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April 23, 2013

California Bill SB 648 (E-cigarette Usage Ban) Update

A couple weeks back I wrote about California bill SB 648, a ridiculous bill that would declare e-cigarettes as "hazardous to the health of the general public" and include them in all future smoking bans passed in California.

Well, here's an update to what's currently going on with the proposed bill and how you can help to defeat it...

SB 648 UPDATE: The Senate Health Committee moved SB 648 out of committee on April 17th by a 6-2 vote.

SB 648 is now scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 30th. The hearing takes place at 1:30 PM in room 112.

How To Help Stop This Bill!

If you're a California resident, be sure to submit (or resubmit) your testimony in opposition to SB 648 by emailing it directly to the Judiciary Committee at: ronak.daylami@sen.ca.gov.

Also, be sure to put "SB 648 Testimony" in the subject line and include your name and city.

Video: To watch the hearing on SB 648 that took place on April 17th, click below (the portion covering e-cigarettes begins at the 34:16 minute mark). CASAA Legislative Director, Gregory Conley, was a featured speaker, as was Father Jack Kearney of the California Association for Alcohol & Drug Educators (CAADE).


Stay Informed

You can keep up-to-date on California bill SB 648 by checking this site. We'll add updates as we get them. Also, be sure to check out the CASAA blog post on this matter and follow them on Twitter (@CASAAmedia).

CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives) is a non-profit organization that works to ensure the availability of reduced harm alternatives to smoking. In other words, they're working hard to protect us vapers! CASAA'a blog is the go-to source for the most up-to-date information regarding proposed laws regarding e-cigarettes and their use.

Happy vaping!


  1. Thankfully I'm not in california! Still, I'm wondering how this bill amendment went? Had it come through or not?

    1. According to the CASAA blog update (6-22-13), it passed the California Senate and is has been assigned to the California Assembly Committee on Government Organization.


      From CASAA: "California citizens should not only submit testimony in opposition to SB 648, but you should also begin the process of contacting your own California State Assembly representative directly to encourage a NO vote on SB 648."

      So I hope enough California vapers speak up!


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