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August 18, 2013

NicQuid Review - Banana Nut Bread E-Liquid Flavor

So last week I ordered some very tasty e-liquid from NicQuid. I got two flavors from them - Banana Nut Bread and Sinnabun (both are delicious, btw).

I've been vaping both of them quite a lot since I got them and wanted to do a review for you guys. This particular e-liquid review is about NicQuid's Banana Nut Bread flavor. I'll put up the review of the Sinnabun flavor in the next couple days, so stay tuned! :)

NicQuid Banana Nut Bread - Tastes just like warm, homemade banana nut bread straight out of the oven. This e-liquid flavor is delicious!

What it is: A banana bread flavored e-liquid
Where to get it: http://www.nicquid.com

NicQuid Review - Banana Nut Bread E-Liquid

First off, I should let you know that I bought this e-liquid for myself. It was not given to me for free by NicQuid for a review, nor did they ask me to do one. I simply wanted to try it out since it sounded tasty.

Anyway, I've been vaping NicQuid's Banana Nut Bread e-liquid for the last week, and honestly, I couldn't be more pleased with it. To put it simply, it tastes EXACTLY like banana nut bread. I mean, it's spot on!

In fact, it tastes so much like the real thing that it actually inspired me to bake some "real" banana bread (using our old family recipe) so I could do a true side-by-side taste comparison.

Tick tock, tick tock. An hour and a half later...

After the banana bread was finally out of the oven and cooled down enough to be cut, I ate a slice. OK, so I actually ate four or five slices. :P Then I picked up my trusty Halo Triton and started vaping NicQuid's BNB flavor.

Holy WOW! It truly does taste exactly like banana nut bread! I mean, it's absolutely identical - warm, flavorful and oh so delicious. Throat hit is perfect, as is vapor production. This one really produces quite a lot of vapor. :)

NicQuid Banana Nut Bread E-Liquid - 30ml bottle (cell phone pic)

When I ordered this e-liquid, I got the 30ml bottle size, which is the largest size they currently offer. Anyway, I'm glad that I did, since I totally love this flavor. It's so tasty that I've been vaping it every day, all day long.

It's especially enjoyable with your morning coffee. The two flavors really play around and compliment each other quite well. It's a perfect flavor combination.

Too sweet? No. Even though it tastes exactly like banana bread, it's not really all that sweet. In fact, the sweetness level is quite low, which is why it makes for a great all day vape. Bottom line, if you like banana nut bread, then you'll definitely want to give this one a try.

Nicotine Strength and Bottle Sizes

Like other quality e-liquid vendors, NicQuid offers several nicotine strengths with all their flavors, ranging from 24mg to 0mg (no nicotine). The strength I chose for my BNB e-liquid was the 18mg option, and the bottle size I ordered was the largest (30ml).

Here are the options...

Nicotine strength: 24mg (2.4%), 18mg (1.8%). 12mg (1.2%), 6mg (0.6%) and 0mg (0.0%) 
Bottle sizes: 5ml, 10ml and 30ml

Note: In case you're new to vaping, the "0mg" option is also known as "no nicotine" or "zero nicotine". So if you don't want any nic at all, that's the one you'll want to choose.

NicQuid BNB Review Rundown

Here's a quick review rundown for those of you who are in a rush...

Flavor - Crazy delicious. If you like banana nut bread, you'll love this flavor.
Vapor production - Awesome. Produces A LOT of vapor.
Throat hit - Perfect. Great throat hit and no harshness.
All day vape? - Yes. Not too sweet for an all day vape.

Overall Conclusion

NicQuid's Banana Nut Bread flavor is really delicious. It's easily one of my all-time favorite vapes thus far, right up there with a few of Halo's flavors (Cafe Mocha, Voodoo and SubZero).

So if you're looking for a delicious vape, head on over to NicQuid's website to see what they have to offer.

Happy vaping!

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