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December 18, 2012

Volcano LAVATUBE Version 2 Kit Review - Awesome or Not?

The Lavatube Version 2 Review - Awesome or Not?
UPDATE: The new Lavatube Version 2.5 is out! It now features both Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage!

It's always hard to improve something that's already awesome. But hey, where would technology be if no one ever tried to do so, right? And that's where Volcanoecigs comes in. And they've definitely done it this time....successfully improving something that was already quite awesome in the first place...the original Lavatube!

Enter, the New LAVATUBE Version 2...

The new Lavatube Version 2 is a variable voltage e-cigarette (with an operating range between 3 and 6 volts) from Volcanoecigs, and is the direct result of Volcano's desire to design and offer the most advanced variable voltage vaping device available. It takes a few design cues from the previous Lavatube version, but that's about it.

Truth be told, there are a whole lot of new features and capabilities that really set it apart from its predecessor. And so, I offer you this Lavatube Version 2 kit review. Read on to find out more...

So What's New With The New Lavatube Version 2?

1. The New Design...

The new Lavatube Version 2 has a greatly improved fit and finish. In fact, if you held it up side-by-side with the original Lavatube, the differences are night and day! No question, the Version 2 looks nothing short of spectacular! Just see below...

 The New Lavatube Version 2 (featured in Blue)

• Handcrafted - The Volcano Lavatube Version 2 is handcrafted from high-grade aluminum alloy, which not only reduces its overall weight, but also adds to its stylish appearance. In addition, a dot matrix pattern (as well as the Lavatube logo) is engraved right into the casing. This design element provides a "textured" surface (for improved gripping). It not only adds to the overall visual appeal of the device, but also makes it easier to handle the e-cig while you're vaping on it.

• Less Buttons To Fiddle With - They've actually scaled down the number of buttons (from 4 to 3) by combining the "Power" button and the "Activation" button into just one main button. The button has also been inlaid (embedded) into the e-cig device in order to prevent unwanted misfires. Said button clicks really smoothly and is a great improvement.

The New Lavatube Version 2 Buttons

• Hot New Colors - The new Lavatube Version 2 also comes in several different eye-popping colors that you can choose from in order to show off your own personal style. These colors also match perfectly with Volcano's line of anodized drip tips!

UPDATE: Gold and Chrome colors have also been added to the lineup! I've posted a pic further down the page.

And lemme tell you...when you put a matching drip tip on your Lavatube Version 2 you're absolutely guaranteed to impress anyone and everyone around you! :)

The New Lavatube Version 2 Available Colors

• New LCD Display - They've also upgraded the LCD screen to a bright blue LCD screen display. The new LCD screen display is not only brighter, but a lot easier to read as well. The LCD display will also notify you when your battery has been fully depleted. It will display "Lo" on the screen when the battery doesn't have enough voltage to power the e-cig device correctly.

It will then automatically shut off in order to protect the battery from over-depletion.

The Lavatube Version 2 New LCD Screen Display

2. Added Technology and Safety...

The Lavatube Version 2 also includes several new technological enhancements. Her are some of them...

• New Heat Coil Spring - The new version of the Lavatube now has a heat coil spring (instead of the old spring), which not only allows you to use a wider array of rechargeable batteries, but also helps to prevent damage to the e-cig in the event of a battery failure. If the heat coil detects abnormal heat conditions, it will automatically collapse and break the electrical connection to the e-cig in order to prevent any damage to the unit.

• Second Vent Hole - In addition to the new heat coil spring, Volcano has also added a second vent hole to the Lavatube Version 2 for even more security. So now there are two vent holes instead of just one. :)

• Added Fail-Safe Mechanism - As an added "fail-safe" mechanism, the Lavatube Version 2 is programmed to automatically shut itself off if it detects the "Activation" button being pressed for more than 15 seconds. This protects your Lavatube (and the heating element) from any damage due to accidental button presses.

• Battery Voltage Checker & Heating Element Resistance Checker - The Lavatube Version 2 now also includes a battery voltage checker and a heating element resistance checker.

In order to access the battery voltage checker, simply hold down the "Voltage down" button for 5 seconds and the LCD display will show you how much voltage is left in your battery. And much the same, to access the heating element's ohms resistance checker, simply hold the "Voltage up" button down for 5 seconds and the LCD screen will show you the current ohm's resistance.

What Comes In The Volcano Lavatube Version 2 Kit

The Volcanoecigs Lavatube Version 2 Starter Kit comes with the following:

1 LAVATUBE Version 2 (in your choice of color)
1 Black Cushioned Lavatube Carry Case
1 AW IMR 1600 mAH High Drain 18650 rechargeable LiMN battery
1 XTAR WP2 II multi-charger e-cigarette battery charger
1 7 ml Chrome Tube Tank Vapor Delivery System with 3.0 ohm cartomizer & drip tip
1 15 ml bottle of USA-made Premium E-liquid (in the flavor and nicotine strength of your choice)

Lavatube Version 2 Kit Features

The new Lavatube has several different features and capabilities. Some of these are:

Lightweight aluminum body
Anodized aluminum finish
1 Power / Activation button
1 Voltage Up button
1 Voltage Down button
Bright blue LCD screen
A Lanyard Clip
2 Vent holes
510 threaded connection (which allows you to switch between a wide selection of compatible heating elements)
18650 and 18700 battery compatible

• Increased Maximum Current Draw - The maximum current draw has also been increased to 3 amps, and the new Lavatube now features an advanced pulse width modulation power output that's tuned to VRMS settings (for the techies out there).

