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October 21, 2013

MadVapes Vortex Acrylic APV - And Other Vaping Stuff

Want a really cool APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer)? Then look no further than MadVapes.

The Vortex Acrylic APV (by MadVapes) is a 3.7 volt APV that has a fan built into the mod. It'll increase the vapor production of a cartomizer, clearomizer, atomizer or tank.

A fan is mounted just below the connector that turns on whenever the button is pressed to vape. It'll actually pump out vapor just by holding down the button!

The MadVapes Vortex is driven by a circuit board that offers several advanced features. These features include: lock mode, 12 second safety timeout, low battery indicator, battery voltage readout, over current protection, etc.

510 Compatible? Well, Yes.

The Vortex APV has a side-mounted button, and according to MadVapes, "the 510 connector is free to accept any 510 tank." Good to know! Additionally, there are ample vent holes in the side of the Vortex APV for added airflow and safety.

Interested in the MadVapes Vortex APV? Go here to check it out. 

New Cool Vaping Stuff From MadVapes

The Innokin iTaste MVP Kit with iClear 16

The Innokin iTaste 134

The Magnetic Bolt

iClear 16 Clearomizers

Without a doubt, the MadVapes e-cig company is awesome. In other words, they're great! :)

But hey, don't forget about the other awesome companies out there - like Halo Cigs, for example. They're totally awesome, and a must-see for any serious vaper.

Happy vaping!

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