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February 27, 2014

Halo Triton Twist Battery Review

Twist, twist, WOW.

If you're looking for an awesome variable voltage e-cig battery (you know, one that will finally take your vaping to the next level and beyond), and need one with both superior performance and reliability, then be sure to take a look at the Halo Triton Twist Battery.

No doubt, you'll be glad that you did.

As an all-time favorite of experienced vapers, Halo Cigs are known worldwide in the vaping community for their superior quality, performance and reliability. And the Triton variable voltage Twist Battery is no different.

It combines all of the awesomeness of the regular Triton e-cig (you can see our review here) and then kicks everything up - several notches.

Triton Variable Voltage Twist Batteries

Vaping Performance

Obviously, the most important aspect of any variable voltage e-cig battery is the overall performance it offers. And this sucker truly has it.

With a battery charge of 900 mAh, and an adjustable voltage range from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts, the Triton Twist Battery definitely delivers the best flavor from any e-liquid you can get. I mean, this thing really kicks out the flavor! :)

From start to finish, the Triton Twist produces a really nice, warm vape, and a truly superb flavor that is totally unmatched by others. If you love the taste of your favorite e-liquid now, then just wait until you vape it with this battery! You'll fall head over heels in love with it all over again. We promise.

My personal Triton Twist Battery (in the Midnight Blue color)

As for vapor production - it's absolutely insane. Being as we're huge fans of big, thick, beautiful and wondrous plumes, we can undoubtedly say that we were more than impressed with the Triton Twist's vapor production.

Bottom line, you'll get massive vapor with it. 'Nuff said.

Battery Life

As you very well know, nothing sucks more than a battery that doesn't last. When you pick up your e-cigarette, you shouldn't have to worry about whether or not it's actually gonna work. You also shouldn't have to worry about charging it every couple of hours or so.

Thankfully, Halo Cigs have this one nailed down tight as well. As most experienced vapers already now, all of the Triton batteries (whether they be variable voltage or not) last longer than other brands do. Period.

That said, vaping all day long is never a problem. In fact, we generally get about two days worth of vaping on a single charge. And while your personal vaping mileage may vary, there's no doubt that Halo's batteries last longer than other e-cigarette brands do.

Note: Triton battery charge time is also much less than other batteries.

Looks and Design

If there's just one e-cig battery that'll get you compliments from other fellow vapers, then the Triton Twist is definitely it. Aside from its stellar performance, it looks really great in person. It's so smooth, clean and beautiful. But it's the overall functional design that we really love the best.

Being as it's a variable voltage twist battery, it's the actual "twist" function that really sets it apart from other VV batteries on the market now. For example, the dial on the bottom is knurled (in order to avoid slippage). It's also nice and snug, not loose. This is very important. Why? Because you won't have to worry about putting it in your pocket or purse and accidentally messing up your preferred voltage setting.

In other words, the dial setting will not change unless you actually twist it manually to do so. Again, this is where Halo's superior quality is apparent. Other brands just don't seem to care all that much (especially about the smaller stuff). But Halo Cigs, on the other hand, pays very close attention to the most miniscule of details. And the end result definitely proves that.

Superior quality, and nothing less.

Triton Twist set to 3.3 Volts

Overall Impressions

When all is said an done, we love it. No matter how many others we've tested, the Triton Twist is still our all-time favorite variable voltage e-cig battery to date. And while we've certainly enjoyed others, none of them have come even close to matching the overall performance (and reliability) that the Triton Twist battery has to offer.

So if we absolutely had to choose just one variable voltage battery to vape with all day long, this one is surely it.

Overall Review Rating

Flavor Production: Superior. Clean, vibrant and full
Vapor Production: Superior. Huge vapor production
Battery Life: Stellar. Outlasts other similar batteries
Design: Excellent. Looks and feels great

Wanna know more about the Triton Twist battery? Check it out here.
Happy vaping!

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