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February 13, 2013

The Safe Cig Website Is Gone? Get A Free Adapter From V2 Cigs!

As you may have recently found out, The Safe Cig website has been taken down...without explanation to its customers. Obviously, this is leading many to wonder if Safe Cig has gone out of business.

So has Safe Cig gone out of business? Well, who the heck knows! The website went down, without any prior warning, and now just redirects to a GoDaddy parked page. Very weird, and definitely not something you'd want from a company if you were a customer!

I'm just glad I never once recommended them to any of my readers. Whew!

So what can you do if you're a Safe Cig customer? Thankfully, I DO have a solution to help you out so that you're not stuck...

Get A Free Safe Cig-to-V2 Adapter

V2 Cigs is now offering a FREE Safe Cig-to-V2 adapter to anyone who orders any V2 flavor cartridges (from now, until February 28th).

This Type 1 adapter will make all V2 flavor cartridges fully compatible with the Safe Cig MICRO batteries! This way, you won't be left high and dry.

How To Get The Free Adapter

Simply order any V2 Flavor Cartridge and that will automatically trigger a "One Time Combo Deal!" popup menu. Simply select the Safe Cig to V2 adapter combo deal and the adapter will be included with your order for free! :)

So with this really cool deal from V2 Cigs, you Safe Cig customers out there won't have to worry about not being able to vape with your Safe Cig. You can switch over to V2's superior flavor cartridges...without having to worry about buying new batteries.

Happy vaping!

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