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September 13, 2014

30% Off Vanilla Bean E-Liquid from Volcanoecigs

Just a quick heads up to my fellow vapers out there that Volcanoecigs is running a 30% Off sale for their Vanilla Bean e-liquid flavor.

Sound yummy? Then don't wait, because this sale ends in two days!

The Vanilla Bean vaping flavor is smooth and decadent, and notable for its full-bodied flavor. With a velvety rich exhale, this vanilla e-liquid is great all by itself, or as a mixer with other dessert and fruit flavored vapes.

Some say it tastes like vanilla ice cream, and others say it tastes like a vanilla cupcake. Either way, vapers who've tried it really love it. :)

What it is: Vanilla Bean e-liquid - 30% Off!
Where to get it: http://www.Volcanoecigs.com

Curious? Here are a few Vanilla Bean e-liquid reviews from folks who've tried it...

"I love this flavor! I can't say enough good things about it. I currently have 2 large bottles in my collection and plan to buy more so that I NEVER run out. By itself, this tastes like a vanilla cupcake. Also, i have yet to find a flavor that this doesn't mix well with. It just makes everyrhing [sic] taste better!..."

"This flavor is hands down amazing, absolutely nothing to complain about. The taste is sweet, and it dosn't [sic] have too much of a throat hit, but not too little of one. It's perfect. I'd definitely get it again! It was my all day vape for months."

"This is the absolute best vanilla I have EVER gotten to date and I have ordered TONS from just about everywhere out there. I have tried the famous vanillas from FlavourArt, tried boutique eliquids that were vanilla based, and some of the finest eliquid creators around. I had given up trying to find the perfect vanilla bc I was sure that nobody could make vanilla eliquid that really tasted good. I finally found an excellent vanilla here (amazed by that lol) I have not stopped vaping this now since it arrived. It was good right out of the mail; no need to steep. Highly recommend..."

So yeah, it's pretty popular and well-liked. Plus, it's on sale right now (30% off!). So if it sounds like something you'd like to vape, be sure to check it out!

Btw, it's available in both a 15ml bottle size as well as a 30ml bottle size, and the nicotine options range from ZERO Nicotine up to 24 mg of nic. Good times, happy times. :)

Happy vaping!

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