only e-cigarette company that tests AND publishes the results of their e-liquid batch tests online. They do this in order to ensure total product quality and safety.

These batch test reports are also available to you via email (for free). The batch tests will let you know exactly what's in the e-liquid, so you can be completely sure that you're getting the best quality available no matter what.

So how do you get a batch test report from V2 Cigs? Easy. Simply request one from them! :)

E-liquid Also = Less Waste!

Did you know? Using e-liquid means less waste. This is true. Using e-liquid to refill your empty e-cigarette flavor cartridges (instead of just throwing them away when they're empty) reduces waste.

By simply refilling your empty e-cig flavor cartridges (cartomizers) you can use them over and over again! This not only reduces waste (very important), but it will also save you a good amount of money in the long run. So it's a win-win for both you and the planet. :)

Anyway, be sure to check out the entire line of V2 Cigs zero nicotine e-liquids. It's the best zero nicotine you can get, and I guarantee you'll be very happy with it.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide

Happy vaping!

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December 18, 2012

Volcano LAVATUBE Version 2 Kit Review - Awesome or Not?

The Lavatube Version 2 Review - Awesome or Not?
UPDATE: The new Lavatube Version 2.5 is out! It now features both Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage!

It's always hard to improve something that's already awesome. But hey, where would technology be if no one ever tried to do so, right? And that's where Volcanoecigs comes in. And they've definitely done it this time....successfully improving something that was already quite awesome in the first place...the original Lavatube!

Enter, the New LAVATUBE Version 2...

The new Lavatube Version 2 is a variable voltage e-cigarette (with an operating range between 3 and 6 volts) from Volcanoecigs, and is the direct result of Volcano's desire to design and offer the most advanced variable voltage vaping device available. It takes a few design cues from the previous Lavatube version, but that's about it.

Truth be told, there are a whole lot of new features and capabilities that really set it apart from its predecessor. And so, I offer you this Lavatube Version 2 kit review. Read on to find out more...

So What's New With The New Lavatube Version 2?

1. The New Design...

The new Lavatube Version 2 has a greatly improved fit and finish. In fact, if you held it up side-by-side with the original Lavatube, the differences are night and day! No question, the Version 2 looks nothing short of spectacular! Just see below...

 The New Lavatube Version 2 (featured in Blue)

• Handcrafted - The Volcano Lavatube Version 2 is handcrafted from high-grade aluminum alloy, which not only reduces its overall weight, but also adds to its stylish appearance. In addition, a dot matrix pattern (as well as the Lavatube logo) is engraved right into the casing. This design element provides a "textured" surface (for improved gripping). It not only adds to the overall visual appeal of the device, but also makes it easier to handle the e-cig while you're vaping on it.

• Less Buttons To Fiddle With - They've actually scaled down the number of buttons (from 4 to 3) by combining the "Power" button and the "Activation" button into just one main button. The button has also been inlaid (embedded) into the e-cig device in order to prevent unwanted misfires. Said button clicks really smoothly and is a great improvement.

The New Lavatube Version 2 Buttons

• Hot New Colors - The new Lavatube Version 2 also comes in several different eye-popping colors that you can choose from in order to show off your own personal style. These colors also match perfectly with Volcano's line of anodized drip tips!

UPDATE: Gold and Chrome colors have also been added to the lineup! I've posted a pic further down the page.

And lemme tell you...when you put a matching drip tip on your Lavatube Version 2 you're absolutely guaranteed to impress anyone and everyone around you! :)

The New Lavatube Version 2 Available Colors

• New LCD Display - They've also upgraded the LCD screen to a bright blue LCD screen display. The new LCD screen display is not only brighter, but a lot easier to read as well. The LCD display will also notify you when your battery has been fully depleted. It will display "Lo" on the screen when the battery doesn't have enough voltage to power the e-cig device correctly.

It will then automatically shut off in order to protect the battery from over-depletion.

The Lavatube Version 2 New LCD Screen Display

2. Added Technology and Safety...

The Lavatube Version 2 also includes several new technological enhancements. Her are some of them...

• New Heat Coil Spring - The new version of the Lavatube now has a heat coil spring (instead of the old spring), which not only allows you to use a wider array of rechargeable batteries, but also helps to prevent damage to the e-cig in the event of a battery failure. If the heat coil detects abnormal heat conditions, it will automatically collapse and break the electrical connection to the e-cig in order to prevent any damage to the unit.

