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June 21, 2014

Free E-Liquid from Halo Cigs - Tribeca

Awesome vaping deals can be hard to come by these days. But every once in a while, someone steps in to take charge, giving vapers what they've been looking for. And in this particular case, it's Halo Cigs...

Right now, they're giving away a FREE bottle of their famous Tribeca e-liquid. :)

Highly regarded as one of the most popular and most loved e-liquid flavors by vapers worldwide, Tribeca has somewhat taken the vaping community by storm.

In other words, it tastes awesome and totally kicks butt! In fact, Tribeca is one of Halo's most popular e-juice flavors to date. And that says a lot!

Especially since they're known worldwide as one of the best e-liquid companies out there. :)

Bottom line, when it comes to e-liquids, you just can't beat the quality, the purity and the performance that Halo Cigs offers. And as pro vapers, we really, really love them! So do yourself a favor and check them out as soon as you can.

Happy vaping!

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