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August 6, 2014

V2 Cigs Vanilla Review - Good E-liquid?

If you're looking for a really good vanilla flavored e-juice, then you'll want to take a look at V2 Cigs' Vanilla e-liquid. It truly is a delicious vape. :)

V2 Cigs Vanilla E-liquid Review

Long story short, we started vaping it "quite a bit" about a month ago (when we first got the new V2 Pro Series 3), and really fell in love with its flavor and performance. In fact, it's become one of our favorite go-to daily vapes ever since.

It's got a clean, smooth vanilla flavor (really delicious) and excellent vapor production. It also mixes really well with many other flavors. That, and it's also somewhat of a relaxing type of flavor. So whether you vape it in the morning, noon, or evening, the mellow flavor of vanilla just seems to calm everything down a bit.

Honestly, there's not much else to say about it. It tastes awesome, produces a ton of vapor, and just plain delivers. If you want an excellent vanilla flavored e-liquid, then this is it.

Nicotine Strength and Bottle Sizes

Much like V2's other awesome-liquids, their Vanilla flavor is available in a variety of strengths and bottle sizes, as seen below:

Nicotine options: 2.4% (24mg), 1.8% (18mg), 0.6% (6mg) and 0% (0mg) - Zero nicotine
Bottle sizes: 25ml and 50ml


With a vanilla flavor that is deliciously yummy and completely satisfying, the V2 Cigs Vanilla e-liquid is definitely top-of-the-line awesome. It's vapor production is well above average (lots of vapor) and its throat hit is pretty much perfect (not harsh at all).

We really do love this one. And as one of our favorites, we highly recommend it.

Check it out here: 25ml bottle size or the 50ml bottle size (best bang for your buck)

Happy vaping!

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