• Second Vent Hole - In addition to the new heat coil spring, Volcano has also added a second vent hole to the Lavatube Version 2 for even more security. So now there are two vent holes instead of just one. :)

• Added Fail-Safe Mechanism - As an added "fail-safe" mechanism, the Lavatube Version 2 is programmed to automatically shut itself off if it detects the "Activation" button being pressed for more than 15 seconds. This protects your Lavatube (and the heating element) from any damage due to accidental button presses.

• Battery Voltage Checker & Heating Element Resistance Checker - The Lavatube Version 2 now also includes a battery voltage checker and a heating element resistance checker.

In order to access the battery voltage checker, simply hold down the "Voltage down" button for 5 seconds and the LCD display will show you how much voltage is left in your battery. And much the same, to access the heating element's ohms resistance checker, simply hold the "Voltage up" button down for 5 seconds and the LCD screen will show you the current ohm's resistance.

What Comes In The Volcano Lavatube Version 2 Kit

The Volcanoecigs Lavatube Version 2 Starter Kit comes with the following:

1 LAVATUBE Version 2 (in your choice of color)
1 Black Cushioned Lavatube Carry Case
1 AW IMR 1600 mAH High Drain 18650 rechargeable LiMN battery
1 XTAR WP2 II multi-charger e-cigarette battery charger
1 7 ml Chrome Tube Tank Vapor Delivery System with 3.0 ohm cartomizer & drip tip
1 15 ml bottle of USA-made Premium E-liquid (in the flavor and nicotine strength of your choice)

Lavatube Version 2 Kit Features

The new Lavatube has several different features and capabilities. Some of these are:

Lightweight aluminum body
Anodized aluminum finish
1 Power / Activation button
1 Voltage Up button
1 Voltage Down button
Bright blue LCD screen
A Lanyard Clip
2 Vent holes
510 threaded connection (which allows you to switch between a wide selection of compatible heating elements)
18650 and 18700 battery compatible

• Increased Maximum Current Draw - The maximum current draw has also been increased to 3 amps, and the new Lavatube now features an advanced pulse width modulation power output that's tuned to VRMS settings (for the techies out there).

What is VRMS? Basically, it's the peak voltage, times the square root of one half. VRMS stands for "root mean square voltage". Huh?! What the...? Yeah. So what does it mean in regard to e-cigarettes?

Well...basically, it's how variable voltage devices control and calculate the voltage output. VRMS is pretty much just a more accurate way of doing that. Do I totally understand it? No. Do I need to? Nope!

Vapor Production and Performance

Vapor production of the Lavatube Version 2 is definitely great. And dare I say, awesome! In fact, the vapor production is very consistent throughout the entire life of the e-cig battery charge. And not only is it very consistent, but it's also at a level at which other variable voltage e-cigarette makers could only hope to achieve!

My only wish is that there was some kind of a "warning" before you actually reached the "Lo" battery warning stage. In essence, you can be vaping away all nilly-willy, and then all of a sudden you get the "Lo" warning on the LCD screen. And that pretty much means NO vapor at all. It can be quite frustrating. :(

My guess is that this will be the one thing that Volcano rectifies whenever the Lavatube Version 3 rolls out. ;)

Lavatube Version 2 Color Options

The new Lavatube Version 2 comes in a variety of really awesome colors. And these colors also match perfectly with Volcano's line of anodized drip tips!

New Lavatube Version 2 Variable Voltage E-cigarette (Available colors)

 The available colors for the Lavatube Version 2 Kit (as seen above) are:

Gun Metal Gray
Magenta (Pink or pinkish)

You also get your choice of e-liquid (the kit comes with a 15 ml bottle of e-liquid). Your e-liquid flavor choices are almost endless, as Volcano offers somewhere around 36 different e-liquid flavors.

Obviously, you can also choose your preferred nicotine strength. The e-liquid nicotine strength options are:

Extra High (24 MG)
Full Flavored (16 MG)
Lights (8 MG)
Zero (0 MG)

Overall Impressions

Overall, the Lavetube Version 2 is awesome.  No question, it's one of the best and most reliable variable voltage vaping e-cigarette devices you can get anywhere today.

Redesigned from the ground up, everything has been improved upon from the original (no end caps, better buttons, and improved technology). All you have to do is try it. And once you do, you'll be quite impressed.

It's world's better than the original Lavatube (which was pretty damn awesome to begin with)...and in so many ways (looks, performance, reliability, and yeah, even safety). Bottom line, Volcanoecigs have outdone themselves this time...improving a product that many said was impossible to improve upon in the first place.

And that's no small feat. So if you're curious about it, youcheck out the new Lavatube Version 2 here.

Happy vaping!

December 12, 2012

Win A $50 Vapor Couture Gift Certificate!

