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September 6, 2013

Innokin iTaste 134 Review

What it is: Innokin iTaste 134, a variable wattage e-cig device
Where to get it: http://www.mtbakervapor.com

Well, it's finally here, folks! The e-cigarette Mod so many vapers have been waiting for - the Innokin iTaste 134.

There's been a whole lot of buzz over the last couple of months while vapers anxiously waited for the iTaste 134 official release. Vaping forums and YouTube were flooded with comments and questions from people begging to know how and where they could get one.

Good news! You can finally get one here, from the much loved and respected Mt. Baker Vapor. :) And for those of you who aren't already sure they want one, here's our iTaste 134 vape review...

Innokin iTaste 134 Review

The Innokin iTaste 134 is a VW (variable wattage) personal vaporizer e-cig that allows you to adjust your personal vaping wattage - from 6.5 watts, all the way up to 12.5 watts. Pretty killer.

And yes, it vapes shockingly well. -But you probably figured that out already. :P

Interesting fact: The Innokin iTaste 134 is actually modeled after the totally badass six-barreled machine gun known as the M134 Minigun (via History.com). And while the resemblance is quite clear, it does also look a whole lot like a Star Wars lightsaber. In fact, that's what most vapers have commented on. Aside from wanting one, of course.

The Innokin iTaste 134 Starter Kit Includes...

The iTaste 134 Starter Kit from Mt. Baker Vapor includes the following:

1 Innokin iTaste 134 Mod
1 iClear 30 Dual coil Clearomizer (with rotational / swivel drip tips)
1 iTaste Beauty ring
1 Carry Case
1 User Manual

And for all of you detail-oriented vapers who like to know all the ins and outs, here are the main features...

Innokin iTaste 134 Features

Variable Wattage Vaping - Adjustable from 6.5 watts to 12.5 watts (via the Rotational Wheel feature)
On/Off Battery Switch - 3 quick clicks turn it On, and 3 clicks turn in Off
Scale Display Wattage - Offers a more intuitive control & more accurate performance
Battery Level Indicator - 3 LED light colors (Green = Fully charged, Yellow = Half discharged, Red = Time to recharge)
High Compatibility 510 Connector - Fits the iClear 10, iClear 16 and iClear 30 clearomizers, as well as other standard 510 accessories (Kanger Protank, AMP Tank, standard 510 cartomizers, standard 510 atomizers, etc.).
510 / eGo connection
Low Voltage Warning
Short Circuit Protection / Atomizer Protection

Innokin iTaste 134 Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production and flavor, the Innokin iTaste 134 definitely delivers everything that it promises. So be prepared to experience an immense amount of vapor and a killer amount of flavor.

If you're not, then you're simply doing it wrong. :P

Another iTaste 134 photo...

Innokin iTaste 134 Review Rundown

Bottom line, Innokin's iTaste 134 is a rock solid vaping device. It feels nice and comfortable to hold in the hand, and very straight forward in its operation.

It definitely over delivers, and is well worth it if you're looking for a vaping Mod that is sure turn heads and start some interesting conversations.

Want one? Then head on over to Mt. Baker Vapor and have a look-see. ;)

Happy vaping!

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