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December 7, 2012

Volt Premium Starter Kit Review (Smokeless Image)

Yeah, so I've spent a lot of time in the last few weeks writing about V2 Cigs. That's because they've had several e-cigarette sales going on, in addition to the fact that they introduced several new products recently. In other words, they've provided me with a lot of cool stuff to write about regarding e-cigarettes, e-liquid, and whatnot.

But now I think it's time I should give a little attention to another awesome e-cig brand. Namely, Smokeless Image. So here's a starter kit review I've been waiting to finally get up...

Smokeless Image Volt Premium Starter Kit Review

The Volt Premium Starter Kit from Smokeless Image comes with pretty much everything a vaper could want. Basically, this starter kit has been put together for those who want all the cool products they offer.

The Volt Premium Starter Kit comes with your choice of two different charging cases, both of which allow you to charge your e-cigarette batteries while you're out and about and on the go. It also offer you a ton of other options, allowing you to fully customize your starter kit just the way you like it!

What Comes In The Volt Premium Starter Kit

The Volt Premium Starter Kit by Smokeless Image comes with the following e-cig items:

2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries (each with your choice of LED light color, battery color and battery size)
10 Filter Tips (cartomizers) in your choice of flavor and nicotine strength
1 Volt Charging Case Kit (your choice between the Volt Slider Portable Charging Case and the Volt Mega Charging Case)
1 USB Battery Charger
1 USB Wall Adapter
1 USB Passthrough (a manual USB powered e-cig)
3 Month Warranty (covers all chargers, all batteries, all personal charging cases and all passthrough batteries)

Smokeless Image gives you a lot of different options with the Volt Premium Starter Kit, which allows you to fully customize your kit just the way you like it.

For example, you can choose which color batteries you want (16 colors to choose from!), which color LED light tips you want, and which battery size you prefer. In addition, you can also choose manual batteries or automatic batteries. And if you can't quite make up your mind, you can get one of each! :)

Beyond that, you can also choose which portable e-cigarette charging case you want. The e-cig charging case is included in the kit, and you can have either the Volt Slider Portable Battery Charging Case (PCC), or the Volt Mega Battery Charging Case (V2). Btw, both are really awesome.

Vapor Production and Performance

Vapor production of the Volt Premium Starter Kit is truly excellent. You'll definitely get some really great vapor, along with a really good throat hit!

The automatic batteries (you can choose automatic or manual batteries, or one of each!) are also great, and perform really well. Better than most other automatic batteries, in fact. They activate at just the right draw, and as for needing a "primer puff"? You won't hardly need one at all.

The manual batteries are even better, and do seem to have a performance edge over the automatic batteries (which isn't uncommon for manual e-cigarette batteries). We usually prefer manual e-cigarette batteries anyway, since they give you more control over your vaping experience as well as a better "hit" on your e-cigarettes. Manual batteries also seem to last longer than automatic batteries.

Battery Options (Colors, LEDs and Sizes)

The Volt Premium Starter Kit gives you a whole plethora of options when it comes to your e-cig batteries. The starter kit comes with two (2) rechargeable lithium ion batteries. You can get both of them as manual batteries or as automatic batteries. Or, you can get one of each (one manual and one automatic)!

You can also choose your battery color, your battery size (length) and the which color LED light tip you want. The Volt Premium Starter Kit battery options are as follows:

Battery Color Options: Black, Blue, Copper, Green, Gold, Orange, Neon (Lime Green), Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Raspberry, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, White and Yellow

The Smokeless Image Battery Colors

Battery Tip LED Light Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and White

Battery Sizes: 65mm or 78mm

Battery Types: Sealed Automatic Battery or Manual Battery (or one of each)

E-cigarette Battery Charger Options

You can also choose which portable e-cigarette charging case you want with this kit. You can pick between the Volt Slider Portable Charging Case (PCC) and the Volt Mega Battery Charging Case (V2).

For your convenience, I've pictured both of them below. And if it means anything, we do somewhat prefer the Mega Battery Charging Case - since it can hold two 78mm batteries and three cartomizers at the same time.

So yeah, the Mega Battery Charging Case does hold more batteries and cartomizers, though it's also 5mm thicker than the Volt Slider is. The Volt Slider does look better, though, in our opinion. So yeah, it all simply comes down to what you prefer and what your personal vaping needs are. Truth be told, we love both of them!

The Volt Slider Portable Charging Case (PCC)

The Volt Mega Battery Charging Case (V2)

Overall Impressions

No doubt, the Smokeless Image Volt Premium Starter Kit is a superb e-cig starter kit. This kit will give you both great performance and great reliability. It'll also make your vaping experience both easy and convenient, especially with the ability to charge your e-cig batteries on the go with either of the portable charging cases.

Bottom line, we really, really like this starter kit! And it definitely ranks right up there with V2 Cigs (our favorite e-cig brand to date). Honestly, we can't find any part of this kit that wouldn't make you very happy. It's superb all around.

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Happy vaping!

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