Hey vapers! Wanna win a $50 gift certificate from Vapor Couture? Then you're in luck! The folks at Vapor Couture are having a "Holiday Happy Hour" contest, and the winner will get a $50 gift certificate.

From Vapor Couture:

"What's your favorite drink this time of year? Do you love curling up with a mug of hot cocoa or would you rather sip eggnog with your nearest and dearest? If your hot toddy is famous in your family, it could win you a $50 Vapor Couture Gift Certificate!"

How To Enter The Contest

Entering the contest is pretty simple. Just head on over to their Facebook page (Facebook.com/VaporCouture), click on the contest link, and submit a photo of your winter beverage creation with your Vapor Couture e-cig. It's that easy.

The photo with the most votes wins. So don't forget to tell all your friends to vote for your pic! Oh yeah, and good luck! :)

Note: The $50 gift certificate can be used to purchase anything from the VaporCouture.com website - starter kits, vapor cartridges, batteries, accessories, etc.

Personally, I really like these sorta contests that involve social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, etc. They're not only super easy for you to enter, but they also really help spread the word about electronic cigarettes and vaping due to their "social" and "viral" capabilities. And that, of course, is a win-win for all of us vapers. :)

Happy vaping!

December 7, 2012

50 ml E-Liquid Bottles Now Available For Vapers!

In another industry first, the e-cigarette brand V2 Cigs has introduced 50 ml bottles of e-liquid. Up until now, the usual choices of e-liquid bottle sizes were 15 ml and 30 ml. But now you can get a full 50 ml of e-liquid in just one bottle! The larger bottle size is not only more convenient, but cheaper per ml as well.

These 50 ml e-liquid bottles are childproof and come with a convenient dropper that's built into the lid, which makes it really easy to fill and refill your cartridges. You can use this bottled e-liquid to fill standard blank cartridges and LiquiMax Blank cartridges, as well as to refill your empty flavor cartridges.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - V2 Platinum E-Liquid now available in 50ml bottles... Another ecig industry 1st!

The 50 ml bottle comes in the following e-liquid flavors: V2 Red, Sahara, Menthol, Peppermint, Congress, Mint Tea, Cherry and Chocolate

NOTE: If you're shopping for the holidays and thinking of getting your loved one something cool from V2 Cigs (makes a really awesome gift!), don't forget that they're offering holiday gift wrapping with all orders. They'll gift wrap it for you, and you can even include a personalized message with your gift! :)

Happy vaping!

Volt Premium Starter Kit Review (Smokeless Image)

Yeah, so I've spent a lot of time in the last few weeks writing about V2 Cigs. That's because they've had several e-cigarette sales going on, in addition to the fact that they introduced several new products recently. In other words, they've provided me with a lot of cool stuff to write about regarding e-cigarettes, e-liquid, and whatnot.

But now I think it's time I should give a little attention to another awesome e-cig brand. Namely, Smokeless Image. So here's a starter kit review I've been waiting to finally get up...

Smokeless Image Volt Premium Starter Kit Review

The Volt Premium Starter Kit from Smokeless Image comes with pretty much everything a vaper could want. Basically, this starter kit has been put together for those who want all the cool products they offer.

The Volt Premium Starter Kit comes with your choice of two different charging cases, both of which allow you to charge your e-cigarette batteries while you're out and about and on the go. It also offer you a ton of other options, allowing you to fully customize your starter kit just the way you like it!

What Comes In The Volt Premium Starter Kit

The Volt Premium Starter Kit by Smokeless Image comes with the following e-cig items:

2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries (each with your choice of LED light color, battery color and battery size)
10 Filter Tips (cartomizers) in your choice of flavor and nicotine strength
1 Volt Charging Case Kit (your choice between the Volt Slider Portable Charging Case and the Volt Mega Charging Case)
1 USB Battery Charger
1 USB Wall Adapter
1 USB Passthrough (a manual USB powered e-cig)
3 Month Warranty (covers all chargers, all batteries, all personal charging cases and all passthrough batteries)

Smokeless Image gives you a lot of different options with the Volt Premium Starter Kit, which allows you to fully customize your kit just the way you like it.

For example, you can choose which color batteries you want (16 colors to choose from!), which color LED light tips you want, and which battery size you prefer. In addition, you can also choose manual batteries or automatic batteries. And if you can't quite make up your mind, you can get one of each! :)

Beyond that, you can also choose which portable e-cigarette charging case you want. The e-cig charging case is included in the kit, and you can have either the Volt Slider Portable Battery Charging Case (PCC), or the Volt Mega Battery Charging Case (V2). Btw, both are really awesome.