What is VRMS? Basically, it's the peak voltage, times the square root of one half. VRMS stands for "root mean square voltage". Huh?! What the...? Yeah. So what does it mean in regard to e-cigarettes?

Well...basically, it's how variable voltage devices control and calculate the voltage output. VRMS is pretty much just a more accurate way of doing that. Do I totally understand it? No. Do I need to? Nope!

Vapor Production and Performance

Vapor production of the Lavatube Version 2 is definitely great. And dare I say, awesome! In fact, the vapor production is very consistent throughout the entire life of the e-cig battery charge. And not only is it very consistent, but it's also at a level at which other variable voltage e-cigarette makers could only hope to achieve!

My only wish is that there was some kind of a "warning" before you actually reached the "Lo" battery warning stage. In essence, you can be vaping away all nilly-willy, and then all of a sudden you get the "Lo" warning on the LCD screen. And that pretty much means NO vapor at all. It can be quite frustrating. :(

My guess is that this will be the one thing that Volcano rectifies whenever the Lavatube Version 3 rolls out. ;)

Lavatube Version 2 Color Options

The new Lavatube Version 2 comes in a variety of really awesome colors. And these colors also match perfectly with Volcano's line of anodized drip tips!

New Lavatube Version 2 Variable Voltage E-cigarette (Available colors)

 The available colors for the Lavatube Version 2 Kit (as seen above) are:

Gun Metal Gray
Magenta (Pink or pinkish)

You also get your choice of e-liquid (the kit comes with a 15 ml bottle of e-liquid). Your e-liquid flavor choices are almost endless, as Volcano offers somewhere around 36 different e-liquid flavors.

Obviously, you can also choose your preferred nicotine strength. The e-liquid nicotine strength options are:

Extra High (24 MG)
Full Flavored (16 MG)
Lights (8 MG)
Zero (0 MG)

Overall Impressions

Overall, the Lavetube Version 2 is awesome.  No question, it's one of the best and most reliable variable voltage vaping e-cigarette devices you can get anywhere today.

Redesigned from the ground up, everything has been improved upon from the original (no end caps, better buttons, and improved technology). All you have to do is try it. And once you do, you'll be quite impressed.

It's world's better than the original Lavatube (which was pretty damn awesome to begin with)...and in so many ways (looks, performance, reliability, and yeah, even safety). Bottom line, Volcanoecigs have outdone themselves this time...improving a product that many said was impossible to improve upon in the first place.

And that's no small feat. So if you're curious about it, youcheck out the new Lavatube Version 2 here.

Happy vaping!


  1. This is simply amazing and the option to select the nicotine level is outstanding, a thing which can surely attract many people to buy this product, will share this with my uncle who uses such kind of things.

    1. Yeah, it is a pretty awesome product. Sounds like your uncle likes cool things. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Isn't this thing a bit bigger than the normal size of a cigarette, may be it has so many features included it which require some space like bigger battery and lcd screen.

    1. Hi Gavin. Yeah, it is bigger. That's because it isn't a "regular" e-cigarette. It's a variable voltage e-cigarette. They're always bigger than typical e-cigs...because they're more powerful, and so, require bigger batteries to power the unit. And also what you said...the LCD screen, etc.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Yeah bigger means powerful, why i haven't seen these in real, i mean there are a lot of people around me who use electronic cigarettes but none of them has something like this.

    1. Hi Blake. A lot of people do use them (variable voltage e-cigs), but many more just use regular e-cigarettes. Usually, people start off with a typical e-cig, but as they become more serious vapers, they tend to graduate to more advanced vaping devices like variable voltage e-cigs, etc.

      Basically, it just comes down to personal preference. Some prefer the smaller e-cigs and some prefer the larger ones with more power, more gadgets, better vapor performance, etc.

  4. Thanks so much for this review on the Lavatube version 2. I spent a lot of time looking here and there and reading up on variable voltage e-cigarettes, and I'm glad to say that your review was the most detailed one I could find anywhere.

    I'm glad to say also that I got mine in the mail last week (it arrived quite quickly) and wow do I love this thing! Best variable voltage ecig I ever had. THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!

    So yeah, just wanted to say THANKS for turning me on to it. If any of you vapers are thinking of getting the Lavatube Version 2 then all I can say is that it's well worth it...and go for it! Best vaping purchase I've made in all my years of vaping.


    1. Thanks Robert! I appreciate your kind comment very much. So glad to hear that you're enjoying your LAVATUBE Version 2. :)

      And yeah, I definitely agree; it IS the best variable voltage vaping e-cigarette on the market, bar none!

      Cheers, and glad we could help you make an informed e-cigarette purchase decision. :)

      Shine on,



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