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December 16, 2013

Vaping Deals - 30% Off Bonzai Banana E-Liquid Sale


Here's a quick heads up for all you vapers looking for a good deal on e-liquid. Volcanoecigs is currently running an e-liquid sale and offering their Bonzai Banana e-liquid at 30% off!

Their Bonzai Banana e-liquid tastes like a banana flavored runt candy. So yeah, it's a candied banana type of flavor. A lot of vapers love this one - but if you want to really kick it up a notch, mix it with their Cherry Lava e-liquid flavor!

The 30% off deal is good for both the 15ml and 30ml bottle sizes, as well as all nicotine strengths (24 mg, 12 mg, 8 mg and zero nicotine - 0 mg).

Banana flavors not your thing? No prob. Check out their vast collection of other e-liquids. Volcanoecigs currently offers a whopping 42 different e-liquid flavors. Their quality is top-notch, btw.

Happy vaping!

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