Vapor Production and Performance

Vapor production of the Volt Premium Starter Kit is truly excellent. You'll definitely get some really great vapor, along with a really good throat hit!

The automatic batteries (you can choose automatic or manual batteries, or one of each!) are also great, and perform really well. Better than most other automatic batteries, in fact. They activate at just the right draw, and as for needing a "primer puff"? You won't hardly need one at all.

The manual batteries are even better, and do seem to have a performance edge over the automatic batteries (which isn't uncommon for manual e-cigarette batteries). We usually prefer manual e-cigarette batteries anyway, since they give you more control over your vaping experience as well as a better "hit" on your e-cigarettes. Manual batteries also seem to last longer than automatic batteries.

Battery Options (Colors, LEDs and Sizes)

The Volt Premium Starter Kit gives you a whole plethora of options when it comes to your e-cig batteries. The starter kit comes with two (2) rechargeable lithium ion batteries. You can get both of them as manual batteries or as automatic batteries. Or, you can get one of each (one manual and one automatic)!

You can also choose your battery color, your battery size (length) and the which color LED light tip you want. The Volt Premium Starter Kit battery options are as follows:

Battery Color Options: Black, Blue, Copper, Green, Gold, Orange, Neon (Lime Green), Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Raspberry, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, White and Yellow

The Smokeless Image Battery Colors

Battery Tip LED Light Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and White

Battery Sizes: 65mm or 78mm

Battery Types: Sealed Automatic Battery or Manual Battery (or one of each)

E-cigarette Battery Charger Options

You can also choose which portable e-cigarette charging case you want with this kit. You can pick between the Volt Slider Portable Charging Case (PCC) and the Volt Mega Battery Charging Case (V2).

For your convenience, I've pictured both of them below. And if it means anything, we do somewhat prefer the Mega Battery Charging Case - since it can hold two 78mm batteries and three cartomizers at the same time.

So yeah, the Mega Battery Charging Case does hold more batteries and cartomizers, though it's also 5mm thicker than the Volt Slider is. The Volt Slider does look better, though, in our opinion. So yeah, it all simply comes down to what you prefer and what your personal vaping needs are. Truth be told, we love both of them!

The Volt Slider Portable Charging Case (PCC)

The Volt Mega Battery Charging Case (V2)

Overall Impressions

No doubt, the Smokeless Image Volt Premium Starter Kit is a superb e-cig starter kit. This kit will give you both great performance and great reliability. It'll also make your vaping experience both easy and convenient, especially with the ability to charge your e-cig batteries on the go with either of the portable charging cases.

Bottom line, we really, really like this starter kit! And it definitely ranks right up there with V2 Cigs (our favorite e-cig brand to date). Honestly, we can't find any part of this kit that wouldn't make you very happy. It's superb all around.

Smokeless Image Coupon Code!

Wanna save money? Get a 10% discount on anything at Smokeless Image with the following coupon code: TRYVOLT9482

Just copy and past the coupon code in the "Discount Codes" box when you check out and you'll automatically get a 10% discount on your order! :)

Happy vaping!

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December 2, 2012

New V2 Standard Plus Kit - New From V2 Cigs!

Here's some good news...and just in time for the holidays! The leading e-cigarette brand, V2 Cigs, has just released a brand new e-cigarette starter kit to their ever-growing vaping lineup. Their new starter kit is the V2 Standard Plus Kit.

And trust me, the "Plus" part definitely stands for something. What's it stand for? Well, I'll tell you. The new V2 Standard Plus Kit is somewhat the same as the V2 Standard Kit, except for two really cool things:

1. This starter kit also includes the NEW V2 Portable Charging Case.


2. It's about $15 cheaper than the V2 Standard Kit AND the V2 Portable Charging Case combined! :)

This is awesome because most people who buy the V2 Standard Kit also buy the V2 Portable Charging Case (either at the same time, or eventually) as well. So basically, V2 Cigs is giving you BOTH of them...and for a whole $15 less!

From V2 Cigs:

"The V2 Standard Plus Kit includes all the essentials you’ll find in the V2 Standard Kit, PLUS a V2 Portable Charging Case. You’ll get everything you need to make the switch to a smoke-free lifestyle, plus a PCC — perfect for keeping your e-cig batteries charged and protected when you’re on the go.

The V2 Standard Plus Kit is equipped with the V2 Smart Charger. This neat little charger has a sophisticated internal chip and the ability to charge your battery nearly twice as fast, while safely preventing overcharging."

