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January 23, 2013

White Cloud Cirrus 3 Starter Kit Review

NOTE: We do not recommend White Cloud Cigarettes for a variety of reasons.

Brands we DO recommend are: Halo Cigs, V2 Cigs and Volcanoecigs...

With so many e-cigarette starter kits to choose from, it's hard to figure out which are worth your money and which are not. Based on things like performance, reliability, customer reviews and product warranties, our top picks are the three mentioned above.

White Cloud Cirrus 3 Starter Kit Review

The White Cloud Cirrus 3 Starter Kit is the smallest and lightest Cirrus they've ever made. In fact, it's even shorter than a non-filtered cigarette.

The Cirrus 3 Starter Kit (pictured with Classic White batteries)

What Comes In The White Cloud Cirrus 3 Starter Kit

The Cirrus 3 by White Cloud Cigarettes comes with the following:

3 rechargeable batteries (each with your choice of classic white finish or brushed metal finish and grey ash tip, crystal tip or blackout tip)
5 SmoothDraw Cartridges
1 Squid Charger
1 AC adapter
Standard 6 month warranty

Some Quick Technical Facts...

The Squid Charger (Included)

Also included in the Cirrus 3 Starter Kit is the Squid Charger, a USB e-cigarette charger that allows you to charge three (3) e-cig batteries all at the same time. With the Squid Charger you can charge all three of your batteries simultaneously, and in the same amount of time that it would take to charge just one battery.

The White Cloud Squid Charger - A USB E-cigarette Charger

Just plug the Squid Charger into a USB port to charge your batteries. Charge one, charge two, or charge all three batteries at the same time. The battery charge time is somewhere around 60 minutes or more.

Note: The Squid Charger is compatible with all White Cloud e-cigarette batteries. So, if you already have a White Cloud starter kit (e.g., the Cirrus 3x Starter Kit, the Cirrus Variety Kit, or the Cirrus II Starter Kit), you can buy the Squid Charger separately and use it to charge your e-cig batteries. Just look for it in the White Cloud "Accessories" section.

The Squid Charger also comes with the White Cloud Phantom Kit.

SmoothDraw Cartridge Flavors

White Cloud Cigarettes allows you to customize your starter kit by offering several different e-cigarette cartridge flavors from which you can choose.

The current e-cig SmoothDraw Cartridge flavor options are:

• Tobacco Flavor - A tobacco flavored vape. If you like regular tobacco flavor, then this one is probably for you.
• Menthol Flavor - A refreshing and cooling menthol flavor, with a real menthol tobacco feel!
• Vanilla Flavor - A delicious vanilla flavored vape. True to taste...and delicious. If you like vanilla, then you should definitely enjoy this vaping flavor.
• Espresso Flavor - Like espresso and coffee? Then you'll certainly love this one. It's a delicious espresso flavored vape that even leaves the delicious taste of coffee in your mouth! :)
• Chocolate Flavor - A chocolate flavored vape. According to customer reviews, the chocolate flavor was kinda weak. So I wouldn't suggest this flavor...at least not until White Cloud reworks it.
• Clove Flavor - A lovely clove flavored vape. No question, this tastes exactly like a clove cigarette! So if you like clove cigarettes, then be sure to get this flavor! :)
• Strawberry Flavor - A strawberry flavored vape. Tastes like fresh strawberries.
• Kick Flavor - A delicious honey and cinnamon vape. The cinnamon comes through quite nicely and really mixes well the honey. If you love honey and cinnamon, then this might just be one of your favorites!
• Snap Flavor - Think chocolate chip mint ice cream! A refreshing melange of frosty mint leaves, muddled with cacao beans. Yummy!
• Moscow Mule Flavor - The first "limited edition" flavor from White Cloud. It's a hip cocktail of chilled spirits, with a kick of ginger and a twist of lime.
• Apache Flavor - With a salt-of-the-earth attitude (and taste), this bold tobacco flavor is for those who think light cigarettes are useless.
• Bora Bora Flavor - The mild, yet intriguing flavor of finely cured tobacco (imported from exotic ports of call). Bora Bora will appeal to those who enjoy a sweet, mellow flavor to wash off a stressful day.
• Lime and Coconut Flavor - Celebrate summer with this lime and coconut flavor. Like the name suggests, it's a tropical cocktail of limes, liquors and a splash of sweet coconut.
• Apple Flavor - Fresh to the core, and with a true green apple flavor, this one is a favorite of many vapers. If you love apples, then this one is definitely for you!
• Peach Flavor - With the juicy, fresh taste of a Georgia peach (but without the fuzz), the peach flavor is sweet and yummy, just like you'd expect it to be.

Vapor Jackets (E-cig Battery Wraps)

Sure, White Cloud Cigarettes do offer a great selection of Vapor Jackets (colorful and easy-to-apply "wraps" for your e-cig batteries - as seen above), but all in all, it's not the best bang for your buck in our opinion.

If you want an awesome vaping product that's well worth your time and money, then we suggest you take a look at either Halo Cigs, V2 Cigs or Volcanoecigs. They all rock, and are definitely well worth it.

Happy vaping!

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