What Comes In The V2 Standard Plus Kit

As mentioned above, this e-cigarette starter kit comes with everything you'll need to finally make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to the totally smoke-free lifestyle of vaping.

You can also fully customize this starter kit to suit your liking. For example, you can choose which battery colors you want, which battery lengths you want, which cartridge vaping flavors you want, and which nicotine strength you prefer.

Here's a quick rundown of what's included in the V2 Standard Plus Kit:

1 V2 Automatic Battery
1 V2 Manual Battery
10 (ten) V2 Flavor Cartridges
1 Wall Adapter
1 NEW Smart Charger
1 NEW Portable Charging Case
1 V2 Manual
Lifetime Warranty

V2 Battery Options

The new V2 Standard Plus Kit comes with two (2) V2 e-cigarette batteries (one automatic battery and one manual battery). You can also customize each battery to your liking. Each V2 battery comes with the following options:

Battery Colors -  Black, White, Stainless Steel or Deep Metallic Blue
Battery Length -  Standard, Shorty or Long

Here are a couple more pics of the V2 Standard Plus Kit...

The V2 Standard Plus Kit (pictured with stainless steel batteries)

The V2 Portable Charging Case (pictured in graphite)

V2 Flavor Cartridge Options

The V2 Standard Plus Kit comes with a total of ten (10) V2 Flavor Cartridges. So basically, it comes with two V2 Flavor Cartridge "5-Packs". With each of these 5-Packs you can choose which vaping flavor (or flavors) you want, as well as which nicotine strength you prefer.

V2 Cigs offers the following vaping flavors and nicotine strengths:

Flavor Cartridge Flavors -  V2 Red, Menthol, Peppermint, Sahara, Congress, Mint Tea, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee
Nicotine Strengths -  18 (Full), 12 (Medium), 6 (Light) and 0 (Zero)

V2 Portable Charging Case Features

The NEW V2 Portable Charging Case, which is included in the new V2 Standard Plus Kit, was designed by the V2 engineers. And so, it's one of the best e-cigarette charging cases available to vapers today. It's slimmer than a pack of cigarettes, and allows you to charge up to 4 e-cig batteries...even when you're away from an actual power source!

Here are some of the charging case's main features:

Slim, ergonomic design that fits in the palm of your hand
Easy, slide-open cover
Screw-on battery charging (so you know your batteries are connected for charging)
Indicator lights tell you how much charge is available in the case and give you accurate charge readings of your batteries. The lights change when your batteries are charged completely.
Extra space to carry an extra e-cig battery or 2 extra e-cig flavor cartridges
Charges up to 4 V2 batteries when you're not near a power source
Connects to any standard USB port
Compatible with the V2 Wall Adapter (included) and the V2 Car Adapter

So there you have it. The brand new V2 Standard Plus Kit. No doubt this is an excellent buy, especially for those who are interested in the V2 Standard Kit and the V2 Portable Charging Case...because now you can get BOTH of them and save $15 at the same time! :)

Added Note: V2 Cigs Holiday Gift Wrapping!

V2 Cigs also offers holiday gift wrapping this year. This is absolutely perfect for those of us who are giving "vaping" gifts (starter kits, Limited Editions, accessories, etc.) to our loved ones. For an extra 5 bucks V2 Cigs will gift wrap your order for you. You can also personalize your gift with a special message for your friend or loved one.

IMHO, and as a seasoned vaper, there are few gifts you can give that will mean as much as a vaping gift will. Just imaging how happy they'll be when they open it up and find out that they can finally quit using those nasty, crappy, poison-ridden cigarettes once and for all! Trust me, they'll be thanking you for weeks and months to come. ;)

Well, this post is plenty long now, so I should probably wrap things up. Sorry if it's too long...I just got a bit excited when V2 let me know about their new e-cig kit. :P Anyway, take care, be safe, and as always...

Happy vaping!

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December 1, 2012

V2 Cigs Brings Back Classic Menthon Flavor For The Holidays

Leading e-cigarette brand V2 Cigs has decided to bring back their Classic Menthol flavor for the holiday season. The Classic Menthol flavor cartridges come in 5-pack, 20-pack and 40-pack sizes and can be found in their Limited Editions section.

From V2 Cigs:

"With the holiday season in full effect, we wanted to give a gift that we know fans will love and cherish. What could be better than bringing back the Classic Menthol our vaping veterans have been asking for?

This cool flavor is sure to sweeten your holiday season with its signature smooth taste and minty freshness."

So if you like a good menthol flavor when you vape, then head on over to V2 Cigs and check it out. Note that it's only available while supplies last.

Happy vaping!